2012 Adoption Draft: Open to all!

Draft day is here! So here's how it works: there are 3 users on the clock at all times. They each have 24 hours to make a draft pick. When a user makes a draft pick, the next user on the list is now on the clock. If you go over your 24 hour window, you get thrown into a secondary draft pool and we move on to the next user on the list. Users in the secondary draft pool can draft whenever they log in the next time. Here is a nearly comprehensive list of all players in the Giants system. Players that have been already drafted are highlighted in grey and bolded. Anyone else is eligible to be drafted. The draft order is after the jump.

  1. scout6: Ryan Theriot
  2. PiKAGiant: Kyle Crick
  3. nostocksjustbonds: Joe Panik
  4. Calbear949: Nate Schierholtz
  5. Giant Among Angels: David B. Flemming
  6. rotorueter: Yusemiero Petit
  7. Solidarity: Andrew Susac
  8. El Person: Eric Surkamp
  9. DFARowand: Clayton Blackburn
  10. can of corn: Willie McCovey
  11. oldjacket: Adam Duvall
  12. Gobroks: Jarrett Parker
  13. GrahamCrakalaka: Chuckie Jones
  14. EliminateMe: Eli Whiteside
  15. kdl: Chris Heston
  16. Tortured: Gregor Blanco
  17. Roger: Leonardo Fuentes
  18. Fla-Giant: Adalberto Mejia
  19. baetown: Josh Osich
  20. Hyoton: Jeremy Affeldt
  21. WhereTheresaWillieTheresaMays: The 1912 New York Giants
  22. Cody_ransom (secondary pool)
  23. capn: Angel Villalona
  24. SoCalGGal: Tony Bennett
  25. Mdizzle: Mike Krukow
  26. dregarx: Kentrell Hill
  27. quincy1329684413.0: Lorenzo Mendoza
  28. rightcenterfielder: Shawon Dunston
  29. LincecumFTK: Ricky Oropesa
  30. Whatsamatahari: Chris Stewart
  31. wjackalope: Brock Bond
  32. kennv: Jesus Galindo
  33. operation carrot: Seth Rosin
  34. apistat: Bryan Srabien
  35. garbanzo24: Alex Burg
  36. free f.p.: Shawn Payne
  37. bigboneded: Enmanuel De Jesus
  38. guywhiteycorngood: Bryce Bandilla
  39. grape: San Francisco (all of it)
  40. Nnamdi Asomaugh: Derek Law
  41. Tim Lincecum's Bong: Guillermo Mota
  42. Ott: Mel Ott
  43. The Enchanter: Dan Otero
  44. Cap M: Charlie Culberson
  45. mr. basepaul: Gus Benusa
  46. scooter ellis: Boof Bonser
  47. L-Nova: Clay Hensley
  48. mrs. owlcroft: Frank Robinson
  49. jhawx: Chris Marlowe
  50. City Girl: Lou Seal
  51. katskhanne (secondary pool)
  52. daver321: Jacob Dunnington
  53. the guy: Jean Delgado
  54. shankbone: Demondre Arnold
  55. fjm: Jake Dunning
  56. EricW: pass
  57. krukkuipandclint: Kelby Tomlinson
  58. crazedcrustacean: Joan Gregorio
  59. Caine Black Knife (secondary pool)
  60. kornstar2004: Rich Aurilia
  61. travis j bagdad: Travious Relaford
  62. Electric: Paul Davis
  63. yomamaisagiant: Hector Correa
  64. txgiant: Jose Casilla
  65. velvadp: Elliot Blair
  66. Julian Levine
  67. jeremy.lassen: Tim Flannery
  68. scespy12: Cristian Otero
  69. 24 willie mays plaza: Darren Baker
  70. doubledeuce22: Hensley Meulens
  71. leftyqb: Ben Thomas
  72. ohdecker: Eric Hacker
  73. bayareasportsfan
  74. king of spain: Ray Black

Let's get drafting!

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