Re-Sign Brian Wilson

Dear Brian Sabean,

Please resign Brian Wilson...

This post is an open discussion about the benefits of having Brian Wilson re-signing with the Giants. Brian is not healthy, but he doesn't have to contribute to the team on the field to actually help them win. What??? That doesn't make sense…

Brian Wilson has a national following. There may not be one baseball fan that has never heard of "Fear the Beard" and not think of the Giants. Brian Wilson brings notoriety to the Giants. He brings interest to the bay area because of his eccentric and humorous personality. The media (ESPN) loves his great personality and ability to captivate the TV viewer.

Which brings me to my next point. Brian brings money to the team without playing well or even playing at all. He brings fans into the stadium because they love him and they love the current roster full of misfits with different ethnic backgrounds and unique playing styles. They all look as if they are having blast at the stadium. The giants have a roster full of RockStars!! "The Virgin" - Ala the reigning MVP, Buster Posey; "The Freak" ala Timmy; "The Beard" ala Brian Wilson; "Beard with a side of Slider" ala Sergio Romo; "The Hippie" Barry Zito; "Fighting Panda" ala fat guy who hits and stands at third on defense. What I am trying to say is that the Giants are well known and it directly correlates to Brian Wilson's infamity. When ESPN needs a commercial, they seek Brian; when HBO needs a TV Show they seek Brian Wilson and the Giants. The Giants have won it all twice now in three years. The past year Brian was unable to play, but whenever they were filming the Giants dugout they always zeroed in on Brain celebrating and congratulating teammates. People are attracted to his team spirit.

Brian is likable and helps sell jerseys, tickets, and creates an unique identity for the fans. Giants' fans love to win, but they also love to win with style. If the Giants were not winning, I am sure the owners would like them to be losing in style with Brian. Because Brian brings them money. Indirectly Brian is responsible in my opinion (I do not have the data, just an educated guess). Ticket sales, merchandise sales (jersey, cups and etc.) TV ratings, and ad revenue.

I propose the Giants offer an incentive laced, 1 year deal to Brian Wilson on the contingent that he be used as a PR guy and give daily program interview if he is on the disabled list.

I know Sabean said that the giants already said they will most likely not resign Brian Wilson, but I think they are making a huge mistake. Yes, the Giants will be good this year with or without him, but they will not have the spirit and energy that Brian Wilson brings to the team.

This post, is meant to look outside the normal view of benefits of having a player on the team. Baseball is not only about baseball, but about making money, and I think Brian Willson can make the Giants money even if he is not playing. What do y'all think??

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