2013 Adoption Draft Custody/Rules Discussion - CLOSED. USE NEW THREADS.

Edit: From here on out, please register for the draft here: and discuss rules here:

Custody part:
If you already claimed or released your current adoptee on the previous thread, there is no need to do that again. However, you may want to check here to make sure we got your info correct. Green means you claimed it, red means you released it, yellow means we still need to hear from you.

If you have not yet claimed or released your current adoptee, please do so now with a simple comment that clearly states who/what you adopted and whether you are keeping it or not. After a few days, on 2/4 we will start attempting to contact, via any contact info on their profiles, adoptive parents who have not commented. Adoptees of adoptive parents who have not been active on the site within the last 12 months will be automatically released.

Rules part:
Here are the current rules, with slight amendments/clarifications made -

1) Adoption Draft Date: After it is determined which adoptees are being claimed and released, a new thread will be created on 2/11 for people to "register" for the new adoption draft and the draft will begin a week later on 2/18. Anyone who has not kept their adoptee from last year is welcome to participate.

2) Draft Rules: This custody/rules thread will be used to clarify existing rules. This set of rules has pretty much worked well in the past, so we are trying not to change it too much. If you have a question about one of the rules, ask it here. Only if you have a real problem with one of rules, propose your change and we can vote on it in a future thread.

3) Who you can draft: Current players from all levels, retired players, organizational staff, front office staff, and inanimate objects affiliated with the Giants are available for adoption. 4) Draft Order : The formula used is draft points = #comments + 20*(months of membership) + 35*(number of Fan Posts & Fan Shots). Points will be calculated on 2/11, the day the "registration" for the draft begins. Any comments or posts made past that point will not be counted toward draft points. The draft is ranked in order of descending draft points. Parents of adoptees whose players were DFA'd or released last season go first in descending order of draft points, then everyone else in descending order of draft points.

5) The Rolling Three Rule: You get 2.5 hours from the moment you’re on the clock to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. After that 2.5 hours is up, then you have until 24 hours after you’re on the clock to pick before you go into the secondary draft pool, which puts a new user on the clock. Anyone in this pool can draft the next time they log in. The "protected" clock stops ticking from midnight - 6 AM. (For example, if you get on the clock at 11 PM, you have until 7:30 AM to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. You still only have until 11 PM the next day until you go into the secondary draft pool.)

6) Trades/ Released / DFA’s: If your player is traded for another player, you are eligible to adopt the incoming player. If there are multiple players involved in the trade, these will be worked out on a case-by-case basis by the affected parties. Users whose players are DFA’d/released will be compensated by being allowed to draft as a group (in descending order of draft points) before everyone else in the following draft.

7) NEW RULE! Proxy adoptions: We are going to come up with a way to allow proxy adoptions for those of you who might not be able to post immediately when your turn to adopt comes up, and don't want to lose your spot in line. You will send us a list, and when your turn comes we will draft for you the top person/object on your list that has not been drafted yet. Particulars still need to be worked out on this.

To sum up: if you haven't claimed or released your adoptee yet, please do it here. Also, review the rules and ask any questions about them here.

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