Seeking local advice

Hallo denizens of McCovey Chronicles:

I came by a few months ago, asking you folks about ticketing matters, and those of you who answered my inquiries were a great help. For that, I am thankful, even if I neglected to delete my post like I said I would (my bad). I snagged some tickets for the Sunday, May 20 game between the Giants and A's, so I'll be making my first ever trip out to the Bay Area next weekend, and I am looking forward to it greatly. I am also going to drive out to Modesto, because I've got the humor of a 14-year old, and I really want to see a team called "the Nuts," and I'm going to catch the A's at the Mausoleum on the following Monday during this trip.

Now I'm not going to straight up ask everyone to give me their best suggestions; heaven's no, I know how internet etiquette works; I used the search function first. Combing through these. Prior. Excellent. Travel. Posts. that I was able to find, I have a fairly good idea of what I'll be eating, drinking, and possibly seeing while out in SF, but there are a few gaps that I'd like some assistance at filling.

I probably won't have as much time as I think I will, since going to Modesto is literally going to eat an entire day of my essentially three-day trip out there (flying in Sat. morning, leaving first thing Tues. morning), but as it pertains to the non-baseball park stuff, I don't typically put too much on my agenda, leaving a lot of things to chance and random discoveries. But two kinda mandatory things I really want to do are:

  1. Alcatraz tour
  2. See the Full House house
The Cartoon Art Museum sounds like something up my alley, but if the Giants/A's go long, I'll miss any chance, since museums are always closed on Mondays....okay, I'm straying from my original point here, I apologize.

Some things I couldn't really find much information on in those posts, and wouldn't mind some additional suggestions are:
  1. Coffee. Much like dining, I make a general rule to not eat whatever I can get anywhere else. I like odd little coffee shops, filled with hipsters and weirdos. It also helps if the coffee is actually good, too.
  2. Burritos. I saw some mentions of El Faro and La Tapatia, but I always was under the impression that SF was like where the California big-ass burrito trend began, and I was wondering if there was more beyond those two options.
  3. Seafood. My initial thought was to go towards a waterfront area, and look for a seafood restaurant. I've fallen for such flawed thinking in Seattle and Boston, and I'd rather that not happen in SF.
  4. Weather. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to it, but I didn't really see much about day game circumstances, so what the heck - is it going to be cold during a Sunday day game?
If it's relevant to any potential advice, I'll actually be staying in a hotel in San Bruno, near the airport (I fly standby and need to be close, in case), and I'll be reliant on BART pretty much the whole trip, except for the Saturday when I have a rental to go to and from Modesto.

I thank you all in advance for accommodating this traveler, and I look forward to all your wonderful advice. I have very high hopes about visiting San Francisco, and I'm quite excited.

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