Draft 2012: My draft board for Days 2 & 3

Let's see, there's only 1 guy from my first round draft board that didn't get drafted in the first round - Carson Kelly, the Oregon HS 3rd baseman. I'm not sure if he didn't get drafted because the teams don't think that he's as good as I think he is, or if his reps have been floating some big-money bonus demands to forego his Oregon commitment. It's probably the latter, but will find out for sure in tomorrow's 2nd round. I'll move Kelly down and place him at the top of my Day 2 board.

Just to recap, if the Giants had been following my board they would have gone with my #1 guy, Marcus Stroman. Not only did they skip him to grab Chirs Stratton at #20, bu they also jumped over Kelly, Victor Roache and Zach Eflin. Oh well, it's hard for me to complain given Tidrow's record with drafting pitchers in the first round. At least Strattton was the 5th highest name still on my board, so it's not like I didn't covet him after watching him pitch 4 games on TV this year.

With a pitcher in the fold, I feel that it becomes imperative that we focus on a position player with our next pick at #84. I'm not saying we should reach for one, or that we should ignore a plum pitching prospect that might fall to us, but I do think that there will be at least several good hitting prospects available at #84 that we should target.

As with yesterday's draft board, I'm not including my in-depth scouting that I have on all of these prospects in this thread so as to cut down on the clutter. If you do want to read those reports on any guy that I list below then click on this link to take you to my fanpost with all that info:

MY DRAFT BOARD FOR ROUND 1 (#20 overall)

1. Marcus Stroman: RHP, Duke Univ., (5'9", 180) DOB=5/1/91
GONE - DRAFTED BY blue jays @ #22 OVERALL

2. Carson Kelly: 3B/RHP, Westview HS, Portland, OR (6'2", 200) DOB=7/14/94
Ranked the #43 overall prospect by BA. News on Kelly has been quiet this spring as other HS prospects in warmer climes have been hyped, but he has a history of performing well against the highest level of competition on the summer showcase circuit in the past few years. Kelly will stick at 3B, and has the upside of a Evan Longoria in terms of power, hitting and defensive ability. Univ. of Oregon commit.

3. Victor Roache: RHH, RF, Georgia So. Univ., (6'2", 175) DOB=9/17/91

4. Nick Travieso: RHP, Archbishop McCarthy HS, Pembroke Pines, FL (6'2", 210) DOB=1/31/94

5. Zach Eflin: RHP, Hagerty HS, Chuluota, FL (6'5", 200) DOB=4/8/94

6. Corey Seager: 2B/SS, LHH (throws RH), Northwest Cabarrus HS, Kannapolis, NC (6'2", 190) DOB=4/27/94

7. Chris Stratton: RHP, Miss. State Univ. (6'3", 200) DOB=8/22/90

8. Courtney Hawkins: RF, RHH, Carrol HS, Corpus Christi, TX (6'2", 210) DOB=11/12/93
GONE - DRAFTED BY white sox @ #13 OVERALL

9. Stryker Trahan: C/RF, LHH (throws RH), Acadiana HS, Lafayette, LA (6'1", 220) DOB=4/25/94
GONE - DRAFTED BY diamondbacks @ #26 OVERALL

ROUND 2 (#84 overall)

1a. Carson Kelly: 3B/RHP, Westview HS, Portland, OR (6'2", 200) DOB=7/14/94
Ranked the #43 overall prospect by BA. News on Kelly has been quiet this spring as other HS prospects in warmer climes have been hyped, but he has a history of performing well against the highest level of competition on the summer showcase circuit in the past few years. Kelly will stick at 3B, and has the upside of a Evan Longoria in terms of power, hitting and defensive ability. Univ. of Oregon commit.

1b. Alex Bregman: 2B, RHH, Albuquerque Baseball Academy, NM (5'11", 175) DOB=3/30/94
Ranked the #121 overall prospect by BA. I love this kid's hit tool. Some say we can't sign him away from LSU at this slot, but I'm not convinced this kid doesn't live and breath baseball so much that he would turn down a chance to play full time while pocketing a check for $600K. His defensive postion is somewhat problematical, but I think he can find a home at 3B, LF or 2B. The bat plays in all 3 spots, but is most valuable at 2b. It would be cool to have our own slower version of Jose Altuve. Committed to LSU.
VID 1: fielding & hitting - summer 2011:
VID 2: 14 HRs in < 5 minutes - Aug 2011 PG Showcase HR contest:

2. Paul Blackburn: RHP, Heritage HS, Oakley, CA, (6'3", 170) DOB=12/4/93

3. Peter O'Brien: C, RHH, Univ. of Miami, (6'5", 225) DOB=7/15/90
Ranked the #69 overall prospect by BA. I keep coming back to the Josh Willingham comp with O'Brien. His swing is so simple and smooth that I think he's always going to hit wherever you put him. Put him in LF and he could get to the majors in as little as 2 seasons in the minors.
VID: Live game - fielding and ABs (March2012):

4. Dane Phillips: C, LHH (throws RH), Oklahoma City Univ. (6'1", 195) DOB=12/18/90
Ranked the #77 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. Another catcher with an advanced hit tool (he doesn't have as much power as O'Brien) who should have the ability to move to a corner OF spot and contribute quickly because of his bat. Phillips has hit in every league that he's played in.
VID1: Live ABs - CCL - July 2011:

5. Alec Rash: RHP, Adel-Desoto-Minburn HS, Adel, Iowa (6'5", 195) DOB=3/20/94
Ranked the #72 overall prospect by BA. Only has really committed himself to pitching full-time over the last 16 months. He's made great strides since then, and his athleticism and long and lanky frame have helped him immensely. His FB has been sitting 91-93 mph over the last 3 months and he's been touching 95. I see him as being similar to Kyle Crick in his development arc, although his not as strongly built as Crick. Rash throws all 4 pitches, but is still working on his location and consistency. Univ. of Missouri commit.
VID1: live game - April 2012 - PG Spring Showcase - Cedar Rapids, IA:
VID2: Basketball highlights - 2012 high school season (Rash is #33):

6. Derick Velazquez: RHP, Merced JuCo, CA (6'3", 180) DOB=11/28/93
Ranked the #75 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. Velazquez is a draft-eligible freshman and is actually younger than a good number of the HS prospects that will be drafted this year. He's got a projectable frame, so we haven't seen the best from him yet, and a bulldog mentality. One of the best young pitchers in the draft that you never hear anybody talk about.
VID1: Mound workout - May 2011 -

7. Mitch Haniger: CF, RHH, Cal Poly-SLO Univ. (6'2", 215) DOB=12/23/90

8. Dylan Baker: RHP, Western Nevada JuCo, NV (6'2", 215) DOB=4/6/92
Ranked the #83 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. Exploded onto the scene this year with a big jump in velocity. He's been throwing his FB in the mid-90s and touching 97-98 mph for much of the season. The new-found arm strength has greatly improved his slider and curve, making them close to plus pitches. He has struggled with his control this season, but that's to be expected in a pitcher that's learning how to harness such an increase in velocity.

9. Mitch Nay: 3B/OF, Hamilton HS, Chandler, AZ (6'3", 195) DOB=9/20/93
GONE - DRAFTED BY blue jays @ #58 OVERALL

10. Nolan Fontana: SS LHH (throws RH), Univ. of Florida (5'11" 190) DOB=7/6/91
Ranked the #46 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. He'll be a very solid defender at SS in the majors and I believe that he'll be able to put up at least league average OBP numbers for the SS position. He shows great bat control and no fear of hitting with 2 strikes, so he would be a good candidate for a the #2 spot in the batting order.

11. Pierce Johnson: RHP, Missouri St. Univ. (6'3", 180) DOB=5/10/91

ROUND 3 (#115 overall)

1. Brandon Lopez: SS, RHH, American Heritage HS, Plantation, FL (6'1" 165) DOB=9/9/93
Ranked the #154 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. I don't know if this kid is signable at slightly under $500K, but if he is then the Giants should jump at the chance to draft him here. This is one HS SS that will stick there in the pros. He has the quick feet, good range, smooth actions and a fringe-plus arm that allows him to make plays that will serve him well in pro ball. He's athletic and smart and has a long and lean frame that has some projectability left in it. If he hits he could be a fixture at SS for the Giants for a long time. On the negative side, Lopez turns 19 in September and is one of the older prospects in his HS class. Univ. of Miami commit.
VID1: IF practice and live AB -
VID2: Live ABs - WWBA Championships, FL - Oct. 2011 -

2. Jorge Fernandez: CF/RF, SWH (throws RH), Colegio Hector Urdaneta, Ceiba, P.R. (6'3", 185) DOB=3/30/94
Ranked the #471 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. This one will be considered a huge reach by most, but I think that Fernandez has the athleticism, projectable frame, tools and work attitude that gives him a big upside to justify such a high pick. Fernandez has improved by leaps and bounds this spring, after converting from catcher to the OF last fall. He is still very raw and needs a lot of development, but the payoff could be huge. He's been timed as fast as 6.7 seconds in the 60 and he has been clocked as fast as 93 mph when throwing from the OF. He's a switch-hitter who shows a lot of potential power. Alabama State Univ. commit.
VID: Hit, run, field practice - World Showcase (Jan. 2012) -

3. Sam Selman: LHP, Vanderbilt (6'3", 190) DOB=11/14/90
Ranked the #146 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. Another guy that may be a tough sign if he wants to go back to Vandy and try to improve his stock as a senior. I think that he'll jump at the sure money here and want to get to work in an org that his known to be able to develop pitchers with underachieving backgrounds. His control is spotty and he still needs to learn how to pitch, but why else would a lefty that throws up to 98 mph still be on the board this late in the 3rd round?

4. Tim Cooney: LHP, Wake Forest Univ. (6'3", 195) DOB=12/19/1990
Ranked the #116 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. What you get with Cooney is well above average arm speed and arm strength. You also get a guy that has the makings of 2 very good pitches (an above average FB and a fringe-plus changeup), as well as a very promising cut FB that he just started throwing this season. What you don't get with Cooney at this point is pitchability or even just an average breaking ball. You also aren't likely to get any more projection out of him on the physical side (he's pretty much physically matured), but he could pick up 1 or 2 mph in the future with a smoothing out of his mecahnics. In watching him pitch, I see a guy with a fairly simple, compact, and repeatable delivery. I like the arm slot and the lack of max-effort mechanics, but it seems to me that he telegraphs
his breaking ball and off-speed pitch just a bit. He has the velocity (90-94 mph on his FB) to be overpowering from the LH side (although he needs to maintain the velocity better throughout a game), his changeup has plus potential (it shows great sink and arm-side run and has around a 12 mph difference between it and his FB), and he's developed a very nice cut FB this year that he throws in the 85-88 mph range and that shows good run into RH hitters. His current breaking ball is a very inconsistent and lazy curveball. A smart team would get him to ditch the CB and teach him a slider (a specialty for the Giants org).

5. Patrick Kivlehan: 3B, RHH, Rutgers Univ. (6'2", 210) DOB=12/22/89
Ranked the #240 overall prospect by BA. Kivlehan is a 4th-year junior who played football at Rutgers for 4 seasons and only tried out for the baseball team at the beginning of 2012. He ended up being named the Big East Player of the Year. Needless to say, he's extremely athletic (he started 3 seasons as a defensive back in the ultra-competitive Big East Conference) and a quick learner (he hasn't played competitive baseball since his senior year in high school). He has fringe-plus speed - running the 40 yard in as low as 4.54 seconds. He's got a great build for a 3B and the big, sloping shoulders that you like to see in a power hitter. On a sour note, like most players that spend 4 years in college, Kivlehan is already 22 years old and is starting out a full year older than his college draft class.
2012: .390/.478/.695/1.173 in 187 ABs, ISOp=.305, 1B=46, 2B=11, 3B=2, HR=14, BB=21 (9.3%), K=39 (17.2%), SB=24/28
VID1: live ABs - spring 2012 -
VID2: live ABs with voiceover - spring 2012 -

6. Eric Hanhold: RHP, East Lake HS, Tarpon Springs, FL (6'4", 185) DOB= 11/1/93
Projectable frame, high waist, lean with long arms and legs. Once the 2011 season ended he committed himself to a rigorous offseason weight-training and exercise program. He put on about 20 pounds in 4 months and was able to increase his velo to between 90 and 92 mph in the Fall 2011 showcase games. This season he has consistently thrown 91-93 mph and touched 95 in several games. Hanhold's mechanics could benefit from some major tweaks - mostly to do with his lower body. If he can throw this fast with his current mechanics then I kind of drool over what he could do with a smoother and more efficient delivery. Hanhold worked out in front of scores of scouts during the annual Sebring All-Star Classic in Florida this past Memorial Day weekend an dfeatured a 92-93 mph with his fastball and a "good breaking ball."
Univ. of Florida commit.

7. Damion Carroll: RHP, King George HS, VA (6'4", 195) DOB=1/3/94
Ranked the #132 overall prospect by BA. He's a good athlete, being the starting forward on his HS basketball team that reached the state Division 4 tournament the last 2 years. He's got a very nice pitcher's frame with long arms and legs. He started touching the low 90s with his FB during the 2011 HS baseball season, and this year he has improved to where he has been touching 95 mph in most starts. He's still quite raw at pitching, with all of his secondary pitches currently being inconsistent and below average, but he shows the abity to develop a power curve. His lack of a Div. 1 college commitment have many teams thinking that he could still be signable into the 6th round.

8. Justin Garza: RHP, Bonita HS, Ontario, CA (5'9", 160) DOB=3/20/94
Ranked the #130 overall prospect by BA. He's listed as 5'10", but he's probably only 5'9", so he'll get docked for his lack of size. What you can't dock him on is his arm speed, smooth and low-effort delivery, and a FB that touches 94 mph and sits in the low-90s. He throws strikes, throws downhill, isn't afraid to throw inside, and has 3 other at least average pitches besides the FB - a sharp curve, a hard-breaking slider and change that he shows a good feel for. If Garza was over 6 feet tall we'd likely be hearing him touted as a top 50 pick. If some team is able to sign him away from Fullerton they're going to be getting a real steal. Cal State Fullerton commit.

ROUND 4 (#148 overall)

1. Edgardo Rivera: CF, Adolfina de Puig HS, Toa Baja, P.R. (6'0", 155) DOB=4/12/94
Ranked the #176 overall prospect by BA in their mid-May posting. Rivera's calling card is his blazing speed. He ran the 60 in a blazing 6.3 seconds at the beginning of May. He is also very toolsy and athletic, but really raw with mechanical issues at the plate. Power won't be a part of his game, but speed kills.

2. Cameron Perkins: 3B, RHH, Purdue (6'5", 200) DOB=9/27/90
Ranked the #145 overall prospect by BA. Not a lot of visability on this guy, but he has good stats, shows some pop in his bat, and he almost never strikes out. He played better against the top pitchers than his overall stats show, and he has a strong arm.
2012: .359/.407/.548/.955 AB=217, ISOp=.189, 2B=14, 3B=0, HR=9, BB=12 (4.9%), K=16 (6.5%)

3. Marcus Davis: RF, LHH, Walters State JuCo, TN (6'3", 215) DOB=//9
Davis transferred to Walters State from LSU prior to his freshman year and has blossomed into one of the top JuCo position players in the nation during his sophomore season this spring. Davis missed his senior year of high school with a shoulder injury, lost his scholarship to LSU, and didn't impress during his 2011 freshman season at Walters State. He has shown himself to be a rare combo of speed and strength this season and has posted some of the best offensive numbers of any college player in the country. Davis has solid above average speed (6.7 second 60) and arm strength (has thrown as fast as 88 mph off of the mound - though his throwing mechanics need some work).
2012: .440/.514/.766/1.280 AB=218, ISOp=.326, 2B=27, 3B=1, HR=14, BB=31 (12.1%), SB=14/16 (87.5%)

4. Johnathan (Mac) Williamson: RF, RHH, Wake Forest Univ. (6'4" 240) DOB=7/15/90
Ranked the #226 overall prospect by BA. Williamson is a year older than his college class, because he redshirted his
freshman year. He came to Wake as a pitcher, but they converted him to the OF after his redshirt year to better utilize his power, speed and athleticism. Williamson has a plus arm, above average speed for his size and fringe-plus power. He can even play some CF in a pinch. His big drawback is the lack of consistent contact at the plate, but even there you do get the somewhat mitigating factor that he shows good patience and the ability to work a BB (his OBP the past 3 seasons - .348, .368, .391).
2012: .288/.401/.603/1.004, AB=184, ISOp=.315, 1B=29, 2B=7, 3B=0, HR=17, BB=23 (10.4%), K=40 (18%)

5. Zack Jones: RHP, San Jose St. Univ. (6'1", 180) DOB-12/4/90
Ranked the #199 overall prospect by BA. The Giants have reportedly worked this guy out in front of several scouts, Barr
and others in the past week. Seems like he fits really well into my proposed category of cheapish power-armed college relievers that the Giants could draft after the 4th round and try to convert to a starter (I do realize that he did start 8 games this season).
2012: IP=54, K=60, K/9=10, BB=17, BB/9=2.8, K/BB=3.5, H/9=8.5, WHIP=1.26, BABIP=.345, BAA=.252

6. Bryan De La Rosa: C, RHH, Bucky Dent Baseball School, Boca Raton, FL (5'9", 180) DOB=3/26/94
Ranked the #200 overall prospect by BA. De La Rosa has been living in Florida this spring - playing for a baseball academy, so he's much more well-known by scouts and has faced much better competition than the typical P.R. prospect. He wowed scouts during the defensive workouts and BP sessions at the PG World Showcase event back in January 2012, and then went out and repeated it in the actual games. He showed good receiving skills, effectively used his arm strength and quick release to throw behind runners and made very hard contact in his ABs. De La Rosa is said to have a simple swing that combines strength and bat speed with an easy hitting rhythm.

7. Steven Rodriguez: LHP, Univ. of Florida (6'2", 230) DOB=4/16/91
Ranked the #114 overall prospect by BA. Rodriguez has gotten better in each of his 3 seasons at Florida and has put up
consistently strong numbers out of the pen during the 2011 and '12 seasons. He throws a very good slider and an above-average FB (that sits in the low-90s), and he learned a cut FB this past offseason that has been a very effective pitch against RH hitters in 2012. He's a decent candidate to try to convert to a starter due to his excellent control, deceptive delivery and 3-pitch arsenal. Worst case, he should be a very good LOOGY once he gets to the majors. He was drafted in the 48th round out of HS by the Astros.

8. Robert Martinez: CF/RF, Ramon Quinones Medina HS, P.R. (6'1", 180) DOB=2/8/94
Martinez is a potential 4-tool talent with a very projectable frame. He will likely grow out of CF as he matures, but who knows. He has a simple and fairly compact swing that generates excellent bat-speed. Strong hands and wrists.
VID: OF drills + live ABs - May 2012:

9. George "Buck" Farmer: RHP, Georgia Tech (6'3", 230) DOB=2/20/91
He is ranked as the #117 prospect by BA. He's a big-boned and beefy pitcher in the Seth Rosin workhorse mold. Throws a good FB and CB with an excellent changeup. His FB sits in the 90-91 mph range and touches 94. He has a simple and repeatable delivery, but I don't like the Tim Alderson-like kick that he does with his front leg or how he lands his front foot and throws across his left leg.
VID 1: live game - July 2011 CCL:
VID 2: Post-game interview - June 2011:

ROUNDS 5 thru 10 (#178, 208, 238, 268, 298, 328)

1. Nick Goody: RHP, LSU (6'0", 200) DOB=7/6/91
Ranked the #239 overall prospect by BA. Goody has excelled as the closer for LSU this season. He's still kind of feeling his way on the mound as he only converted to pitching full time just prior to his 2011 season for a small JuCo in the Tampa, Florida area. Goody has a beefy and solidly-built body and a motion that is a bit herky-jerky prior to delivery. He throws his FB in the 89-92 range, can touch 94, and gets tight spin on a promising slider. He does a good job of staying on top of the ball and throwing in a downward plane. He's definitely a candidate to move back to the starting rotation to see if he can develop a good offspeed pitch to allow him to be successful in the pros. He does show that he has very good control - allowing only 3 BBs in 29 innings.
2012: IP=29, K=39, K/9=12.1, BB=3, BB/9=0.9, K/BB=13, H/9=6.8, WHIP=.86, BABIP=.308, BAA=.208

2. Angel J. Ortega: SS, RHH, Colegio Hector Urdaneta HS, Ceiba, P.R. (6'2", 165) DOB=9/11/93
Ranked the #226 overall prospect by BA. Ortega showed well at the PG World Games showcase back in January. He showed that he knows how to stay inside the ball well at the plate, that he is sound defensively at SS, and that he has a strong arm (clocked as high as 89 mph on throws from SS), and good actions in the field. With his projectable frame and above average defensive potential at SS, I can see some serious upside for Ortega as a SS in the pros.

3. Robert Benincasa: RHP, Florida State Univ., (6'2", 200) DOB=9/5/90
Ranked the #216 overall prospect by BA. Has blossomed this year as the closer for FSU after 2 disappointing seasons as a spot starter and long reliever. Has seen a dramatic jump in his K-rate while his BB-rate has also dropped to elite levels. Some of this is due to the overall weakness in the ACC this year, but he's certainly a much better pitcher this year in terms of command and control and being able to use all 3 of his pitches at anytime in the count. 89-92 FB, 93 peak; good SL; good splitter used as changeup
2012: IP=32, K=45, K/9=12.7, BB=5, BB/9=1.4, K/BB=9, H/9=4.5, WHIP=.66, BABIP=.279, BAA=.156

4. Matt Strahm: LHP, Neosho County JuCo, Kansas (6'4", 180) DOB=11/12/91
Ranked the #333 overall prospect by BA. Strahm is a sophomore with two above average pitches - a 92 mph FB and a plus hard slider - to go with a solid-average changeup that he seldom throws, but flashes promising running action when he does throw it. Strahm has a projectable frame that leads many to believe that he will add some velocity as he grows and matures into his frame. He throws with a loose and easy action that makes his velocity deceptive to hitters. He leads all JuCo pitchers in the nation with 124 Ks (in 84 innings). He has also given up 22 BBs and 61 hits this season. Strahm pitched in the Northwoods Summer League in 2011, so he does have some experience against more advanced competition. Univ. of Nebraska commit.

5. Brandon Brennan: RHP, Orange Coast College JuCo, Costa Mesa, CA (6'4", 210) DOB=7/26/91
Ranked the #245 overall prospect by BA. Brennan transferred to OCC last Fall following a freshman year for the Univ. of Oregon where he played sparingly. He just completed his sophomore year at OCC where he has impressed the scouts by consistently being in the 94-95 mph range with his FB throughout the spring, and dominating the competition in start after start to finish with an 11-1 record in 14 starts - including 2 complete game shutouts. Univ. of Houston commit.
'12: IP=108.1, K=72, K/9=5.6, BB=23, BB/9=1.9, K/BB=3.1, H=76, H/9=6.3, WHIP=.91, ERA=1.25

6. Jeffrey (J.B.) Wendelken: RHP, Middle Georgia JuCo (6'1", 225) DOB=3/24/93
A draft-eligible freshman, Wendelken has been thoroughly dominant this season - going 6-0 in 21 appearances. His FB has topped out bewteen 93-95 mph this season. He has a thick and sturdy build, so you're not at all likely to get any more physical projection with him despite his relatively young age.
'12: IP=44.1, K=53, K/9=10.8, BB=8, BB/9=1.6, K/BB=6.6, H=25, H/9=5.1, WHIP=.74, ERA=0.20

7. Blake Logan: RHP, Eastern Oklahoma State JuCo, OK (6'0", 225) DOB=1/12/92
Transferred to Eastern Okla. after one season with the Univ. of Arkansas team. Has a very good FB that tops out at 92 mph and has good movement. He also throws an above average slider and a changeup. He has compiled a 10-2 record with a 1.74 ERA, 111 Ks & 21 BBs over 83 innings in 16 games this season. Wichita State Univ. commit.

8. Cory Jones: RHP, College of the Canyons JuCo, CA (6'5", 220) DOB=9/20/91
Ranked the #244 overall prospect by BA. Jones transferred to CoC after spending the 2011 season on the Pepperdine team. Jones has a prototypical pitcher's frame and a FB that consistently hits 93-95 mph. Jones finished the season with a 7-0 mark in 11 starts. He's already a big guy, so you're unlikely to get any more physical projection out of him. He's also in need of refining his control of the strike zone. He could remain a starter if he can learn some control and a decent 3rd pitch, otherwise his future will likely lie in the pen.
2012: IP=61.1, K=89, K/9=13.1, BB=38, BB/9=5.6, K/BB=2.3, H=49, H/9=7.2, WHIP=1.42, ERA=2.64

9. Eric Brooks: RHP, McLennan JuCo, TX (6'2", 195) DOB=8/29/90
Ranked the #237 overall prospect by BA. Brooks, a transfer from the Univ. of Houston last fall, had a dominant sophomore season this spring. He ended up with a 10-1 record and a 1.49 ERA. He has consistently touched 95-96 mph with his FB in almost all of his starts this season. Brooks is a very athletic kid who has seen his velocity jump by around 8 mph in the past 2 seasons since he graduated from high school. Texas A&M commit.
2012: IP=78.2, K=92, K/9=10.5, BB=12, BB/9=1.4, K/BB=7.7, H=60, H/9=6.9, WHIP=.92, ERA=1.49

10. Kristian Brito: 1B, RHH, Ramon Quinones Medina HS, Yabucoa, P.R. (6'5", 240) DOB= 12/20/94
Ranked the #370 overall prospect by BA. Easily the youngest players in the entire draft. Can you say "Son of AnVil?" Brito is a big, strong kid who isn't done growing and who is still a very raw baseball player. Brito really wowed scouts with his power bat at the PG World Games showcase back in January. He hit several long HRs in BP and squared up balls consistently. In the actual games, he continued to show a sweet bat as he singled and doubled, and made hard contact that registered 90 mph coming off his bat.

11. James (Tyler) Smith: RHP, USC-Sumter JuCo, SC (6'3", 205) DOB=2/3/92
Ranked the #454 overall prospect by BA. Pitching for the same team that the Giants own Heath Hembree started out his
college career with, Smith started 13 games this season. In 79.2 innings, he compiled the following stats:
IP=79.2, K=102, K/9=11.5, BB=35, BB/9=4.0, K/BB=2.9, H=53, WHIP=1.10, ERA=1.13
Smith features a FB that tops out at 95 mph. Univ. of Tennessee commit.

12. Jason Forjet, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast Univ. (6'1", 175) DOB=1/4/90
Forjet is a senior pitcher who is a late-bloomer with a some hidden potential. He has a smooth and seemingly low-effort
delivery that can fool a hitter and make his pitches appear to be faster than the radar gun actually shows. He also hides the ball from the hitter very well prior to release, so that also makes his pitches deceptively fast. His FB sits 90-91 mph and touches 93. His average arm speed and slow windup makes his FB seem to rush up on a hitter from out of nowhere. He gets good late movement on it and he has a little hop on his 4-seamer that allows him to throw it up in the zone and still get away with it. He also showed me a consistent effort and ability to pitch inside to both LH and RH hitters - with good success. He has also has a SL, CH and Splitter in his repertoire which are all above-average, but inconsistent. His slider is his best and most consistent pitch after his FB, but it still doesn't have the tight late break that
you see in the best sliders.
2012: IP=86.2, K=72, K/9=7.5, BB=20, BB/9=2.1, K/BB=3.6, H/9=8.9, WHIP=1.22, BABIP=.320, BAA=.259

13. Adam Giacalone: 1B/RHP, Neosho JuCo, Kansas (6'2", 200) DOB=//9
Ranked the #464 overall prospect by BA. Giacalane hit .396 with 18 HRs and went 10-1 with a 2.10 ERA as a freshman for Neosho in 2011. This year he has continued to be one of the best 2-way JuCo players in the nation as he compiled a .396 batting average with 12 HRs and went 8-3 as a starter. On the mound, he's a strong believer in letting the other team hit the ball and not giving up any free passes - ending up averaging almost 1 hit per inning, but barely over 0.4 BBs per 9 innings. Univ. of Tennessee commit.
2012: IP=95.2, K=88, K/9=8.3, BB=7, BB/9=.66, K/BB=12.6, H=95, H/9=8.9, WHIP=1.07, ERA=2.45
2012: .396/.521/.754/1.275 AB=187, ISOp=.258, 2B=25, 3B=3, HR=12, BB=45 (18.8%)

14. Kurt Heyer: RHP, Univ. of AZ, (6'2", 210) DOB=1/23/91
Ranked the #294 overall prospect by BA. Heyer has terrific sink on his fastball, which allowed him to keep the ball in the yard quite well despite pitching many games in the thin Tucson air of the Univ. of AZ campus. Heyer’s fastball works in the low-90’s with good arm-side run and sink. His slider is above average.
2012: IP=110.2, K=89, K/9=7.2, BB=17, BB/9=1.4, K/BB=5.2, H/9=8.9, WHIP=1.14, BABIP=.318, BAA=.255
VID 1: Warmups - June 2011 - Cape Cod League:

15. Dalton (D.J.) Hicks: 1B, LHH (throws RH), Univ. of Central Fla. (6'5", 250) DOB=4/2/90
Ranked the #400 overall prospect by BA. One evaluator describes him as a poor man's C.J. Cron due to his size, natural
hitting ability, slow footspeed and defensive limitations. Hicks is a redshirt junior, so he's a year older than his college class. The Giants actually drafted him in the 49th round of the 2008 draft, so they are familiar with him and like his abilities. Hicks is likely never going to be anything more than an average defender at 1B, and might be better suited in an American League org where he wouldn't have to play in the field.
2012: .325/.439/.547/.986, AB=203, ISOp=.222, H=66, 2B=12, 3B=0, HR=11, BB=48 (18.3%), K=46 (17.6%)

16. Janluis Castro: 2B/C, SWH (throws RH), Colegio Hector Urdaneta HS, Ceiba, P.R. (5'9", 160) DOB=1/4/94
Castro performed well during the PG World Showcase event back in January 2012. He went 3-3 with a double in 1 game.
Castro has a strong athletic build, with a quick bat, and has a good swing at the plate. He really stood out in batting practice by demonstrating very similar mechanics and bat speed from both sides of the plate (very rare in such a young
switch-hitter). Castro is mostly projection at this point, with no loud tools that jump out at you. It's hard for me to see him being drafted before the 8th round.

17. Malcom Diaz: RHP, International Baseball Academy, San Juan, P.R. (6'3", 175) DOB=3/2/94
Diaz threw very well PG World Showcase event back in January. His FB was 89-91 mph during his 3 innings of work and it showed very good cutting and sinking action. His breaking ball was nothing to right home about and needs a lot of work to firm up the shape and break, but he showed a loose arm and low effort delivery that projects very well. He's very raw,
but has a live arm with great arm speed. Could be worth a gamble between the 6th and 9th rounds if he's signable. Alabama State Univ. commit.

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