Predicted Lineup Year end

As this young season passes I've been trying to think what our ideal lineup will be after the trade deadline, injuries return, and the prospects get called up. I admit this is probably one of the hardest things to do next to predicting who Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh are gonna draft Tuesday. Between Sabean and the skipper we'll probably have Bumgarner pinch hitting (yes check it, he went against Boston a couple years ago I was there to witness) but I'll my guess. After the jump I'll throw out some moves that will change from what we are now)

So first of all I think Freddy Sanchez will come back full strength. He may start getting a sit late in games similar to Huff but his bat will be just as potent as when he left. And the good news is Burriss is showing some signs of life and should be a very nice fill for 2-3 innings.

Next our first call up will be our friend Gary Brown! He's gonna just shred the minors this year, building off a strong year last year. As the season wears on Pagan will prove his worthlessness there will be too much pressure to make the call. Except a move by the deadline to dump Pagan or Blanco. Brown will be locking down CF and also the lead off position.

Here's where my theories might draw some criticism.

Poor Belt just won't get a chance in SF. As the season goes on two forces are gonna move our star Posey to first. First any injuries that can be attributed to playing the position (I thought shingles might do it as it would make it tough to squat) will immediately put some serious pressure. Next Hector Sanchez is gonna just take the position. Sanchez can swing the bat and Zito already loves working with him. Posey will be moved there just because he can play it whereas Sanchez cannot play any other positions (at least that I know of) . As he learns the rest of the pitchers watch for some Posey starts at first. Pill will be deemed as much cheaper and efficient back up and Belt could be dealt for a solid pitching prospect or other skill position filler if there are injuries. Posey to first, Hector catching.

Some may say at this moment, why not Belt in left? It's not that I'm a Belt basher, it's I'm a Sheirholtz fan. The guy will not be anything amazing, but he'll be a solid .275 hitter with the occasional power. I think he might even end at .290+. Between Cabrera/Brown/Nate/Huff/Blanco or Pagan Belt may be the odd man out just because his value in the league.

As a result the ending batting order should look something like this. (and a predicted batting avg for fun)

1-CF- .275- Gary Brown

2-LF-.296-Melky Cabrera

3-3B-.320-Pablo Sandoval

4-1B-.315-Buster Posey

5- C-.290-Hector Sanchez

6-2B-.290-Freddy Sanchez

7-SS-.262-Brandon Crawford

8-RF-.280-Nate Sheirholtz

9- P-

Not a lot of power but will wear pitchers down quick.

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