2012 MLB Draft Snapshot – The Righties

The strength of the 2012 MLB draft is definitely the Right Handed Pitchers. In the college ranks, there are several top rated arms as well as some interesting sleepers. The High School righties are very high in talent, especially in Georgia. Instead of splitting it up I’m trying to combine them, and break a ranking out in tiers. 18 of the best to honor Matt Cain. 55 total in honor of The Franchise.

With the trade of Zach Wheeler the Giants are lacking a clear top rated 1st round pick blue chip talent. It’s not all bad though, this is the Giants wheelhouse, what they do best. They have a solid reputation for identifying, developing and bringing pitching talent to the big leagues. They tend to look for big arms who can demonstrate fastball control. They’ll also take chances on arms that don’t necessarily have that control but do have the velocity, with a crew of pitcher whisperers led by mustachioed Dick Tidrow.

The ability to coach up reclamation projects has taken a new turn with the phenomenal story of Ryan Vogelsong, but something that gets lost in that equation is just how talented Vogelsong was to begin with. In the inside the clubhouse series Dave Righetti (hands down the best pitching coach in the big leagues) talks him up as one of the best arms the Giants had drafted, along with another guy who got traded, Joe Nathan. You can poke holes in everything else I put down here, but I’m not having any argument about Raggs being the best in the majors. He has given the Giants a big time advantage for a number of years, and is the best coaching asset we have.

Depth Charts, Righty Heaver Division:

Big Giants Starting Pitching: Matthew Thomas Cain, Big Time Timmy Jim, Ryan Vogelsong

Big Giants Pen, Closer first: Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo, Santiago Casilla, Guillermo Mota, Clay Hensley (most likely)

Lil Giants Starting Pitching: Kyle Crick, Clayton Blackburn, Kendry Flores, Lorenzo Mendoza, Joan Gregorio as the likely top 5 who are definitely starting.

Lil Giants Wildcards: Seth Rosin, Jacob Dunnington, Austin Fleet, Demondre Arnold (!) – will they start or pen? Only time will tell.

Lil Giants Pen: Heath Hembree, Hector Correa, Danny Otero, Brett Bochy, Chris Marlowe, Jake Dunning, Ray Black, Stephen Harrold. This list can go on for a while, that’s my pick for the best pen talent.

Sleepers: Cody Hall, Derek Law and the much maligned Steve Edlefsen. Justin Fitzgerald as the break glass in desperate times 5th starter coming from Fresno. And of course Boof Bonser once he recovers from Tommy John.

The Giants have drafted the following Right Handed Pitchers in the first six rounds of the last six drafts, after the punt-a-pick fiascos:

2006: Tim Lincecum. 1/10th.

2007: Tim Alderson 1/22nd, Chance Corgan 5/164th

2008: Edwin Quirarte 5/147th

2009: Zach Wheeler 1/6th, Jason Stoffel 4/117th, Matthew Graham 6/177th

2010: Seth Rosin 4/138th, Heath Hembree 5/168th

2011: Kyle Crick 1S/49th, Chris Marlowe 5/177th

The Giants had a nice run of sleeper steals in 2003-5, with Brian Wilson in the 26th/723rd pick in 2003, Johnny Sanchez in the 29th/820th pick in 2004 and Sergio Romo in the 28th/852nd pick of the draft 2005. Those 3 might lend a lot to the legend that the franchise knows how to identify pitching talent. Picks that might break through in that manner: Danny Otero (2007 21st round), Jake Dunning (2009 33rd round), Brett Bochy (2010 20th round), Cody Hall (2011 19th round) and Demondre Arnold (2011 25th round). Yes, I’m taking the support your adoptee program very seriously.

This snapshot is more geared towards the top rounds but as it winds down there might be guys the Giants could grab in the later rounds.

First Tier: Lucas Giolito, Mark Appel, Kevin Gausman, Walker Weickel, Chris Beck

The first tier are pitchers who start at the top 5 and stretch to the top 15, and unlikely to fall to the Giants 20th pick.

Second Tier: Kyle Zimmer, Marcus Stroman, Michael Wacha, Jake Barrett, Lance McCullers

The second tier are pitchers who will be anywhere in the top 25, the Giants may have a shot at one of these guys with the 20th, but it will be close.

Third Tier: Lucas Sims, Tylore Cherry, Clate Schmidt, Duane Underwood, Ryan Burr, Carson Kelly, Cody Poteet, Ty Hensley

The third tier are HS pitchers who will be anywhere from the very top to the bottom of the supplemental, depending on teams appetite for upside and bonus demands.

That’s the 18, closing with the most Matt Cain guy I can see, Ty Hensley.

Fourth Tier: College guys: Brandon Kline, Brady Rodgers, Nolan Sanburn, JT Chargois, Josh Conway, Buck Farmer and DJ Baxendale. HS Guys: Carson Fulmer, Kayden Porter, Mitchell Traver, Freddy Avis, Teddy Stankiewicz, Jake Thompson, Nick Travieso, Zach Eflin

These are strong supplemental and 2nd round candidates.

Fifth Tier: HS Guys: Edwin Diaz, Hayden Hurst, Marcus Brakeman, Daniel Starwalt, Stephen Johnson, Ty Buttrey, Shane Watson, Ryan McNeil, Felipe Perez. College Guys: Michael Morin, RJ Alvarez, Matt Koch, Hudson Randall, Pat Light, Martin Agosta, Kevin Brady, Kyle Hansen, Luke Bard, Tony Bryant, Jeff Gibbs, Kurt Heyer, Damien Magnifico

2nd day guys who might drop anywhere in the draft. Or get a bunch of helium with good performances. It is early in the season.

This thing is huge, I’m going to try and be more concise. I think I failed.

First Tier:

1. Lucas Giolito, HS from Harvard Westlake HS (CA), UCLA commit

6’6 230 R/R 7/14/1994

The Goods: Monster prep who throw 93-96 easily with a plus curve ball, 4-seam and 2-seam fast ball, circle change and slider. Yup, 5 pitches. Could be the first HS pitcher ever drafted first overall. Roy Halladay comps.

The Bad: The change isn’t developed yet because he doesn’t need it.

The Stats: 2011 HS 70 Innings, 42 hits, 26 BBs, 78 Ks, 1.00 ERA.

The Ranking: BA #2, Mayo #2

The Giants: Don’t even bother. Lets watch the Astors screw this up.

2. Mark Appel, Junior from Stanford

6’4 195 R/R 7/15/1991

The Goods: Best pitcher in the college class by a longshot. Good arm speed can dial up 94-96 and top out beyond that, with an easy delivery. Slider and a cutter are good pitches as well, and he has a circle change.

The Bad: Fastball doesn’t have much movement.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 104 IP, 107 H, 26 BBs, 83 Ks 3.02 ERA

The Ranking: BA #1, Mayo #1

The Giants: Doesn’t matter much, he’s long gone before the Giants draft but I think this guy is severely overrated. With the stuff he is supposed to have, he should be dominating. He isn’t., and his fastball is straight with no action to boot. That will get him to AA no problem, but after that he might run into it.

3. Kevin Gausman, Sophomore from LSU

6’4 185 L/R 1/6/1991

The Goods: Draft eligible sophomore with a similar big arm to the first two. Mid 90s fastball he can crank into the high high 90s. He also has a curve, slider and change. Loose and easy delivery with more projection, this guy might be better than the first two.

The Bad: Struggles with command. Secondary pitches works in progress.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 90 IP, 70 H, 23 BBs, 86 Ks, 3.51 ERA

The Ranking: BA #6, Mayo #6

The Giants: No chance of him dropping but he might be the best of the top 3. Also, the Doyers drafted him in 2010 in the 6th round, he told em to bounce. Combine that with the LSU background and I love him.

4. Walker Weickel. HS from Olympia HS (FL), Miami commit

6’6 205, R/R 11/14/1993

The Goods: Fastball: 94. 12 to 6 curve for strikes. Has a good frame with a deceptive delivery. No matter which report you read on this guy, they’ll mention the word “downhill”. Team USA vet, he is big, athletic, and projectable.

The Bad: Along with the downhill, uniformly his curve needs work and velocity, and he needs to tighten up his game.

The Stats: 2011 COPABE Pan Am Championships, going 3-0, 0.46 with 23 strikeouts and four walks over 20 innings

The Ranking: BA #11, Mayo #12

The Giants: You wish.

5. Chris Beck, Junior from Georgia Southern

6’3 220 R/R 9/04/1990

The Goods: Maintains a 92-94 MPH fastball deep into starts, with a nasty slider and a plus changeup. Pretty polished college pitcher with an easy arm action and a good delivery.

The Bad: Misses the strike zone sometimes, has some wandering.

The Stats: Had a bad 2011 year after a stellar 2010. Cape all-star, 2.12 ERA and ranking fifth in the Cape League with 41 strikeouts in 51 innings

The Ranking: BA #7, Mayo #8

The Giants: If any top 10 guy drops, this is the one. He doesn’t have any stand out quality and pitches in a non-competitive conference and just lost his hyped running mate for the year. I would not be surprised if he was there at 20. You want him?

First Tier conclusion: Giant: Giolito by a mile. Bum: Appel. Something about this guy is stiff. When do the O’s draft again? Falling: Beck. He has had a rough early going.

Second Tier:

6. Kyle Zimmer, Junior from University of San Francisco

6’3 210 R/R 9/13/1991

The Goods: Might be moving up to the next tier very soon after hitting 98 consistently in the first two weeks of the 2012 season. Plus fastball with sink, keeps his velocity through games, consistent strike thrower. Kicker: Age 20 throughout the year.

The Bad: Hasn’t pitched for long. Those power pitchers strain their arms a lot.

The Stats: Cape: 3.38 ERA and a 37-14 K-BB mark in 48 innings

The Ranking: BA #28, Mayo #32, that will change for sure.

The Giants: 3 weeks ago they were going to stroll over and check out the local talent. This guy has a good chance to challenge for the #1 spot in the draft now. Let’s see how it rolls, and spread a little disinformation while we’re at it.

7. Marcus Stroman, Junior from Duke

5’9 185 R/R 5/01/1991

The Goods: Smallest and most dynamic member of the national team, this guy is a plus athlete who won NY player of the year in HS. Has a 93-96 MPH fastball and with his size and athleticism will draw Timmy comparisons. He is better built, younger and not quite the freak. Here’s a teaser stat: Ranked second in the nation with 12.64 strikeouts per nine innings.

The Bad: Started 8 games last year. His frame will get a lot of question marks. Tom Gordon comps, that is a mixed bag of blessing.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 64 IP, 59 H, 21 BBs, 90 Ks, 2.80 ERA, 4 Saves

The Ranking: BA #22, Mayo #19

The Giants: Tantilizingly close to our #20, this guy is definitely worth watching. If he profiles more as a reliever there might be better RH pitchers to pursue. However, he has some seriously gifted athetic talents along with some smarts. That is some good intangibles. If he can stretch out we might have another white whale. 17 Ks versus GW will get attention, more will get helium.

8. Michael Wacha, Junior from Texas A&M

6’6 195 R/R 7/01/1991

The Goods: Workhorse with a big frame and easy ¾ delivery. Fastball between 91-95, he is not afraid to come in. Has a great change that doesn’t have much movement so far.

The Bad: Has to refine a secondary pitch to move his ceiling.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 130 IP, 117 H, 30 BBs, 123 Ks, 2.29 ERA. Note: pitched for Team USA after CWS. Serious horse.

The Ranking: BA #23, Mayo #17

The Giants: Might miss out on Zimmer & Stroman’s helium, but somebody has to drop because of that. Michael is a pitcher to wacha.

9. Jake Barrett, Junior from ASU

6’4 220 R/R 7/22/1991

The Goods: Yet another Blue Jay reach who didn’t sign (what is with those guys?) Barrett is a big boy with Heath Bell comps who can bring it. 93-96 MPH fastball with a nice slider he has developed in college.

The Bad: Rough edges, max effort delivery and possible pen confinement.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 76 IP, 75 H, 21 BBs, 72 Ks, 4.14 ERA. Note: All 14 games started last year, worked out of pen 2010 and Cape 2011.

The Ranking: BA #19, Mayo #38

The Giants: Like big arms but might get scared off by the max effort delivery. As a college arm, this guy has been linked early to them by a few mock drafts. Nice name, and could be a great future closer.

10. Lance McCullers, HS from Jesuit HS (FL), Florida commit

6’1 190 L/R 10/02/1993

The Goods: This guy has been on the radar for years and years, and was the early #1 pick of the draft before things started getting serious. His pops, same name, is a former major leaguer. He has two plus pitches, a fastball that goes into the high 90s, and a hard slider with plenty of break. No changeup as of yet. ¾ arm slot, fast and loose arm.

The Bad: Because of the lack of secondary pitches, wildness and his size there are already mutters of moving him to the pen. He has effort in his delivery.

The Stats: 2011 HS: 52 IP, 34 Hs, 32 BBs, 79 Ks, 2.02 ERA

The Ranking: BA #20, Mayo #4

The Giants: McCullers seems to be in free fall, but its doubtful he will drop to the Giants. Bloodlines, big arm and youth should get him snagged up before we pick.

Second Tier Conclusion: Giant: Zimmer, snagged up by the hype. Bum: Barrett. College guy with some red flags and limited upside. Falling: McCullers. Stroman is the wild card, it would be nice to for him to be there at 20.

Third Tier:

11. Lucas Sims, HS from Brookwood HS (GA), Clemson commit

6’2 195 R/R 5/10/1994

The Goods: First of the 3 big GA arms. Has an athletic balanced delivery, throws 91-94 and is not afraid to pitch inside. He has one of the best curve balls in the class; utilizes a ¾ arm slot delivery. Has plus mound presence.

The Bad: Can get wild. Doesn’t have a developed change up. Doesn’t start yet.

The Stats: 2011 HS: 32 IP, 52Ks, 2.38 ERA,

The Ranking: BA #32, Mayo #13

The Giants: The beauty of this draft is if they want to pick out a pitcher they will have plenty of choices at #20. In the GA prep ranks alone there is Sims, Schmidt and Underwood.

12. Tylore Cherry, HS from Vandalia Butler (OH), UNC commit

6’9 260 R/R 6/24/1993

The Goods: Huge guy with a low effort delivery and simple mechanics. Fastball is already at 91-94 and most likely room for more. He has a slurve and a change as well

The Bad: From the videos I’ve seen conditioning might be a huge issue. Already a bit leery of tall guys as it is. If the fitness can be addressed, there is a lot of potential.

The Stats: 2011 HS: 56 IP, 94 Ks, 1.38 ERA

The Ranking: BA #73, Mayo #26

The Giants: If they like him, I’ll say OK, they know best with pitching. However, he looks like a big time project and there might be better guys on the board. Still, easy delivery and strength equals a lot of potential.

13. Clate Schmidt, HS from Allatoona HS (GA), Clemson commit

6’2 175 B/R 12/10/1993

The Goods: 2 way player who also plays SS and switch hits. Has a fastball that sits at 92-94 and he has dialed it up to 96. Outstanding work ethic, he also has a plus curveball and good control.

The Bad: Effort in his delivery and no secondary pitches. Frame needs fill in.

The Stats: 2011 HS: 45 IP, 25 Hs, 7 BBs, 70 Ks 0.93 ERA

The Ranking: BA N/R Mayo #36

The Giants: This guy is just below the good size requirement scouts have. If he grows a bit more he’s in, if its an exaggeration and he’s actually more like 6’0 it might change the story. He’s a good athlete and a worker.

14. Duane Underwood, HS from Pope HS (GA), Georgia commit

6’2 205 R/R 7/20/1994

The Goods: My favorite of the 3 top GA pitchers. Very athletic two way player who most likely will be a pitcher. Has very good arm strength and a deceptive delivery. Low 90s fastball that can reach 94-95. Actually, he’s touched 98, but lets not hype that up. Curve and changeup have the chance to be superior pitches. Also plays the OF.

The Bad: Very raw. Has some mechanical issues with his delivery.

The Stats: Are a state secret. Pope HS doesn’t list them.

The Ranking: BA #33, Mayo # 43

The Giants: From ESPNHS: The Georgia commit has hit 97 mph on the radar gun and one scout I spoke to this fall said Underwood was sitting at 93-94 even after 75 pitches. One of the youngest players (won’t be 18 by signing), deceptive delivery, power arm and a great athlete? This guy is one of my top 5 choices for the G’s.

15. Ryan Burr, HS from Highlands Ranch HS (CO), ASU commit

6’4 215 R/R 5/28/1994

The Goods: Big guy with a 90-92 MPH fastball with heavy sink. Has a sharp curve as well, and is very aggressive going after hitters.

The Bad: Needs a change up, struggles with his mechanics and control.

The Stats: 2011 HS: 53 IP, 29 Hs, 34 BBs, 95 Ks, 1.85 ERA

The Ranking: BA N/R, Mayo #40

The Giants: Burr seems to be a bit raw, but they have a habit of grabbing guys out of the woodwork. This guy is about the same size as Kyle Crick. While he isn’t throwing the mid 90s heat some of the other guys are, he has a nice frame and a hard nosed attitude. Somebody who might get helium or drop back and go to school.

16. Carson Kelly, HS from Westview HS (OR), Oregon commit

6’2 200 R/R 7/14/1994

The Goods: Oregon’s finest. 2 way player with a pretty good bat who can maybe stick at third as well. Clean easy delivery with a fastball in the 89-92 range. Throws a change with some sink, and a decent curve ball.

The Bad: Might be a tweener, it seems like 50-50 pitching or the field. Might be one of the more harder to sign, and looks to be a supplemental pick for sure, trending down.

The Stats: Can’t find his pitching, he hit 14 bombs and .473 though.

The Ranking: BA #54, Mayo #44

The Giants: Can’t see them going after Kelly, but he is Oregon’s finest, so he deserves a mention. He seems like a worthwhile project, but a project.

17. Cody Poteet, HS from Christian HS (CA), UCLA commit

6’1 175 R/R 7/30/1994

The Goods: Smaller framed pitcher with a big arm. Throws a low to mid 90s fast ball and a sharp curve with very good arm speed. Keeps the ball down in the zone.

The Bad: Size, velocity, ceiling. There are more exciting picks.

The Stats: Them there wooden bat leagues have websites?

The Ranking: BA #79, Mayo #46

The Giants: The most likely of the UCLA recruits to actually attend the joint, Poteet has gone the wooden bat league route and plays on the same team as Tanner Rahier. He also has been on the Team USA scene since he was 14. While he doesn’t have the frame or the big arm of the other guys, it looks like he has some quiet determination and confidence. Sometimes that overcomes tools, and sometimes not. But here it is from the man himself: ”My arm’s moving so fast that people think I’m putting (stress on it). . . . I’m not even trying. I’m not max effort.”

18. Ty Hensley, HS from Sante Fe HS (OK), Mississippi commit

6’4 220 B/R 07/30/1993

The Goods: Catches and pitches for the same school as our boy Clayton Blackburn. Hensley looks like a big projectible arm who can be a future workhorse. Fastball sits in the low 90s, topping at 94. Throws a mean curve. Change up a work in progress. Pitches aggressive with very good mound presence.

The Bad: Look at the birthdate. If Fla-Giant has read this far, he’ll be all over me for being high on Henlsey. He may not have top of the rotation potential, making him a lower ceiling safe choice.

The Stats: Last season, he went 6-0 with a 2.26 ERA and 58 strikeouts in 31 innings.

The Ranking: BA #41, Mayo #33

The Giants: This guy is the most Matt Cain guy I could find. He is a Team USA, area code vet, the Giants had time to peak at Blackburn chances are they’ve seen him as well. The big knock will be age, and middle of the rotation projection. He is a hard worker, just gave up his senior year of football to concentrate on baseball. I like this guy a lot, leaning towards top 5 but I’ll admit its most likely because I’m dreaming off of Matt Cain like a typical Gint fan.

Third Tier Conclusion: The Giants will definitely get somebody nice in this draft! Giant: Duane Underwood, please. Bum: harder with HS guys, but I’ll say Cherry. Falling: Poteet due to velocity and size. Fair? I like them in this order but trust the Giants to do right by us: Underwood, Sims, Hensley, Schmidt, Burr, Poteet, Kelly, Cherry.

Fourth Tier:

19. Brandon Kline, Junior from Virginia

6’3 185 R/R 9/29/1991

The Goods: Very live arm with clean action, he throws low 90s and should move from the bullpen to the starting rotation. He has almost the perfect pitching frame.

The Bad: He has only closed, he doesn’t have secondary pitches beyond his fastball and slider.

The Stats: He was the closer for Virginia's 2011 College World Series team, going 4-1, 1.88 with 56 strikeouts in 43 innings.

The Ranking: BA #35, Mayo #41

The Giants: The Red Sox drafted him out of HS despite UVA’s fearsome rep for commitments, 198th overall in the 6th round. BA loves him, but this might be their mid-atlantic bias coming through. He might be an underrated safe college arm. He would most likely be a reach in the 1st but if he drops to the 80s, might get a good look.

20. Brady Rodgers, Junior from Arizona State

6’2 200 R/R 9/17/1990

The Goods: Polished college pitcher who throws strikes. Fastball 88-92 and 3 secondary pitches: curve, slider, change. Pitched the most innings on Team USA this summer, 2.08 ERA and 2 wins in 17 innings.

The Bad: Doesn’t have the high ceiling of more hyped guys, lower velocity.

The Stats: Went 9-4 with a 2.75 ERA 98.1 IP, 87 Ks, 9 BBs .237 BAA.

The Ranking: BA #62, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Another guy who won’t go first round but might be there in the second. Its only college, but 87K/9BB is sweet.

21. Nolan Sanburn, Sophomore from Arkansas

6’1 205 R/R

The Goods: Coming straight out of Kokomo, Indiana, Sanburn closed for the Razorbacks last year, flashing a 91-94 MPH fastball along with a slider. Athletic guy with a lot of confidence, he’ll get a good look as a draft-eligible soph.

The Bad: Used the summer to try and develop secondary pitches.

The Stats: Struck out 35 batters in 32.1 IP and held the opposition to a .239 BAA

The Ranking: BA #43, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Don’t go after many Sophs. Sanburn could be one of the more hyped 2013 draft picks if he gets his secondary pitches and a chance to start.

22. JT Chargois, Junior from Rice

6’3 200 S/R 12/3/1990

The Goods: Starting 1B for Rice who switchhits and hits 300, but he has a killer arm. Played for Brewster in the cape and absolutely dominated as a closer, 7 saves, one run allowed all year, 20 Ks in 21 innings. Has a sinking fastball he cranks in the mid 90s. He only has 7 appearances on the mound for Rice, that might change this year.

The Bad: Effort in his delivery, inexperience pitching.

The Stats: Pitched six times against teams that went on to play in the NCAA Tournament, and held those talented opponents to a composite .214 BAA.

The Ranking: BA #44, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Seem to always have an eye out for converting players to the mound.

23. Josh Conway, Junior from Coastal Carolina

6’1 175 R/R 5/12/1991

The Goods: Saturday starter for CC, Conway had an excellent cape to go with a pretty solid college pitching career. He throws in the 88-92 range so he’s not a flamethrower, but has a quick arm. His cape rankings were 19 BA/30 PG. 28 IP, 28 Ks, 10 BBs

The Bad: Durability due to his frame. Doesn’t throw gas.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 77 IP, 70 Ks, 70 Hs, 23 BBs, 2.69 ERA.

The Ranking: BA# 46, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Tend to go for the bigger arms but might give this guy a look due to his good cape performance and low college ERA.

24. Buck Farmer, Junior from Georgia Tech

6’4, 230, L/R 2/20/1991

The Goods: Potential workhorse with a low 90s fastball, he had a breakout soph campaign and has started on the right foot this year as well. Best pitch might be his change, he also throws a slider.

The Bad: Struggled on the cape. Struggles with command.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 99 IP, 2.82 ERA,

The Ranking: BA #92, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Here’s a country strong salt of the earth type for them. Great baseball name.

25. DJ Baxendale, Junior from Arkansas

6’2 190 R/R

The Goods: Back to the Razorbacks! Baxendale doesn’t quite have the stuff of Sanburn but he is the ace this year. From their website: Type of guy you want on the field when the game is on the line. Alright then. He throws 4 pitches for strikes, including a 88-92 MPH fastball.

The Bad: Nothing really stands out, the secondary pitches are OK.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 1.58 ERA, 228 BAA, Usual lousy SEC accomplishments and no slash lines to read. His first complete game was against Florida! Found another source for stats: 1.05 WHIP 69 Hs, 21 BBs, 77 Ks in 85 IP.

The Ranking: BA #85, Mayo N/R

The Giants: This guy is on the Golden Spikes watch list. He seems like a player.

26. Carson Fulmer, HS from All-Saints Academy (FL), Vanderbilt commit

6’1 185 R/R 12/13/1993

The Goods: Mid 90s FB topping out at 95. He has a slider with bite and an inconstant change. Throws quite hard for a guy with a smaller frame.

The Bad: Has a lot of effort in his delivery, is being profiled as a closer already.

The Stats: All Saints' senior pitcher Carson Fulmer threw four shutout innings and had two saves to help the U.S. 18-under national team win a gold medal in the Pan American Championships.

The Ranking: BA N/R Mayo #50

The Giants: This guy doesn’t look like the usual pitcher they target. Vandy usually is a pretty strong commit as well.

27. Kayden Porter, HS from Spanish Fork (UT), UNC commit

6’5 240 R/R 12/2/1993

The Goods: What is up with UNC’s coach and his recruiting style? If these guys go they will have the biggest team in history. No brawls happening while they’re on the field. Porter has an extra large build, very strong, calm delivery, high 3/4's release point. He also hits the hell out of the ball.

The Bad: Is built like a brick shithouse bad?

The Stats: He went 9-1 with 85 strikeouts in 59 innings with 24 BBs and hit .570 with 14 homers and 50 RBIs.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: I have no idea why this guy isn’t getting hyped. He has light tower power, he looks like a young Mark McGuire and he is athletic enough to pitch. As we are haunted by Mike Stanton constantly, gotta look for these types. Check him out please Los Gigantes!

28. Mitchell Traver, HS from Houston Christian (TX), TCU commit

6’7 240 R/R 5/3/1994

The Goods: Big frame and a big arm, simple low effort delivery. Has four pltiches, 2 & 4 seam fastball, curve and change. Fastball runs 90-94.

The Bad: Not the most athletic guy, has issues with control.

The Stats: HS: 42 IP, 27 Hs, 27 BBs, 61 Ks, 2.31 ERA

The Ranking: BA #52, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Raw Texas RH? Sure why not. Can he drop to the 2nd round? Would they be able to sign him? You know who else we stole off the commit list right? Right?

29. Freddy Avis, HS from Menlo (CA), Stanford commit

6’2 180 L/R

The Goods: Good arm strength, speed and velocity with a fluid delivery. 90-93 FB with a nice curve as well.

The Bad: Very strong Stanford commit, lacks the physical side of things right now.

The Stats: Can’t find them, too busy with his Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease benefit concert. Yup, he’s a talented musician as well.

The Ranking: BA #39, Mayo N/R

The Giants: This guy is a shoe-in for Stanford. Please don’t bother.

30. Teddy Stankiewicz, HS from SW Christian HS (TX), Arkansas commit

6’4 200 R/R 11/25/1993

The Goods: Nice frame with an easy delivery, fastball is 88-90 but he should be able to build that up. Has a deceptive delivery and hides the ball well.

The Bad: Needs to work on his secondary pitches, herky jerky motion.

The Stats: 8-3 0.95 ERA 98 Ks 66 IP. Hit 5 HR as well.

The Ranking: BA #93, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Another big Texas arm. I can only imagine the nicknames this guy has.

31. Jake Thompson, HS from Rockwall-Heath (TX), TCU commit

6’4 235 R/R 1/31/1994

The Goods: Big and strong, 2 way prospect who can huck it up to the low 90s with a three quarter delivery, slurve and curveball. Goes after hitters. He won awards with Josh Bell last year and plays on a powerhouse team. Has a rep as a clutch player. Take that sabers!

The Bad: Pretty raw right now, will the bat play?

The Stats: During the 2011 season, the 6’4″ 235 lb. junior hit .504 with 15 home runs, 17 doubles, 58 RBI and 45 runs, while compiling a 12-3 record, with a 1.90 ERA and 131 strikeouts for the Class 4A Region II finalists.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Rockwall also has 2 other pitchers of note: Jovan Hernandez and Jake Baxter. Hernandez has some pretty nice numbers. Don’t know if the Giants want to take a shot at a raw Texas big man, but they have a couple of choices.

32. Nick Travieso, HS from Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL), Miami commit

6’3 205 R/R 1/31/1994

The Goods: Fastball in the low 90s with sink, he also throws a hard slider. Member of U18 Team USA. Bulldog mentality – not afraid to pitch inside.

The Bad: Has a lot of effort in his delivery, but also a bit more projection on velocity. Might be a future closer.

The Stats: Team USA 6 IP, 2 Hs 8 Ks 8 BBs 0.00 ERA

The Ranking: BA #53, Mayo N/R

The Giants: There are a bunch of Miami based preps who have committed to Miami, including 5 in the top 100 of BA’s HS rankings. Travieso has maybe slipped a bit.

33. Zach Eflin, HS from Hagerty HS (FL), Central Florida commit

6’5 200 R/R 5/8/1994

The Goods: Tall and lean, has a smooth delivery for a low 90s FB, a good change and a curve ball that is a work in progress.

The Bad: Delivery gets a bit wacky.

The Stats: Couldn’t find any easily. You need a blue card to try out for Hagerty BB.

The Ranking: BA #65, Mayo N/R

The Giants: This guy could get some serious helium if his velocity comes on. He had a huge growth spurt in HS, almost quit baseball, blah blah. Has an autistic sister. Seems like a sensitive flamethrower.

Fourth Tier Conclusion: Texas Guys aren’t as hyped as Georgia Guys this year. If the Giants ignore some of the velocity hounds, they might find a nice college pitcher in this tier. Giants: Kaydon Porter and Jake Thompson – where’s the hype man? Bums – I’m not calling any of these guys overhyped. Falling – Freddy Avis for signability.

Fifth Tier: AKA Speed Round

34. Edwin Diaz, Caguas Military Academy PR HS

6’3 175 R/R

The Goods: #3 ranked player in PR HS ranks, Diaz is getting lost in the Correa hype. Has a 93 MPH fastball and an ideal pitchers frame. Seems like a very earnest guy, and has a rep as a hard worker.

The Bad: Skinny right now, developing secondary pitches.

The Stats: I ain’t got em. He got beaned in the head by an errant Correa throw at the PG showcase in January and survived. Tough kid.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Aren’t going to get Correa. There are consolation prizes, including Valentin, Catchers Wifredo Rodriguez and Cristian Munoz, and Diaz.

35. Hayden Hurst, HS from Bolles (FL), FSU commit

6’5 235 R/R 8/24/1993

The Goods: Posterboy for Tommy John – Andrews operated on Hurst in the 8th grade – he brings a mid 90s fastball and a developing curve ball.

The Bad: Tommy John at age 12-13? Wow.

The Stats: He is a Florida prep legend. 2 state titles his first 2 years.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: They like injury risks and Tommy John cherry picking but this might be too rich for their blood.

36. Marcus Brakeman, HS from Shorecrest Prep (FL), Stanford commit

6’1 180 L/R 6/15/1994

The Goods: His PG pic makes him look like a junkyard dog. High athletic marks, good curve, fastball in the mid to high 80s. Stanford commit from FL, that’s called poaching.

The Bad: Most likely a pass for now while he develops arm strength.

The Stats: Earned high honors and Headmaster's List while being a member of the Latin and Honors Society. Latin, bitcheses!

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: I hope they send somebody to observe the Team USA guys. I really do.

37. Daniel Starwalt, HS from Granite Hills HS (CA), Stanford commit

6’3 200 R/R 2/7/1994

The Goods: Another Stanford commit, back to CA Preps though. When healthy he is dope. Athletic build with a 91-95 MPH heater and a hammer curve. Very young for class as well, check the b-day.

The Bad: Recovering from a stress fracture in his back. Back injuries are tough.

The Stats: Area Code alum.

The Ranking: BA #81, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Stanford commits are tougher than back injuries.

38. Stephen Johnson, Junior from St. Edwards (TX)

6’4 190 R/R

The Goods: JC time. Big arm who throws mid 90s. More upside than polish.

The Bad: Needs to smooth out his delivery which will help with command.

The Stats: 7-5 78 IP, 65 Ks, 3.56 ERA

The Ranking: BA #59, Mayo N/R

The Giants: A JC Project. Big arm. Their wheelhouse.

39. Ty Buttrey, HS from Providence HS (NC), Arkansas commit

6’6 210 L/R 3/31/1993

The Goods: Two way prepster who also plays OF, can reach up to 94 with his FB, has a great frame with long arms.

The Bad: Secondary pitches need tightening.

The Stats: 7.2/60, not bad for a 6’6 guy.

The Ranking: BA #87, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Last time they drafted a prepster from NC all hell broke loose. Don’t think this guy has the upside of MadBum. And how the hell did UNC miss out on this guy to go with all the other giant sized recruits?

40. Shane Watson, HS from Lakewood HS (CA), USC commit

6’4 200 R/R 9/13/1993

The Goods: We need some more CA prep guys after the huge hype of Giolito and Fried wear off. Ranked #8 in the state by ESPNHS, he has a high 80s low 90s fastball. The Bad: They say he will most likely need to improve mechanics to gain velocity.

The Stats: Impressed at the area code, hit 93 on the gun.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Haven’t drafted that many CA guys lately.

41. Ryan McNeil, HS from Nipomo HS (CA), Long Beach State commit

6’3 205 R/R 2/1/1994

The Goods: Just like saying Nipomo. Strapping yout, with more poundage to come. Low to mid 90s (top at 93), PG says he can pitch, so you know its true.

The Bad: Only the Nipomo knows. I kid, he has to work on his delivery, head bobbing.

The Stats: #10 on ESPNHS CA prep list. Aggressive arm with upside

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: If they are looking for solid innings eater types, this guy has 2 thumbs.

42. Felipe Perez, HS from Fairmont Prep (CA), UCLA commit

6’2 185 R/R 1/22/1994

The Goods: Throws high 80s with a 3/4 arm slot with a curve and a slider. Team USA vet who pitched some crucial innings for the gold medal against Mexico.

The Bad: Has to fill out, velocity isn’t elite.

The Stats: Hit .617 (29-for-47) with 3HR and 27 RBI while going 5-2 with a 1.29 ERA

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Will UCLA lose their whole recruiting class? Giolito, Fried, Poteet, Virant all have good chances of being drafted. Perez might as well.

43. Michael Morin, Junior from UNC

6’4 205 R/R 5/3/1991

The Goods: Closer for the tarheels. Here’s an alternative to Kline if you want to draft a ACC closer.

The Bad: He was moved to the pen, indicating his secondary pitches weren’t up to snuff.

The Stats: 64 IP, 18 BBs, 66 Ks, 10 Saves

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Lets get a couple closer types going in the 5-10 rounds.

44. RJ Alvarez, Junior from Florida Atlantic

6’1 180 R/R 6/8/1991

The Goods: Easy delivery with lightening fast arm, low 90s FB and good CB.

The Bad: Size issues and max effort delivery. Oh, and his name is RJ and he went to Royal Palm Beach HS. Royal Palm Beach? It wasn’t ritzy enough as plain Palm Beach?

The Stats: Starter for FA, Reliever in the Cape.

The Ranking: BA #47, Mayo N/R

The Giants: This guy seems like a cocky type, he has some style. Deceptive delivery and some funky slurve/slider stuff? Alright.

45. Matt Koch, Junior from Louisville

6’3 205 L/R 11/2/1990

The Goods: Power fastball that touches mid 90s with a good slider. Hasn’t broken through with a change or stretching out. Iowa prep of the year, said no to the Red Sox in the 37th round.

The Bad: Split time between starting and relieving. Doesn’t miss enough bats.

The Stats: 67 IP, 3.48 ERA, 46 Ks

The Ranking: BA #66, Mayo N/R

The Giants: We know they like them Louisville players. This guy has a little field of dreams sheen on him. Throw in the fact he did well in the Cape dialing it up to 95, and he is a person of interest.

46. Hudson Randall, Junior from Florida

6’3 185 R/R

The Goods: Draws Greg Maddux comps from the Alabama BB coach. Not a dominant pitcher, he throws 88-91. 3 quality offspeed pitches and a dogged competitor.

The Bad: Soft tosser? This is Florida’s Friday night starter and he’s #57 on BA’s list. Put down the damn radar gun for a sec!

The Stats: Had 73 Ks 13 BBs in a team-high 124.1 IP, held opponents to a .227 BAA

The Ranking: BA #57, Mayo N/R

The Giants: So he isn’t a strikeout pitcher, but this guy gets it done. Competitor. That counts for something. I eagerly await Fla-Giant’s blistering review of why I’m on crack for saying “please draft this guy”.

47. Pat Light, Junior from Monmouth

6’6 200 R/R 3/29/1991

The Goods: Who rocks the house? JERSEY rocks the house! Bout time a NJ guy gets in the list. This guy is a work in progress, with a big arm that goes to 97, sitting in the 94-95 area, with a sinker that works and a slider that doesn’t.

The Bad: He has struggled in the cape. Secondary pitches are raw.

The Stats: Cape 2011: 0-5, 3.77 with a 24-10 strikeout-walk ratio in 31 innings.

The Ranking: BA #58, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Love their big arm projects. He has put on at least 30 pounds since HS.

48. Martin Agosta. Junior from St. Mary’s (CA)

6’1 180 R/R

The Goods: Jesuit HS alum from Sacramento, same as our boy Susac. Pitching for St. Mary’s, he’s the pre-season pick for WCC pitcher of the year. Has a quick arm and can hump up to 94-95. Has a good slider as well.

The Bad: Has had to work up his arm strength. He is undersized.

The Stats: Played for the Bethesda Big Train in the Cal Ripken summer league. Yup yup. 4-0 with a 0.99 ERA, 27.1 IP, 16 Hs, 3 BBs and 30 Ks. I’m no mathemetician but that looks like a WHIP reaching into the 0.75 area. Small sample size.

The Ranking: BA #76, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Go local young men! Control with some velocity? Sounds good to me.

49. Kevin Brady, RS Junior from Clemson

6’3 220 L/R 9/7/1990

The Goods: Big arm with a mid 90s fastball. Big framed Maryland prepster.

The Bad: Missed 70 days with a forearm strain. Sounds like a fit for the Giants.

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 23 IP, 33 Ks, 1 Walk. 19 Hs, 218 BAA

The Ranking: BA #86, Mayo N/R

The Giants: Have been known to take a chance on an injury risk that falls from time to time. Definitely somebody to watch, the injury history is a big concern though.

50. Kyle Hansen, Junior from St. John’s

6’8 215 R/R

The Goods: The pride of Glen Cove. His brother Craig is a former 1st rounder. Ace of the St. John’s staff, he throws a low-mid 90s fastball with some sink. This guy is a giant.

The Bad: Didn’t start in summer league. Funky delivery pleases some, offends others.

The Stats: 15 Starts, 8-7 3.09 ERA, 107 IP, 106Ks

The Ranking: BA #94, Mayo N/R

The Giants: If they have to go after some big tall guy I think I’m more comfortable with a college guy who’s been scouted a bunch. That’s just me.

51. Luke Bard, Junior from Georgia Tech

6’2 190 R/R 11/30/1990

The Goods: Daniel Bard’s younger brother, he was also drafted by the bosox in 2009, 16th round, but opted for GT. Polished pitcher with a moving fastball and a good break.

The Bad: Like his brother they have him in the pen, then the bump, then the pen.

The Stats: 25 appearances, 1 start, 2.72 ERA and 8 saves. 49 IP, 19 BBs, 46 Ks

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Why do I keep profiling guys the Bosox drafted? Is this a subliminal message that we need to swoop on Boston’s talent and coach em up? We do have a much better pitching coaching staff than them.

52. Tony Bryant, Junior from Oregon State

6’8 220 R/R 4/18/1991

The Goods: Haven’t given the Pac10 any love. OSU’s closer is a jolly green giant as well. The Twins tried to peal him off in 09, 25th round, he said nada. First team All-Pac-10, he played for the Madison Mallards in the Northwoods league, only allowed 7 hits in 19 IP, struck out 19.

The Bad: With that size he’s pitching out of the pen?

The Stats: 2011 NCAA: 47 IP, 40 Ks, 11 BBs, 1.52 ERA, 3-2 with 12 saves

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Frequent flyer points to OSU kicked in yet?

53. Jeff Gibbs, Junior from Maine

6’4 215 R/R 4/23/1991

The Goods: Oh Canada! Vet of the Ontario Youth team, National Champs! Top Maine starter, he will serve as their captain as well. Gibbs’ arsenal consists of a fastball that can reach 97 MPH, a slider he can throw at 86 and a refined changeup he plans to incorporate more this season. Coach what do you think? Trimper described the slider as a pitch that can at times have “ungodly breaking movement” and his fastball as one of the best in the nation.

The Bad: What do you think? He’s Canadian.

The Stats: 76 IP, 69 Ks, 3.42 ERA, 8-5

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: Well, they drafted Keith Bilodeau in the 24th out of Maine, I hope they noticed the big RH throwing hard while they were there.

54. Kurt Heyer, Junior from Arizona

6’2 210 R/R 1/23/1991

The Goods: Coming straight out of Huntington Beach, Heyer isn’t getting any respect right now. He K’d 134 batters, 2nd in the Pac10 and 4th in the nation. Here is an underrated polished pitcher. He throws a mid 90s FB with sink, with very good command.

The Bad: A lot of innings thrown already. Needs to work on his change.

The Stats: 138 IP, 2.41 ERA

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: I think the national guys are missing something. This guy seems to be getting no hype because he doesn’t bump above 95. He has much better stats than Appel and looks like a better pitcher to me.

55. Damien Magnifico, Junior from Oklahoma

6’2 190 R/R

The Goods: Gotta end with a bang! How about a 100 MPH bang! Yup, this guy is going to get huge hype because he is breaking triple digits with authority.

The Bad: Injury risk. He didn’t sign with the Mets after being drafted in the 5th round, went to Howard College before transferring to OK. Lost his velocity, was undrafted in between now and the Mets pick.

The Stats: Played for the Laconia Muskrats in the New England Collegiate Baseball League ... Helped lead team to division championship. with 18 strikeouts in 18 innings pitched.

The Ranking: Unranked

The Giants: 100 MPH gets headlines. He might not last to the 5th round this time.

5th Tier Conclusion: There are some interesting college arms that aren’t as hyped. I like Gibbs and Heyer a lot, and this Magnifico guy is a great story and a great name. If I pick out one name in this 55 that the Giants pick I’ll be excited. I realize that Heyer and Gibbs should be “ranked” much higher after looking at them.

Conclusion and comment starters: The Righties are the strength of the draft. If the Giants just focus on pitching, they’ll grab something good.

Who do you like? Why?

Hate to call prospects bums, just trying to be a bit funny. Who do you think is overrated? Why?

Is the Giants rep as pitcher whisperers deserved?

Have they demonstrated enough expertise to be trusted with drafting pitchers?

Did you get sick of the cop out of always drafting pitchers?

How big a factor is Barr? Do Tidrow and Barr really argue over who to pick or does Barr run that thing like a pro?

My favorite 3 preps in order: Duane Underwood, Luke Sims, Ty Hensley. Any signing issues at the 20 spot?

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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