Getting around MLBTV Region Blackouts

This year, MLB TV has decided to bundle the AT Bat mobile app with your MLBTV subscription, making this a pretty solid deal if you don't have cable, or any other way to watch cable broadcast games. But wait, doesn't MLBTV black out games if you live in San Francisco and the surrounding area? Yes they do. But there is a very simple work around that worked for me for the last few years

I found the instructions on how to regularly get this to work on some ST. Lous Cardinal fan's blog post. Forgive me if this is already common knowledge.

First, keep in mind I'm basing this on the last couple of years of MLBTV behavior. If it changes this year, don't get pissed at me. But this is what you do to get around MLBTV regional blackouts.

First, Install Foxy Proxy. This is a plug in that works on just about all versions of Firefox. I'm on a windoz machine, but this should work for Mac, and linux.

Now, how this works is, MLBTV only checks your region right after you pick a game (You've seen the region checking dialog if you've had MLBTV packages before), and when it does this, it is only checking your IP address.

Foxy proxy allows you to trick any web browsing app into thinking you are at a different IP address. A proxy server is a free, or pay service that allows you to rout traffic through their server, instead of having traffic go directly to your computer... Thereby fooling anybody, like MLBTV who is checking your IP address to figure out where you are at.

I use this site to get a list of free proxy servers.

(I use the above link to find/define about 4-5 proxy servers just before the game starts... have some backups in case one doesn't work. Generally I try and grab a proxy that is NOT in the US, that way you won't accidentally end up with a proxy that is in a blacked out region.)

when You've installed the foxyproxy plug in, there should be a little foxy proxy icon to the right of your address bar. It's a little orange fox with a line through it.

Clicking on it will open an options window, where you can add new Proxy servers. Name it whatever you want and manually configure the proxy server, with the correct IP address and Port.

Free proxy servers are sometimes unreliable and/or can't handle large amounts of video traffic -- Fortunately, you don't have to stream the entire game through the proxy... Just the early region check. You can disable the proxy once the video startsup.

Here's the detailed steps:

Pull up the MLBTV schedule guide.

Right click on the foxy proxy icon next to the address bar, You should see a list of Proxy servers you defined. .. enable one of the proxy servers you've previously defined.

Now click on the giants game you want to watch. If you aren't yet logged in, it will ask you for a login. Then it will do its region check. Since you have the proxy enabled, if the proxy is in a blackout free region (Russia, etc) you should get the game no problem. Even a random US proxy server will give you a better then average chance of not being blacked out.

Once the game is streaming, you can right click on the foxy proxy icon and choose Completely Disable Foxy Proxy. This should not cause any interruption in video streaming, or if it does cause a problem, it will only be a minor pause/buffer, and won't cause you to have to restart the stream. This is the real beauty of foxy proxy, IMO.

(NOTE if you've already failed a region check, it will keep this failure as a cookie, so be sure to hit Cltrl+Shift+Del while in Firefox. This will bring up a dialog to clear your cache, cookies, logins, etc. Do this if you ever fail a region check)

Keep in mind though, with MLBTV's unreliable service, often times restarting the stream is necessary, and then you will have to turn the proxy server back on when restarting the stream, is it seems to , so it might actually be worth it to pay for a proxy server that is reliable and robust enough to support streaming the entire game. Your call.

Anyway, big shout out to the Cardinals fan who led me to the promised land of Blackout free MLB TV Streaming.

Go Giants!

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