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I thought maybe we needed a new space to talk prospecty stuff. Not that there's a lot going on right now, but as BA and other prospect mavens starts rolling out its post-season stuff there should be more news to provoke comment.

Here's a couple of items of late that may have slipped through the cracks. BA's post-season Minor League All Star team didn't have much of a Giants presence (big shock), but there was some. Clayton Blackburn was named to the 2nd team, and he was also on the first team for the Low A Classification All Stars. To cap off his huge first full season, Clayton was also named the Low A Pitcher of the Year. Awesome job, Clayton.

In AA, Chris Heston made the classification All Star team and was also named the AA Pitcher of the Year. The BA All Star teams more than any other list they do commends the season's that players had, rather than their prospect status and Heston's and Blackburn's years were definitely worth celebrating. So Congrats.

Also, yesterday BA began it's league rankings with the AZL. Not surprisingly, the Giants had no prospects in the league Top 20, and by inference from the chat they wouldn't have had anybody in a top 30. Those rat-bastard Rangers had 5 of the league's top 12 prospects! Curses! Still, who knows, maybe in 10 years we'll look back and see that all that Rangers talent amounted to nothing and the Giants thin system managed to spit out one more superstar (that's my Bobby Brightside approach to the situation, though I doubt it will actually be true).

However, I did get a couple mentions of Giants' AZL players worth noting. In the BA chat we got this answer regarding potential sleepers:

    Roger (Washington, DC): The Giants club obviously wasn't one of the stacked rosters in the AZL this year. Any good sleepers on that Giants roster?

Bill Mitchell: Roger, you are right —- the Giants didn't have any high profile prospects that qualified but there were a few interesting guys. Scouts liked Tyler Hollick, a local juco outfielder with plus speed and good baseball instincts. Another interesting player is shortstop John Polonius, who is from Curacao but played juco ball in New York state and then a year at West Virginia. He has a lean, projectable shortstop body and showed some good hitting skills, although he needs to get stronger. Polonius has an interesting backstory —- do a search on his name and read about how he wound up in the United States.

Of course, we here don't need to do a Google search because we have Fla-Giant and know the whole story regarding Polonius. I should have followed up the "that qualified" comment; I assume that was a reference to Martin Agosta's presence in the AZL.

Further, from a twitter question I got this from John Manual regarding Travious Relaford:

It was a nice debut, & he has tools. As long as he keeps hitting he'll generate buzz. Still pretty raw

Nothing too exciting as we all might have predicted. Looks like the remaining league prospect rankings for Giants teams will be as follows: NWL (9/28), Sally (10/3), Cal (10/4), EL (10/9), PCL (10/15). How many Top 20 do we see coming from any of those leagues? I can see Williamson sneaking into the bottom of the NWL. Crick and Blackburn will make a pretty stacked Sally list, Panik and hopefully Duvall will make a fairly lackluster Cal list, Brown and maybe Kickham will make the EL list (EL was noticeably thin on pitching prospects this year, which gives me hope for a Kickham notice), and maybe Pegs makes the PCL list? What say you all?

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