Minor League Spring Training Info

On my other Fanpost with info about what I saw in minor league camp this spring, SDJBruin asked me for information about minor league camp since he's going next week. I started typing up this huge long comment and thought it might be better to just make a Fanpost. So here goes!

When you get there, grab a roster and a schedule from the office. I'm pretty sure they're available for anyone to take. I don't know how often they update the rosters, so note that they may not include players who have been cut from major league camp and may include players who have been cut from the organization altogether.

Guys get to camp anywhere from 6-8:30. Most of them are driven in vans that pick them up from their hotels, and I think the vans come in every 30 minutes or so. First van at 6, last van at 8:30. Others have cars and drive, and a few bike there. During that time, they eat breakfast in the cafeteria, get dressed, and hang out. Some of them do early work on the fields.

If you want to talk to them or get autographs, 6-8:30 is the best time to do it. They're all pretty friendly, except some of them look like they're sleepwalking. It's really easy to talk to them because one of the areas where fans are allowed to go is directly in the path of where the players have to walk to get from the cafeteria to the clubhouse, or from the parking lot to the clubhouse.

At 9:00, practice starts. The players break up into 4 (or 5? Not sure) groups and go to the corresponding fields. You can watch them practice from outside 2 fences. From what I've seen, the routine is each group has a little meeting, they do some warmup exercises like running and stuff in the outfield, then play catch, and finally do fielding exercises and batting practice.

At about 11:30 or 12, they break for lunch and the away teams get on buses to go wherever they're going. As you can see from the schedule I posted earlier, either the AA and AAA teams go away while the A teams stay at home, or the A teams go away while the AA and AAA teams stay at home. If you don't want to get up early, if you come around this time you can catch the players who are playing at home to chat or get autographs.

The games start at 1 PM, so if you come then you are guaranteed to be able to watch 2 games at once. The games usually last around 3 hours. After the game is probably a good time to talk to players or ask them for autographs also.

There are bleachers for Fields 1 and 2. Those are the fields used for intrasquad games and games played against other teams. At the time of the games, though, the bleachers are completely in the sun, and it's the hottest time of the day, so you might want to bring an umbrella or something. If you're watching the game on Field 2, you can sit at some picnic tables next to left field under a tree and get shade there for awhile. It's kind of hard to see the batter, though, and there is a fence in the way.

There is at least one public restroom. The minor league complex is part of Indian School Park, so nearby there are tennis courts, a playground, and a volleyball court, and I think there are drinking fountains somewhere. There is also a gas station and a gym on the same block. Across the street are a McDonald's, Jack-in-the-Box, and golf course. A few blocks down there is a Safeway and I think the Safeway is part of a whole shopping center thing.

Pictures, link to map, and website after the jump.

Here are some pictures to help you see what it looks like (click to enlarge):



Let me know if you have any more questions or would like any clarifications!

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