EDIT: NEW PICS! San Jose Giants FanFest 2012 Report: Part 2 - The Fun Stuff

Edit (4/6/2012): New pics at the bottom! And I just realized, there is no jump for a FanPost, is there?

kdl and I (along with some other friends) had THE BEST time at fanfest this year. ALL of the players were SO nice, friendly, and funny! Probably the least friendly of the bunch was Josh Osich - who, by the way, is not OK with being called Spud Stud. I mean, he wasn't mean or rude or anything, he just wasn't super friendly like everyone else. Anyway, I'm not really sure how to go about doing this. I guess I'll just tell some little anecdotes:

  • I asked Ryan Bradley (the player who I saw at Chipotle twice during my 5 days in AZ) if he had found a Chipotle here in San Jose yet. His face lit up and he said, "I was about to ask YOU!!" Stephen Harrold assured him there was a Chipotle nearby, and they all looked pretty happy about that.
  • As I mentioned above, I confirmed with Josh Osich that he was from Idaho and then asked if it was cool to give him the nickname "Spud Stud." I'm pretty sure his complete response was just: "No."
  • Luke Anders and Alex Burg were hilarious. We were taking pictures of each table of players, and Luke commented that he and Alex were the "best-looking players on the whole team." Also, they had little name cards on the table in front of them, which had their name and position. Alex had crossed out "INF" on his card and written "ATH" above it, so asked what that was for. He said, "It stands for ATHLETE!"
  • When I handed Juan Ciriaco my media guide for him to sign, with the book open to the page with his stats in the minor league section, he looked at it for quite awhile. It seemed like he was looking over all his stats from the previous years. Someone commented that it seemed like he had been in San Jose forever and we all laughed about it. Poor guy though.
  • Adam Duvall was THE NICEST GUY. I don't remember what we talked about, but I feel like we were standing at his table talking to him for a bit - which allowed us to hear his southern accent. So, our friend Julie asked him where he was from, and he said Kentucky. Either kdl or Julie asked if he was rooting for Kentucky and he said he wasn't because he was from Louisville. OK now this anecdote sounds stupid and pointless but trust me, he was really friendly when he was talking to us!
  • I told Bobby Haney I adopted him on here. He hadn't heard of McCovey Chronicles, but he thought it was funny and said, "What does that mean, do I have to live with you?" I told him I'm supposed to follow him and support him and stuff like that, and then I started talking to him about the book he wrote that I'm about halfway through reading. I guess Joe Panik (three people down from Bobby) noticed that I was talking to him for a long time or something and started making fun of him a little, in a tone like, "oooh, you have a FAN!"
  • When I got to the last table that had Ryan Lollis and Jarrett Parker at it, before I was even able to say anything, Jarrett said, "Hey, Lauren! What's up?" which completely shocked me. First of all, last year Jarrett was really shy. Secondly, I had no idea he even knew my name. I knew he would recognize me, and a lot of minor leaguers do know my name now (from Twitter or from asking me). But I had never specifically told Jarrett my name, and he's not on Twitter. So that was really cool.
  • As I mentioned in the other post, after I had gone through the autograph line and gotten all the players, I went back to the first table (Drew Bowlin, Ryan Bradley, Edward Concepcion) and basically just listed off players. They told me if they were in extended spring training, injured, or released. All three of them (and Stephen Harrold from the next table over) were so helpful and nice about it. I love them for it, because I was really stressing out about some of the players on that list (and I know you guys were, too)!
  • Oh, I also asked Shawn Sanford what the rotation order would be and he told me, but I'm not sure I remember it exactly. I know he was first. Then I think it's Taylor Rogers, Ryan Bradley, Jack Snodgrass and then Justin Schumer. But I'm not sure. I should have written it down!

OK, I think that's about all I have for now in terms of stories. I'll add more in the comments if I think of them, and I'm sure kdl has more. Pictures after the jump!

Click on each photo for my caption and face tags (who the players are). Or, click here for a complete album, which includes each of these photos plus a photo of Jarrett Parker holding someone's babies and some photos of the players' practice (which include a lot of Phil McCormick's sidearm delivery - which I am in love with - and Jarrett Parker being unintentionally funny in LF).

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the table that had Stephen Harrold, Phil McCormick, Josh Osich, Taylor Rogers, and Seth Rosin. My friend Julie got pictures of them, though, and they are posted at the bottom, along with Alex Burg's name card and the San Jose Giants' 25th Anniversary logo for this year.

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