Adventures of a Minor League Fangirl - San Jose Giants, 5/29/12

For those of you who don't yet know me, I would just like to start off making it very clear that I am NOT a cleat chaser, or anything like that, but I am a real fan who knows a lot about baseball (well, not that much compared to everyone here, but a lot more than a casual fan) and I also happen to be a girl in her early 20's who enjoys interacting with players. I love getting to know them even just a little bit as people and not just as players, because it makes it a lot more fun for me to root for them. Since I have such a privilege of being able to go to so many games and interact with the players so much, I have decided to share my little stories so that you can get to know them a little bit, too!

At the beginning of the season, someone suggested I make my own FanPosts for these types of things, instead of just putting them in the comments in minor lines. Starting from today (if I have enough stories) I'll try to post like this, with "Adventures of a Minor League Fangirl" as the title for all of them.

Before the game:

  • When Bobby Haney walked out to the "weight room" (more like weight bungalow) I said it was great to see him again and he said it was great to see me too. Then when he walked out again he signed for fans at the picnic tables next to the ones I was sitting at, and I was too lazy to get up and get anything signed or even say hi to him. But as he walked away toward the field he turned around and waved at me anyway :) And then later when he was walking back to the dugout after warming up on the field he came over and gave me a high five! This is why I adopted him, because he is so nice to me :) well, he is actually nice to everyone. And he is also hilarious. Oh yeah, I also told him I finally finished his book and he said he is going to write another one when he gets to San Francisco in like 3 years lol.
  • When I said hi to Chris Lofton as he was signing on the field before warming up he came over and gave me a little half-hug over the fence :) I love Chris.
  • After warming up, Luke Anders, Devin Harris, Jarrett Parker and Chris Lofton all got down on one knee, formed a little circle on the field, huddled together and prayed. (It looked like they were praying and I asked Jarrett and he said they were.) I've never seen that before.
  • I can't remember if I ever mentioned the little story with Devin Harris' blue bug here before, so I'll tell it again - after the game on 4/14, as a couple of my friends (including chop!) and I waited for the players to leave, we saw Devin Harris, Bobby Haney, and Chris Lofton leaving in a blue volkswagen beetle, with flower-shaped taillights. As I saw them drive out I started laughing really hard, and about 10 seconds later I got a tweet from Chris that said "don't laugh lol". (um, have I mentioned how much I love Twitter?!) so I asked if that was Devin's bug and he said it was their host family's. A few days later, Bobby joked about it on Twitter (basically saying what a ridiculous sight it was to see 3 guys stuffing themselves in a blue bug). Devin hit a homer that night or a couple nights later and one of my friends started the hashtag #BlueBugPower for whenever Devin did something good. A couple weeks later, I told Devin that now whenever I see a blue bug anywhere it reminds me of him. He very excitedly and somewhat proudly told me that they didn't have to drive the bug anymore, because their host family had given them an SUV instead. Well, kdl went to the game on Sunday and saw them with the blue bug again, so last night I told him I heard the blue bug was back. He said they usually have the SUV but that one day they had to drive the bug and that it'll probably be back again. Yay #BlueBugPower! :)
  • When Steve Kline came over to talk to us, my friend asked if he was related to the other Steve Kline who pitched in the 70's. He said he wasn't, that his dad's name was Ron Kline, and then proceeded to tell us all about how his dad used to play baseball, and was actually pretty good, but then had to go to war, and had 3 other brothers but the younger one got to stay back, and he doesn't like to talk about it that much now so Steve isn't sure if it was the Korean war or something else, and his dad is in his 70's now, and so just that one question had him talking to us for like a minute.
  • My friend asked Jarrett Parker to sign after he finished warming up, and Jarrett did come over and sign but told my friend that it's generally better to ask them before they warm up instead of right when they're going in, because at that point they only have a few minutes before the game starts. That's kind of interesting because most of the time when people ask players to sign when they walk out to warm up, the players usually say, "I'll get you on my way in." So a lot of times we don't even ask when they walk out anymore. But I guess if you want Jarrett Parker's autograph you should ask him before!
  • Edward Concepcion had the (dis)honor of wearing the bright pink Barbie bullpen snack backpack last night because he was the last reliever to give up a home run. As he was walking out to the bullpen with it, Chris Lofton was walking back to the dugout from warming up, and he was like, "Ooh, what's in there?" Edward stopped and Chris opened it up and looked through the whole thing while it was still on Edward's back. It was kind of cute.

During the game - I only have a couple interesting things from during the game, because I sat in the RF bleachers instead of behind the dugout like I normally do. There are always funny stories when you sit behind the dugout. Anyway:

  • Since I sat in the RF bleachers, which are between the SJ dugout and bullpen, relievers and other players often walk back and forth right in front of me. Just like I said after the game on opening night I went to in Modesto, I like to say hi to the players when I see them walk by. But I don't really want to bother them if they're focused and "in the zone" or whatever. But it was kind of interesting when I said hi to Chris Wilson. I said hi to him, and he was like, "Hi, how are you?" I said I was great and asked how he was, and he was like "Tired!" But the funny thing was that he never looked at me the whole time.
  • When Chris Lofton singled in the 2nd inning, some fans in the bleachers yelled at him for the whole next AB to steal 2nd base, and kept saying, "Kenny would!! Kenny would!" BTW, I asked, and they are not related. :(

OK, that's about all I have for last night. I'm going to San Jose again tonight, so hopefully I'll have more stories! And I had a pretty fun time sitting behind the bullpen in Fresno last Friday night, maybe I'll make a post for that later. I've also got a bunch of pictures and video from last night and other past games that I haven't had a chance to post yet, I'll get around to that eventually.

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