Zito at the Bat



The outlook wasn't brilliant as the Giants left the Bay.

They trailed the Reds by two games in Division Series play.

But they rallied in game three; in game four they did the same.

Then Buster's bat and Sergio's save thrilled patrons of the game.

The straggling Reds packed up for home in deep despair, the rest

flew back to San Francisco to play the NLCS.

The Cards took three of four to push the Giants to the edge,

Not knowing "never say die" was the San Francisco pledge.

In the fifth game, Zito pitched to the wonderment of all.

Then Barry, much maligned batter, bunted a perfect ball.

And when the dust had lifted and fans saw had occurred,

Zito, safe at first, had knocked home Gregor Blanco from third.

Game six saw Vogey and Scutaro bring the Giants back.

Another win would give the pennant to the orange and black.

Then from 40,000 and more there rose a lusty shout,

It rumbled through the ballpark in a seventh, final bout.

Slumping Hunter had left many runners on the bases.

Then Pence hit a pitch three times to put smiles upon fans' faces.

With Pence, Pagan and Cain and rain, the Giants never trailed,

Back to the World Series while the Cardinals flew home and wailed.

The Fall Classic! Millions saw the Giants and Tigers play.

Most applauded when Panda ruined Verlander's big day.

The Tigers still had hope with pitcher Zito at the bat,

'Til Barry knocked another in, and Leyland ate his hat.

Bochy made the right moves in a timely winning spree.

That the Giants shone, even Joe Buck had to agree.

Crawford, Mad Bum, Timmy, Theirot, Belt and Affeldt too

Made the Tigers look like kittens locked up in a zoo.

And in Game Four, a leather sphere came hurtling through the air,

And Detroit's Miguel Cabrera stood a-watching it there.

Through the strike zone flew the ball as Miggy held his bat.

"Strike three, yer out!" the umpire cried. That's the end of that.

From the city by the bay, there rose a thunderous roar,

Like the joyful cheers the fans made just two years before.

Here in this favored land, fog lifts. The sun is shining bright.

Bands are playing everywhere, and the fans all feel just right.

There is no joy in Cincy, St. Louis nor in LA.

But the Giants are world champs! Who'd the Dodgers play today?

And in Detroit, they sigh and say, "Why couldn't it be that

Cabrera hit like Zito, mighty Zito at the bat?"

With apologies to Ernest Thayer

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