The Plea For High School Draft Picks

The Giants have shied away from the high upside high risk of drafting high school players. Quick snapshot of the 10 previous years with emphasis on the first 10 rounds shows they aren't necessarily bad at it. They might want to reinforce their efforts in fact.

I did a fanpost on this a bit ago here:

The relevant passage for this post is: However, one thing that is surprisingly consistent under Sabean is the ratio in the early rounds. For the entire period, the 1-10 rounds run 19.7% HS, 9.9% JC and 70.4% College. Under the Barr group the 1-10 runs 20% HS, 10% JC and 70% college.

Fla-Giant just did a great analysis of the CBA and how it will effect the draft:

Here is a list of the HS players drafted in the past 10 years by the Giants in the first 100 picks of the draft:

2002 #25 Matt Cain RHP (TN HS)
2003 #34 Craig Whitaker RHP (TX HS)
2006 #89 Clayton Tanner LHP (CA HS)
2007 #10 Madison Bumgarner LHP (NC HS)
2007 #22 Tim Alderson RHP (AZ HS)
2007 #29 Wendell Fairley OF (MS HS)
2007 #32 Nick Noonan 2B (CA HS)
2007 #51 Charlie Culberson 2B (GA HS)
2009 #6 Zach Wheeler RHP (GA HS)
2009 #55 Tommy Joseph C (AZ HS)
2011 #49 Kyle Crick RHP (TX HS)

2/5 our rotation(Cain, MadBum), a trade that worked out (Alderson for Freddy Sanchez), a trade that didn't (Wheeler for Beltran), two highly touted prospects (Joseph, Crick), two middling middle infield prospects (Noonan and Culberson), two failed pitchers (Whitaker, Tanner) and the rawest toolsy most likely busty guy ever, Wendell Fairley.

That's not bad drafting at all. DO MORE OF THAT!

Other notables, HS division, in the past 10 years outside the top 100 drafted:

2002: Jesse English (6th Rd), Travis Ishikawa (21st Rd) 2003: Marcus Sanders (17th Rd), 2006: Andrew Barbosa (I put this as a joke - the Giants may draft him for the FOURTH time this year (15th Rd)), 2009: Matthew Graham (6th Rd), Gus Benusa (8th Rd), 2010: Chuckie Jones (7th Rd), 2011: Christian Diaz, Jean Delgado, Cristian Otero out of the PR Baseball Academy, Clayton Blackburn (16th Rd).

Again, not bad drafting at all, there will be busts everywhere, the odds are always steep. DO MORE OF THAT!

In conclusion for the plea for more high school draft picks, and in acknowledgement that there won't be many slots for HS players: do it early and often, until you can't anymore. MORE HS PICKS you greybeards! Embrace your successes, they are impressive. Get us some high upside HS guys, especially as this class is absolutely rotten in the college ranks.

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