McCoven Awards VII

As wonderful as it is to have two world championships in three years (I can't believe it, either), it's nice to know that some things never change: the McCoven Awards, for instance. As the name suggests, McCoven Awards season (which has been moved from October to November to December, where it seems to be staying) is when all the McCoven come together and recognize those who are better than the rest of us. The great thing about the McCoven Awards is that they actually have a cool prize; if you win, Natto might draw a picture of you or something else of your choice (I have not confirmed this with him, so please don't quote me on this). I'll be describing the process below, but if you'd rather look at something well-written, feel free to refer to kdl's post from 2011 or Natto's post from 2010 or the McWiki page.

First off, the guidelines, presented (naturally) in list form:

  1. Don't nominate anyone for an award they've already won, because we already know that those people are great.
  2. Don't nominate yourself, you attention whore.
  3. Any nominations for Grant will be counted for Jeff Sullivan.

In order to nominate someone for an award, just make a comment stating whom you're nominating and for what award. Feel free to make as many nominations as you want, but please put each nomination in a separate comment. To second a nomination, rec the nominating comment. The five green comments with the most recs in each category (or all green comments, if there are less than five) will be duly nominated and will be voted on in the next round.

Here are the categories (descriptions liberally copied from Natto's post):

Outstanding Newcomer
Who is this year's Buster Posey? (This description no longer actually makes sense, since Buster Posey hasn't been a rookie since 2010, but I left it in because I like thinking about Buster Posey.) A n00b who didn't act like a n00b. This person appeared out of nowhere and fit right in with the rest of this gang of misfits and lovable scamps. Members who joined since December 27, 2011 (when the last award was given out) are eligible, although you could probably Edinson Volquez someone if you really wanted to.

Past winners:
2006: North Side Chicago Expatriate Giants Fan
2007: thehavenot
2008: FairweatherFan
2009: heimy25
2010: Prussian Creole
2011: free f.p. #14

Most Informative Poster
If you needed some prime info on a player or an explanation for some obscure statistic or McCoven demographic information or a useful map, he or she always had the answer.

Past winners:
2006: steve S
2007: BaronVonCurrentEvents
2008: xanthan
2009: BruteSentiment
2010: Fla-Giant
2011: Roger

Most Amusing Poster
Whenever you see one of this poster's comments, your monitor gets drenched with [beverage] from laughing uncontrollably, and everyone around you stares at you thinking you're insane.

Past winners:
2006: kenshin1
2007: Goofus
2008: Natto
2009: Lars the Wanderer
2010: TheLetter2
2011: Johnny Disaster

Alex_Lewis Memorial Spirit Award
In the time he spent with us, Alex_Lewis never failed to make McCovey Chronicles a better place. This award is dedicated to his memory.

Past winners:
2006: Goofus
2007: howtheyscored
2008: tk
2009: jponry
2010: GiantsBabe
2011: Natto

Best Image
There are many images posted on McCovey Chronicles. Some of them are better than others. This award used to be for the best one. Now it's for the best one that doesn't move.

Past winners:
2006: Stuttering John Tamargo, Dancing Mando (GDT); Natto, Jaunty Shelled Armando (general)
2007: Pedro Feliz, Catcher (GDT); Unknown, Giants Screamer (general)
2008: Goofus, Dancing Goofus (GDT); rightcenterfielder, Phanatic and Lasorda (general)
2009: satyricrash, WIN NOW (GDT); Unknown, Pablo Meets Cake (general)
2010: mymclife, Seinfeld Giants
2011: Natto, Dancing Umpire

Best GIF
Given the proliferation of GIFs on this site and the axing of the Best Video award (see below), it seemed appropriate to separate GIFs from still images. This category is for GIFs.

Best FanPost
I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't care for this award or its name. In my day, men were men, Pedro Feliz was a catcher, and FanPosts were Diaries. Fortunately, nobody uses FanPosts anymore, so this award will be obsolete by this time next year. Still, the SBN changeover didn't happen until partway through 2012, so there are probably some FanPosts from before then that people want to recognize. Knock yourselves out. Because no Giants fan can ever top burris gotta go, a Mariners fan won in 2010 and a Mets fan won in 2011; you can continue that streak by giving the award to a Marlins fan if you want to.

Past winners:
2008: Madtown Bomber, Rohlinger called up
2009: jponry, Report: "Chalk Talk" With Sabean, Tidrow and A Fleeting Moment of Bobby Evans (Head); jnormous, OT:Thank You McCovey Chronicle (Heart); giants09, burris gotta go (Funny Bone)
2010: owlcroft, The Giants: Yet Another (and Looong) Mid-Term Report Card (Head); TheLetter2, Nation's Newspapers series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (Heart); Jeff Sullivan, Some Thoughts On Game 4 Of The NLCS (Funny Bone)
2011: David G., How Santiago Casilla Ruined my ESPN Streak for the Cash

There also used to be a best video category, but that category will not be contested this year due to a lack of available videos. I guess we're too exhausted from winning to make those anymore. Past winners:
2010: Citizen Cain, Epic Giants Playoffs 2010
2011: jctGamer, The Most Epic Giants Video Ever. Period.

Full list of past hosts and awards:
2006: Salemicus (Nominations, Awards)
2007: howtheyscored (Nominations, Newcomer, GDT Image, General Image, Spirit, Informative, Amusing, Awards)
2008: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, GDT Image, General Image, FanPost, Spirit, Awards)
2009: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, Spirit, GDT Image, General Image, FanPost, Awards)
2010: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, Spirit, Image, FanPost, Video, Awards)
2011: kdl (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Spirit, Amusing, FanPost, Image, Awards)

Nominations will probably be open for about three days, so go go go. The nominating period might be extended if there aren't enough nominations, but I trust that you comment locusts will make that unnecessary. Now go forth and nominate and rec! The World Series hero expects that every McCoven will do their duty.


(Apologies to Natto)

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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