A scout friend of mine that I work with, who knows all the prospects inside and out, wrote me a little recap of the draft for the Giants. In my opinion, you won't find many more reliable sources out there. He gives our draft a B+. Take a look, it's a pretty good read:

1. Chris Stratton: Very good pick, he was on the short list of teams as high as #10. Really blossomed this year, FB is in the 91-95 range, maintains velo, Slider is plus second pitch, struck out 17 vs LSU in SEC play in late March to really define himself, very consistent all year, strike thrower.

2. Martin Agosto: Thought he would go a bit higher, smaller RHP with plus stuff, another strike thrower, has all the pitches, slid a bit on his size but has been durable and consistent, won't take long to move up the ladder.

3. Mac Williamson: Power guy, had a very good season at Wake Forest, has some pitching in his background so still a bit young with the bat, 6-4/240, I've seen him listed even bigger than that. Tools guy with Corey Hart type projection.

4. Steve Okert: Thought he would have gone 2nd/3rd round, so great value here. Starter for 2 years in JC and for start of year at Oklahoma, drafted twice by Brewers previously. Moved to bullpen in March and stuff and performance exploded, 92-96 out of pen, touch 98, better breaking ball, better command. If SF keeps him in the pen as they should he will be the first guy from this class to make it to the ML's.

5. Ty Blach: Pitches right down the street from me almost, durable left starter, 89-93, slider, throws strikes, mature pitcher who has performed well Very good value here.

6. Stephen Johnson: No idea how he lasted this long, was supposed to be a 2nd-3rd round guy. Goes to a D 2 school, unrecruited out of HS (both he and Blach are from Colorado), went from mid 80's in HS to 97-100 mph in college out of bullpen. Doesn't have much of a breaking ball and his arm action is ugly but he can bring the heat. Talk of potential elbow problems probably dropped him.

7. C.J. Encinosa: Another power bullpen arm, closer at Miami, mid-90's fastball, not always real good at commanding it but plus stuff. Interesting the emphasis on power bullpen arms, no question that was a priority for the Giants in this draft.

8. Joseph Kurrasch: Don't know much about him, sounds a lot like Ty Blach.

9. Shilo McCall: Very strong tightly wound athlete, plus runner with plus power potential, good sign here as he has some ceiling to him if he can learn to hit. New Mexico kid but has played for a very high level summer team and has faced top pitching on a regular basis for last 2 years, including numerous all-star events.

Pretty non-descript rest of the list, with no signability reaches or potential HS signs. The 16th round pick, Ian Gardeck, is another mid 90's bullpen guy who has had trouble with the strike zone. On one hand this is a very conservative draft in that the Giants focused on proven college pitchers for the most part (never a real bad idea, actually) but on the other hand they drafted players who had the talent to go significantly higher than they were picked. I'd give this draft a B+. I've known the Giants scouting director, John Barr, for about 20 years and he is a very, very solid evaluator. He didn't make any "mistakes" with this draft list and maximized their draft positions. They had a plan and executed it.

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