Brazilian fan visiting SF

Hello, fellow McCovens. First time poster, long time lurker here. As said, I'm a Brazilian Giants fan and I will be taking my first trip to the US and to SF in July-August. The main purpose? Catch a few Giants game.

I have a few questions and I hope you don't mind answering them:

1. I'll attend four games, all of them agains the Mets. From July 30th to August 2nd. I'd like to get tickets for four different places in the park so I can have different points of view during the games. Which seats do you recommend? Just bear in mind that those USD100+ tickets are not an option (ok, maybe one). I'd also like to seat where the probability of catching a foul ball is higher. One has to imagine that everyone wants that, so I may be silly if I'm thinking that I'd be able to find a cheap seat in a location like that.

2. Can I take my backpack (not large, but no small either) to the park? I've never seen people with backpacks there, so I don't know. Also, I always carry a swiss army knife; can I take it with me or should I leave it in the hostel?

3. What's the policy regarding cameras? I have a Canon SX30IS and I'd like to take it with me to the game? Is it possible?

4. Are there many things to do in the surroundings? A night club or bar after the second perfect game in Giants history wouldn't be such a bad idea.

5. Can I take flags to the stadium? I'd like to carry a brazilian flag to the park to show that we also enjoy baseball and to give Yan Gomes and some other minor leaguers a treat when remembering home. And I'm sure Krup and Kuip would make a few comments about the crazy south american travelling thousands of miles "just" to attend a game.

6. Are food and drinks expensive in the park? I have no idea about how much money I should take to each game. 50 dollars? A hundred?

7. Will I be asked to show my passport while buying tickets and entering the park? Not that this represent some kind of issue, just pure curiosity.

8. How's the weather like? Although a tropical country dweller I do not like high temperatures. Is SF hot in the summer? Anything above 80F makes me want to jump headlong into a frozen lake.

9. Sorry for any possible spelling mistake and for the length of the post. I'm really eager to go and I think my topic is worth posting.

Thanks in advance.

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