Trading Buster Posey

No, of course I'm not advocating it. But let me tell you why the topic even crossed my mind.

Buster Olney has a piece up at ESPN Insider about how the Rays might put David Price on the market for prospects, because of their need to manage payroll. He pointed out that Price's current value is sky high, so if they're going to do it, this is probably the appropriate time. It's sad, but that's life for a small market franchise.

This led me to wonder where Price ranks in Fangraph's Trade Value Rankings (answer: he's #20). Buster is ranked at #12. (The rankings were compiled in late July.) Ahead of Buster are, in ascending order, Tulowitzki, Bautista, Heyward, Strasburg, Kemp, Braun, Stanton, Longoria, McCutchen, Harper and Trout.

The rankings take current salary into account, so I suppose we should also. Still, I'm pretty sure I would NOT trade Buster even up for each of these guys. Maybe not even for most of them. But I know I'm a contemptible homer, so I figured it would be appropriate to ask the, ahem, more objective masses of McChronicles for your opinions. Here's my take:

Trout, OK. You have to do it, horrendously painful as it would be.

Harper? I'm not feeling it so much, because although the odds are excellent he'll be amazing, Buster already is. There's always a slim chance Harper doesn't realize his potential.

I love McCutchen, but I'm not sure I'd make that trade either. (But like I said, I'm a homer.)

Longoria and Stanton, nope. Injury risks. (Yeah, I know, Posey had that thing, but he's recovered now.)

Braun is tough. He's phenomenal, but not cheap. On the other hand he's likely to have a longer career than Posey because of his position. So, maybe. But are there PED concerns?

I might swallow hard and trade Buster for Strasburg.

Heyward will be great. Don't think I'd make that trade, though.

Same goes for Bautista and Tulo. No and no.

What about you? If you were Sabes and were asked to compile a list of players whom you'd be willing to trade Buster for straight up, who would be on that list?

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