The Return of the All-Scrabble Team

I've done this before, so I'm doing it again - creating a 25-man roster of current MLB players whose first and last names are valid plays according to the Official Scrabble Club and Tournament Word List, 2nd Edition. Didn't want to duplicate names from the previous roster, although that could not be avoided entirely (I was really hurting for infielders). Players currently on the DL are included, 40-man roster minor leaguers are not. Definitions are given when they're not obvious.


Bud Black - San Diego Padres


RHP Matt Cain - San Francisco Giants

MATT - [v] to matte (to produce a dull finish on)

CAIN - [n] a tax paid in produce or livestock

RHP Josh Johnson - Miami Marlins

JOSH - [v] to tease, to make fun of

JOHNSON - [n] the penis

LHP Mike Minor - Atlanta Braves

MIKE - [v] to amplify or record by use of a microphone

RHP Homer Bailey - Cincinnati Reds

HOMER - [v] to hit a home run

BAILEY - [n] an outer castle wall

RHP Mark Rogers - Milwaukee Brewers

ROGERS - [v] ROGER, to indicate that a message has been received


LHP Rex Brothers - Colorado Rockies

REX - [n] an animal with a single wavy layer of hair (also: a king)

LHP Josh Spence - San Diego Padres

SPENCE - [n] a pantry

RHP Shawn Camp - Chicago Cubs

SHAWN - [v] SHAW, to show

RHP Joe Smith - Cleveland Indians

JOE - [n] a fellow

SMITH - [n] a worker in metals

RHP Cory Burns - San Diego Padres

CORY - [n] a former monetary unit of Guinea

RHP Joe Kelly - St. Louis Cardinals

KELLY - [n] a bright green color


1B Prince Fielder - Detroit Tigers

FIELDER - [n] one that catches or picks up a ball in play

1B/3B Matt Carpenter - St. Louis Cardinals

2B Nick Green - Miami Marlins

NICK - [v] to make a shallow cut in

2B Kelly Johnson - Toronto Blue Jays

SS/3B Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves

CHIPPER - [v] to chirp (to utter a short, shrill sound)

JONES - [v] to have a strong craving for something

2B/SS/3B Nick Punto - Los Angeles Dodgers

PUNTO - [n] a hit or thrust in fencing


LF Mike Carp - Seattle Mariners

CARP - [v] to find fault unreasonably

CF Angel Pagan - San Francisco Giants

RF Torii Hunter - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

TORII - [n] the gateway of a Japanese temple

RF Hunter Pence - San Francisco Giants

PENCE - [n] a coin of the United Kingdom

LF/CF/RF Ben Revere - Minnesota Twins

BEN - [n] an inner room

REVERE - [v] to regard with great respect


C Josh Thole - New York Mets

THOLE - [v] to endure

C John Buck - Miami Marlins

JOHN - [n] a toilet


Billy Butler - Kansas City Royals

BILLY - [n] a short club

TRIVIA QUESTION (WITH A PRIZE!) - Name the other four (4) current MLB managers whose first and last names are both Scrabble-valid. The first one to guess correctly will win (if he/she wants it) a set of plastic, tournament-style Scrabble tiles (I already have way too many).

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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