Giants 2012 Draft Review - With Grades

Now that the dust has settled on the draft and we wait for the signings to trickle in I thought I’d put up a letter grade review of the draft. I was initially pretty disappointed with the Giants selections on the 2nd day (rounds 2-15) and thought the 3rd day (rounds 16-40) was a complete waste of time. Upon further review, it was definitely mixed, but not as poor as I initially thought. I’m going to attempt a blind rating system that will hopefully remove some of my prospect hound bias, but please understand that this review might be a little nitpicky. If you are just interested in the first two picks of the draft, here is the review: the Giants addressed a big need with 2 polished college pitchers who have the ability to spot their fastballs along with good secondary pitches. They should move fast, providing both an organizational need and good value at the point they were picked in the draft. Those two picks alone have a good chance of making this a quite successful draft.

Grading system: 5 possible points for each pick. 5 = excellent pick. 4 = good pick with downside concerns 3 = average pick. 2 = poor pick with upside concerns. 1= poor pick. 0 = horrible pick with obvious issues which will be listed.

Weighed groupings: obviously the talent is concentrated at the top of the draft. Here is my weighed grouping system. Roughly 1200 picks in the draft. The bottom 300 (roughly rounds 30-40) are the fillers and flyers. As a baseline, these picks are awarded a weighted value of 1. The 500-900 (roughly rounds 16-30) are also fillers, but might include smaller school talent that might be overlooked, 2nd tier JC and HS players, and the grinders who might overachieve. These picks are assigned a weighted value of 2.

The next grouping gets difficult. Because of the trends in this draft where many teams deliberately signed college seniors to preserve their bonus pool money, more talent leaked into the 11-15 rounds on the 2nd day of drafting. I’m going to divide the top 500 players in the draft into the following categories, a tweak of the BA tier methodology: First round (1-30), Supplemental (31-60), Rounds 2-3 (61-120), Rounds 4-7 (121-240) and Rounds 8-15 (241-499). All these are rough groupings. Rounds 8-15 will received a weighted value of 5. Rounds 4-7 will receive a weighted value of 10. Rounds 2-3 will receive a weighted value of 20. The First and the Supplemental will receive a weighted value of 40.

Is this a perfect system? Nope, far from it. I’m trying to address the fact that the first round is the most important by far, the top 120 players represents the top 10% of talent, the 240 is the top 20% of talent, the top 500 represents the bulk of the fill ins, and the rest of the draft is taking complete shots in the dark or filling in the minor league rosters with cheap talent.

So that’s the grade system and the weighted average to try and address priority. The next thing I’ll do is list the 3 best players I considered available for each pick the Gints made. I will limit that to the 29 picks before the next pick, as every team gets a shot at the talent available, and we can see what those teams valued at that spot. This is Monday Morning QB time. Because of the emphasis on these college seniors, I’m doing a “senior watch” – simply a count each round how many seniors got drafted, including 5th years and old JC guys. My instinct tells me the Giants proudly own the oldest draft class, but that may not prove to be correct.

Lastly, the axes I grind: I feel the Giants don’t always make every effort to maximize success. While I acknowledge there is resource scarcity, I have a general feeling that the Giants are happy with middle of the pack, and a conservative strategy. I view the draft as the life blood of the organization, the cheapest way to develop a winning ballclub. Their moves from 2006 to the present have generally been excellent. I do fear they are moving away from emphasis on player development and investing in having a successful system towards cutting corners. Obviously with winning records the draft pick order gets bumped down, the money available gets smaller. However, you have to compare what other teams are doing, and where their drafts fall and overall system rankings in comparison to ours. This gets into the international free agent market side of things, and I guess that should wait for another post, but I do want to bring that up briefly, because that really is the lynchpin for prospect hounds outrage over this draft, not the moves at the back end of this draft.

Anyways, on to the actual picks.

1st Round/20th Pick Chris Stratton JR RHP Mississippi State. Polished pitcher who was the SEC pitcher of the year. Excellent value at this point in the draft, he has the ability to be among the first picks in the draft to make the show. A small ding is his age, which might have been a reason for him dropping. 3 Players Passed On: Marcus Stroman, Richie Shaffer, Ty Hensley. Senior Watch: 1 drafted. Rating: 5/5 Excellent Pick. Weighted Value: 40. 200/200 points.

2nd Round/84th Pick. Martin Agosta JR RHP St. Mary’s. Another polished college pitcher who rose from a 2nd round pick on boards up to the back end of the 1st round/supplemental and then fell again, most likely on size and competition concerns. Agosta will be a bit more controversial, as the Giants hitting needs were not addressed. Personally I love the pick, I think it will be a steal. He has a low to mid 90s fastball, good secondary stuff and a pitcher’s mentality. 3 Players Passed On: Peter O’Brien, Edwin Diaz, Carson Kelly. Senior Watch: 1 drafted. Rating: 4/5 Good pick with concerns, size and competition. I really wanted to give them an excellent rating, but have to acknowledge those concerns. Weighted Value: 20. 80/100 points.

3rd Round/115th Pick. Mac Williamson RS JR OF Wake Forest. A classic John Barr dinged college player pick. Personally, I like this pick more than Richie Shaffer. Williamson hit more HRs in the ACC. He is a 5 tool talent, IF the hit tool can come along. Yes, he didn’t quite get to the .300 BA mark in college. He is on the older side. The Chris Dominguez comp will get stuck on him, he has a rifle of an arm as a converted pitcher. Here is the rub: he most likely was an overdraft at this spot, the Giants could have taken him later. It is possible that they are saving some slot money though. 3 Players Passed On: Brandon Thomas, Tim Cooney, Alex Yarbrough. Senior Watch: 3 (MLB lists Mac as a SR) Leaning towards average, but I’m giving them Good pick with concerns, age and contact issues. Weighted Value: 20. 80/100 points.

4th Round/148th Pick. Steven Okert JR LHP Oklahoma. OK, I have a big time lefty bias, its going to be hard for me to criticize this pick. These guys cost 5MM bucks a year if they grind through to the show you know. Okert shuffled from starting to closing, and I like this part: Came out of the bullpen in 18 of his last 19 outings and has 40 strikeouts in those appearances. His pro future is in the pen. One note: I really wonder if Alex Yarbrough got snagged right in front of them by the Angels. He tore up the SEC and looked like a great pick to me. 3 Players Passed On: Ty Buttrey, Max Muncy, Dylan Baker. Senior Watch: 4. Excellent Pick. Weighted Value: 10. 50/50 points.

5th Round/178th Pick. Ty Blach JR LHP Creighton. Here is where I start to get disgruntled. The Giants generally under Barr have generally balanced things out with college bats. So its not a great year for college hitters, but it also isn’t a great year for college pitchers either. They stuck to the pitchers. Blach was ranked 192 by BA, this isn’t a reach by any means. However, I thought there were better choices available. Also of note, apparently this is where the Shilo McCall negotiations heat up and go south. Slot money here is $224,500. They could have grabbed McCall here for 200K (yet to be confirmed, but its looking that way). They could have grabbed a bat. They also could have joined in the sign a senior for $5K trend. It is yet to be determined what kind of slot deal Blach is looking at, and that could change things as well. 3 Players Passed On: Blake Brown, Robert Refsnyder, Jayce Boyd. Senior Watch: 5. Poor pick, with lefty considerations and possible bonus bargains. Weighted Value: 10. 20/50 points.

6th Round/208th Pick. Stephen Johnson JR RHP St. Edwards. Serious heat, serious control issues, serious bargain potential. BA had Johnson ranked high, 63rd overall. As a Dick Tidrow project, this was just too good to pass up here. The Giants are playing contrarian – the AL East is grabbing seniors to sign cheap, there will be players who drop because of this. Here is the issue we had in our draft thread though: they are letting hitters get away. 3 Players Passed On: Jacob Lamb, Cameron Perkins, Kurt Heyer. (Perkins was a white whale in the draft thread). Senior Watch: 3. Good pick, with reservations the Giants passed up hitters, control issues. Weighted Value: 10. 40/50 points.

7th Round/238th Pick. Eduardo Encinosa JR RHP Miami. Big frame, serious control issues, bad college season. This might have been a reach, but as always the Giants know pitching rap can beat down a lot of protests. However, there were a lot of pitchers I liked better right here, and the hitting issue still remains. I was screaming for LJ Mazzilli or Jamodrick McGruder at this point, and some OFs as well. Furthermore, we now know they were offering slot to Shilo McCall. While I want to give them the benefit of the doubt on this, and its possible they will save money on this slot, I have to ding them pretty good for this one. 3 Players Passed On: Hudson Randall, Hoby Milner, Torsten Boss. Senior Watch: 11. Poor pick. Weighted Value: 10. 10/50 points.

8th Round/268th Pick. Joseph Kurrasch JR LHP Penn State. Out of the blue pick. Undersized (6’0) lefty who will most likely profile as a pen arm. Seemed like a under-slot pick, we’ll have to see what the money is but to me you either go whole hog and grab a $5K special or you grab the value left on the board. And yes, I fully admit these are my pet players. We’ll know in a few years what’s what. 3 Players Passed On: LJ Mazzilli, Jamodrick McGruder, Micah Johnson. Senior Watch: 9. Poor Pick. Weighed Value: 5. 5/25 points.

9th Round/298th Pick. Shilo McCall HS CF New Mexico HS. Finally the Giants go with a HS player, one who while he isn’t in the BA 500 was actually listed as a notable player in their state analysis, and is the Gatorade HS Player of the Year for NM to boot. I like this pick a lot, I don’t like how the Giants handled it, but we’ll know more later on as far as the money. Good for Shilo to stick to his guns. Bad for the Giants to haggle a HS player over 25-50K, if they want to make the pick. If they made 2 or 3 more moves like this, I would be much happier overall with the draft. 3 Players Passed On: Jeff Gibbs, Jake Stewart, DJ Baxendale. Senior Watch: 11. Good pick, with reservations the Giants should have grabbed him in the 5th to preserve their bonus pool. I would also note I really like the 3 players passed on in this round. Weighed Value: 5. 20/25 points.

10th Round/328th Pick. Trevor Brown JR C UCLA. A future utility player who can catch a little and has a little bit of play with the stick. Brown was seen as a reach during draft day, but I think some reconsideration is in order. A dirt dog who can play all over the field is valuable, and its quite possible they needed to make sure the cap space was preserved. And if we’re going to criticize the Gints for all the 1989 birthdays, credit needs to go where it goes: he is one of the youngest college guys in the draft, at 11/15/91. 3 Players Passed On: Kevin Brady, Logan Vick, Jeremy Rathjen. Senior Watch: 21. Good pick, with reservations that they could have cheaped out completely like most other teams, but they are getting some savings, and they went contrarian here. Weighed Value: 5. 20/25 points.

11th Round/358th Pick. Ryan Tella, SO OF Auburn. So upon further evaluation, I really like the Giants 4 OF picks on day 2. Tella tore up the SEC, plays a nice CF and has bay area ties. He maybe a hard sign, we’ll see what happens. At the 100K limit, I think he is an excellent pick. 3 Players Passed On: Trey Williams (doubtful sign for sure), Drew Harrelson, Ryan Kellogg. Senior Watch: 1. Excellent Pick. Weighed value: 5. 25/25 points.

12th Round/388th Pick. Jeremy Sy, SR SS Uof LA-Monroe. This pick brought down the draft room. 1989? What the hell! Jeremy Sy was the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year. My love of the scrappers is going to cause some controversy here. This is his first year injury free, he hits for average and he has some pop. I want to see what he can do. I think this was a reach, but looking closer, not nearly the reach we thought. Hugh Walker is the scout responsible for all these LA-Monroe guys. I say hate the game, not the player. If the RDF issued marching orders to cheap out, at least the scouts got some interesting guys to look at. Rooting for you hard Jeremy Sy! 3 Players Passed On: Michael Morin, Malcolm Diaz, Blake Logan. Senior Watch: 5. Good pick, although a very likely reach. Weighed Value: 4. 20/25 points.

13th Round/418th Pick. Ryan Jones, RS JR 2B Michigan State. Voted toughest player to strike out by Big 10 coaches. Finally we get one of my scrappers. This guy is a very good hitter. Hitting streaks, Cape Cod all-star, excellent range defensively. Led the Big 10 in total hits, finished top 10 in most offensive categories, he is a true 2B, and I love this pick. 3 Players Passed On: Steve Golden (St Francis HS), Devon Travis (Fl St 2B), Matt Reckling. Senior Watch: 2. Excellent Pick at the spot. Weighed Value: 5. 25/25 points.

14th Round/448th Pick. Tyler Hollick, J2 CF Chandler Gilbert CC AZ. This guy was just left off top 500 lists for BA, and made PG as the notable AZ JC player to watch. His stats were insane, with huge success with BBs and SBs. Very interesting pick, and most likely shouldn’t have been on the board at this time. Of note, he is Canadian, so we’ll see what it takes to land the Flying Cannuck. 3 Players Passed On: Derek Velasquez (hard sign), Nelson Rodriguez, Ryan Borucki. Senior Watch: 7. Excellent Pick. Weighted Value: 5. 25/25 points.

15th Round/478th Pick. Leonardo Rojas, J2 C Miami Dade JC. Not sure I like this pick here. Teams are wrapping up the 2nd day here, and most decided to take flyers. The flyer I wanted the Giants to take was taken a few picks later by the team that has one of the best farm systems as well as an aggressive style towards developing in all 3 aspects: draft, international, scrap heap. Texas took Jameis Winston in the 15th. If the Giants had done that one move, I guarantee the outlook would have been completely different. 100K to retain his rights is a drop in the bucket. If that is too risky for your taste, a great value in Buck Farmer was sitting there as well. Great move by the Rangers. 3 Players Passed On: Carson Fulmer, Buck Farmer, Jameis Winston. Senior Watch: 6. Horrible pick, especially when viewed across the spectrum of MLB. Weighed Value: 5. 0/25 points.

16th Round/508th Pick. Ian Gardeck, Jr RHP Alabama. Well, here is your Magnifico pick. 98 MPH fastball with zippo control. I guess this is the place to take these type of shots. Dick Tidrow project for sure. I don’t like it though, I wanted the Giants to take a shot at DJ Hicks. 3 Players Passed On: DJ Hicks, Hayden Hurst, Josh Turley. Senior Watch: 5. Average Pick. Weighed Value: 2. 6/10 points.

17th Round/538th Pick. Christopher Johnson, Jr RHP Portland. Must draft all the Johnsons! Big kid, no complaints here, the usual Giants pitching caveats rule the day. 3 Players Passed On: Charles Moorman, David Hill, Justin Alleman. (HS pitchers all). Senior Watch: 7. Good pick, with HS pitching reservations (I’ll call it Greedy for Blackburn the Second). Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

18th Round/568th Pick. Matthew Duffy, Jr SS Long Beach State. I had this guy as my sleeper for the shortstop preview I did months back. He hit quite well at the Cape, and not so well in college. Interesting pick, I like it. 3 Players Passed On: Dylan Levelle, Brady Lail, Tony Blanford (HS Pitchers all). Senior Watch: 8. Good pick, with HS pitching reservations. Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

19th Round/598th Pick. Randall Zeigler, SR LHP Louisiana-Monroe. Well, at this point I was definitely quite down on the draft, and on reflection that might have been premature. Zeigler is LA-Monroe’s Friday night starter, he’s a lefty, and made 2nd team all-conference in the Sun Belt. He is 6’1, 111 Ks in 112 IP, and the other shoe is coming and boom! 56 BBs. Those crazy lefties. 3 Players Passed On: Miguel Beltran, a JC 4th year with massive power who was Dane Phillips partner in crime at OK City College, Blake Hickman, Cam Stewart (more 3rd tier HS guys the Gints could have tried for). Senior Watch: 13. I’m giving an average although I like Rando the Lefty. Weighted Value: 2. 6/10 points.

20th Round/628th Pick. Mitchell Delfino, JR 3B California. Led the team in BA, most likely a tweener in the pros. Can he play 2B? No avid Cal baseball guys weighed in, don’t know enough. Has a hit tool though, and that’s enough for the 20th round. Throw in the Cal and I’ll say Good pick. 3 Players Passed On: Matthew Strahm, Matthew Chabot, Joe Sever. Senior Watch: 10. I’m giving an reluctant good because of the hit tool and Cal connection, but its closer to average. Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

21st Round/658th Pick. Benjamin Turner, Sr C Missouri. The start of the draft-a-senior lets get this done quick. In years past the Giants have had a nice mix of JC and college arms (both JR and SR). This year they are filling in with bats to balance their draft class (it ended with 21 arms 19 bats). As we are swimming in catchers already, and had drafted 2 more before, I have to say this is a poor choice. 3 Players Passed On: Andrew Anderson, Jacob Lemoine, Kevin McCanna (HS Pitchers All) Senior Watch: 12. Poor. Weighted Value: 2. 2/10 points.

22nd Round/688th Pick. Brennan Metzger, SR OF Long Beach State. In addition to the LA-Monroe guys the Gints picked up some Dirtbags. I am a fan of this. They have to be on a budget, go to a nice college program, pick off the standouts. Metzger is a leadoff CF, he holds the HBP record for LBS. I like this pick. 3 Players Passed On: Holden Helmink, Travis Dean, Brett Marks (Pitchers from JC/HS/NCAA JR). Senior Watch: 11. Excellent. Weighted Value: 2. 10/10 points.

23rd Round/718th Pick. Andrew Leenhouts, SR LHP Northeastern. All told, the Giants drafted 10 Lefties (25% of their picks). They drafted 8 OFs (20% of their picks). I really can’t argue much with stocking up on lefties, you get a good one, it’ll carry you far. The Giants did get a lot of older lefties though. 3 Players Passed On: Tate Matheny, Vincent Jackson, Tyler Gaffney. Pair of HS CFs and Stanford’s guy. Senior Watch: 15. Average pick. Weighted Value: 2. 6/10 points.

24th Round/748th Pick. Andrew Cain, SR CF UNC-Wilmington. The only other gamble on power the Giants took besides Mac W. Sneaky fast possible 5-tool Giant, 6’6. No word on whether he has a posse yet. Interesting pick. 3 Players Passed On: Jose Mesa, Matthew Tenuta, Corey Kimble (HS pitchers all). Senior Watch: 14. Good pick with the usual reservations that other teams are swooping up the HS flyers. Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

25th Round/778th Pick. Sam Eberle, SR C Jacksonville State. More catchers. This one can at least hit. He put up 359/469/579 with 8 HRs and 39BB/22K. Played 3B as well, I have to give the Giants the credit on this. 3 Players Passed On: Ty Moore, Justin Jones, Skye Bolt. Senior Watch: 10. A lot of teams drafted the bonus demand guys right here: Hinojosa got popped, Justin Garza, as well as Freddy Avis and Rhett Wiseman the round before. The Giants don’t have a shot at Bolt, but they might have a shot at Jones. Gotta ding them a bit, although Eberle seems like a nice flyer. Average pick. Weighted Value: 2. 6/10 points.

26th Round/808th Pick. Mason McVay SR LHP Florida International. Perfect flyer that we expect from the Gints. 6-7, 240 big body guy, fringy velo but has shown better in past. Ranked 356 by BA. 3 Players Passed On: Mark McCoy, Jacob Nelson, Rashad Brown (all HS – McCoy is a lefty). Senior Watch: 8. Excellent pick. Weighted Value: 2. 10/10 points.

27th Round/838th Pick. Chris Fern JR LHP Union College. The only non-senior in the 20s. 77 IP, 17BB/72K, held opponents to a .223 BAA. During the draft I noted this was Johnny Sanchez’ spot in the draft, and I love this pick. 3 Players Passed On: Daniel Oh, Alexander Keudell, Fernando Fernandez-Beltran. Senior Watch: 10. Excellent Pick. Weighted Value: 2. 10/10 points.

28th Round/868th Pick. Joseph Rapp SR 1B Louisiana-Monroe. The third player picked from bayou, I admit to some snark during the thread. Well, wouldn’t snark to his face, big boy at 6’3 220. 2nd team All-SBC. He put up 322/418/527 with 9 HRs, 32BB/59K. Jeremy Sy btw put up 330/436/506 with 4 HRS and 7 3Bs, 41BB/49K. While the age is stacked against them, I think its very cool that 3 guys from the same college get to try and battle through the minors. We’re late in the game here, I’m going with good pick, age concerns. 3 Players Passed On: Demetrious Stewart (the Yanks were very aggressive with HS kids BTW), Jake Pintar (Ditto the Orioles), Austin Barr (long shot to sign by the Mets). Senior Watch: 20. Good pick with age reservations. Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

29th Round/898th Pick. Shayne Houck SR 3B/OF Kutztown. Ryan Vogelsong’s alma mater is PROUD of him. Its pretty cool. Houck was the league ROY and then 2 time MVP. Pennsylvania country boy, I love this pick. 3 Players Passed On: Alex Bregman!, Jose Diaz (Damn Yankees yet again), Michael Yastrzemski. Senior Watch: 14. Good pick with age reservations. Weighted Value: 2. 8/10 points.

30th Round/928th Pick. Michael Blanchard SR OF Austin Peay. Speedy scrapper project. I’m OK with this pick, not really excited though. 3 Players Passed On: Raph Rhymes (Yankees, most likely going back to LSU), Justin Taylor (Bosox, HS pitcher), Vince Vizcaino (Mets, HS Pitcher). Senior Watch: 12. Nothing against Blanchard, but I’ve been giving good grades, I have to give the Giants a zero at the end of the 21-30, for not varying their strategy at all. Most teams took a flyer or two, some took many. If the Giants want to run with the big dogs, they need to make these picks. Mark it zero, dude. 0/10 points.

31st Round/958th Pick. Jason Forjet SR RHP Fl Gulf Coast. Good pick, one of Fla-Giant’s sleepers. Senior Watch: 10. At this point even a draft nerd like me has eyes glazed, no more 3 Players passed. 4/5 points.

32nd Round/988th Pick. Chris Pickering SR LHP Rhode Island. Apparently already signed, he was working for a local gym. Senior Watch: 11. Texas drafted Alex Young the best HS pitching prospect out of IL in this round. 1/5 points. Poor.

33rd Round/1018th Pick. Brandon Farley SR RHP Arkansas State. Apparently they waited for Sabean to be far, far way in case he thought they said Wendell. At this point, what’s the point. Texas btw drafted Ryan Burr, pretty much an impossible sign, but why not start a dialogue, eh? Senior Watch: 10. 1/5 points. Poor.

34th Round/1048th Pick. Zachariah Edgington SR LHP UCSB. All the lefties! Senior Watch: 12. The Phillies drafted Darrell Miller, a UCLA commit who might turn into a very good catcher. I would rather have a dialogue with him. However, good luck Zach. Everybody loves UCSB. 1/5 points. Poor.

35th Round/1078th Pick. Daniel Grazzini J2 RHP San Mateo CC. The Giants stop with the senior pick em. Senior Watch: 6. Do we care at this point? The Rangers took another HS Lefty, Brad Stone. 1/5 points. Poor.

36th Round/1108th Pick. Clint Terry, J2 LHP San Mateo CC. The next pick? The Braves, they take Braden Bishop, HS OF from St. Francis, a genuine high upside pick. Yet again, more failure, and getting poached in your own pack yard. Is he signable? Of course not. Who cares. Senior Watch: 4. 0/5 points, because both those St. Francis kids should have been on the priority list. James Marvel as well, he gets popped by the Twins.

37th Round/1138th Pick. Drew Jackson, HS SS Miramonte HS CA. Finally, the Giants wake up that teams are drafting high profile CA prepsters who are not going to sign. This guy could be a first rounder in 3 years. However, he made a commit to Stanford. When are kids going to learn this is a bad idea, unless you want that sweet diploma. Here’s to hoping your bat can survive the Cardinal jinx Drew. I would usually give this a 5/5, but because the Gints were so damn slow on the uptake, I will continue with a vindictive 0/5. If you’ve read this far down and want to argue, just remember, it’s the 11-40, who cares about that? Oh right, draftniks! Also my sleeper from HI Braylon Almadova gets popped, and Austin Rey from Campolindo for those who care. Again, the Twins.

38th Round/1168th Pick. Nolan Long, HS RHP, Waterford HS CT. I’m scared of tall pitchers. This dude is 6’9. I like the D-backs pick better, Cameron Gibson out of Grosse Pointe South HS. Makes me want to crank the Violent Femmes. Mitchell Traver would have been good as well. Senior Watch: 4. Sorry, I have to continue the protest, 1/5 poor, for too little too late.

39th Round/1198th Pick. Kevin Fagan, HS SS North Broward Prep FL. Senior Watch: 4. Very cynical exercise by the Giants at the end of this draft, and its too little, too late. 1/5. Poor.

40th Round/1228th Pick. Tyler Ferguson, HS RHP Clovis West HS CA. Nice pick. He immediately tweets he’s off to Vandy. I watched the video provided by MLB and thought he might be an interesting guy in a couple of years. I will soften my position to give the Giants a 2/5. Poor with reservations. Senior Watch: 5.

So that’s the draft review. Lemme calculate my points up here real quick. OK, the Gints got 736 out of a possible 1000. In the Blind Grade, they get a C+. Looks like my being a softy about the scrappers and liking the OF picks more than I initially thought helped out.

Conclusion: the Giants got some interesting talent while sticking to very conservative guidelines. Not sure what to make of the huge run of seniors, most teams took the time to throw out flyers on HS talent in the 20s, one of my beefs with the Giants this year. It appears the Giants were a day late to the woo HS talent via the waste a draft pick. Maybe they haven't received the memo that they don't have to pay for those picks yet. In all seriousness, they did a pretty good job with the budget parameters, but did not do a good job expanding their talent net, or looking for hitters. We'll see how it plays out with the signings now.

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