Fangraphs: Newman prospect Chat w/Belt Poll!

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I'll update with relevant responses as it goes along.

Free Belt!

Comment From Conor Gillaspie What do you think of my bat and defense? Can I be a competent league average 3B starter for a team that doesn't have a Kung Fu Panda?
4:43 Mike Newman: You are more of a utility type for me Conor. Sneak extra reps at 2B because your ability to play there may lengthen your career by a number of years.

Comment From Hector Sanchez I had a great CAL season last year, but was horrible in AAA and the majors. How legitimate is my bat? Do you think I'd make a quality backup this year? What's my ceiling? floor?
5:01 Mike Newman: I'm a big Sanchez fan. I thought he was much better than Tommy Joseph when I scouted both in Augusta. He was rushed last year due to Posey, but it doesn't negatively affect his ceiling as a very good backup/second division starter. Personally, I love the combination of arm/switch hitting ability.

Comment From Nivra Do you see minor leaguers with a high BABIP and think lucky? Or do you see that and say, he's too good for the level and needs to be promoted? Many feel that minor league BABIP tells us much mroe about how advanced the prospect is than major league BABIP tells us about a batter.
4:57 Mike Newman: I look at BABIP in a broad sense, but don't look too deep into it. Too many variables are involved. Bad defense, fields, game scoring, etc.

Comment From Nivra How much does it hurt Belt's prospect status to spend the year in Fresno and then be handed the 1B starting job in 2013? Is it better than playing 50% time in San Francisco?
4:52 Mike Newman: It hurts the organization more than it hurts Belt. If the Giants don't play him, he loses trade value and the team is worse. It's a no win.

Comment From Guest What do you think of Brandon Crawford's bat? Will it play in the majors? The Giants are really talking up his September and AFL results. Does he block Adrianza? Do you think Ehire has the talent to be a starter?

4:42 Mike Newman: When I saw Adrianza in Augusta, the glove was already strong and near MLB ready. However, he was frail and didn't have the strength to really drive the baseball even though I liked the swing path.

Comment From Nivra What do you think of the Giants' arms now? You probably havn't scouted Crick or Osich, but what about Surkamp, Hembree, Rosin, Kickham, Dunnington and others? Dunnington looks like he could be an even better relief prospect than Hembree, based on stats and age.

4:50 Mike Newman: Honestly, I have a shot at scouting Augusta, but rarely go because contacts have told me the team wasn't worth watching.

Comment From Tony in SLC On the Belt poll question I voted with MY heart, not Bochy's, clearly he doesn't have one.
4:13 Mike Newman: A few days at spring training is quite dangerous. I saw Belt take 10 horrendous swings and then he crushed the very next day. Small sample size can really mess with a guys head.

Comment From The Free Man When you talk about Belt, you're ignoring the Shierholtz/Huff revenue stream.

5:13 Mike Newman: It's by choice....

And coming in with less than 5-minutes left in the chat, Mike absolutely owns Tommy Boy:

Comment From Tommy Joseph Compared to other prospects in their 18, 19 year old seasons at A & A+, should I be ranked in he top 100, especially with my power surge in the 2nd half of last year and in st this year?
5:25 Mike Newman: No offense Tommy, but I don't think you are very good at baseball - even though I'm probably in the minority at this point. I was STUNNED when Callis said Joseph was 101 on his personal list.

Also, an interesting non-Giants question about prospect promotion:

Comment From Guest Can being promoted too quickly permanently damage a prospect? For example, Cameron Maybin. Would players like this be better MLB players sooner and have a higher peak if they weren't rushed?

5:06 Mike Newman: Maybin is a good example of a guy with a fatal flaw (K's) who was exploited. I do wonder if consistent at bats in AAA at a time when he was floundering at the big league level hurt him, but he has become a very good player nonetheless. Makeup is difficult to gauge and each player will react differently to adversity. Harper is really the only guys I've scouted who I strongly believe will be unfazed by anything thrown in his way.

And for the masochistic among us:

Comment From Zach Wheeler What's my ceiling? Can I be a bonafide ace? Or am I more likely to end up a #2 #3 starter?

5:11 Mike Newman: More of a #2, but that's still very good. I'm not sure the command will be good enough in the end to be ace level.

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