World Series Game 1 (Sampling of Detroit fan LIVE Game Blog-Amended)

A sampling of a Detroit live game blog from World Series game 1 in Detroit, Verlander (JV) vs Zito.

** Detroit fans seem to like Buck and McCarver as much as San Francisco fans & somehow, they believe Fox was biased toward the Giants.

"My instincts say (Zito's) 84 mph fastball is at risk of being exposed by the Tigers, Stay tuned." - Jim Bowden of ESPN

well there goes that lol come on JV a fast 1-2-3 inning here

They will get to Zito by 3rd.

made baked Zito pitch some...they will get to him soon

No worries it's jv time. As Pirelli says, power is nothing without control :)

Does anyone dislike Joe Buck as much as I do?

I signed in just to say what y'all were saying about Joe Buck. He sounds so biased against Detroit...

I hate mccarver more though

they were building Justin up like this before the All Star game...makes me nervous

Buck has been ok so far. Actually seems into the game tonight. weird.

My fear is that everyone is calling for Verlander to smoke the Giants...just hope they are right.

Lets go boys and girls, got me a Little Sneezers hot n ready pizza, mt dew, HD TV...ready to watch these Tigers kick some butt!!

Here's Marco "Inexplicably really good down the stretch and in the playoffs" Scutaro

Most of my Sirius sports talk shows are pick in' the Giants. Pisses me off.

Is it too early to day jv looks on tonight. Like really on?

hey look its the fat panda at the plate lol

Sandoval up already down 0-2

High fastball ripped....GONE...ouch

oh boy. He crushed that. Not blank them JV

Well that just pissed off JV lets hope for good and not an Allstar game rendition.

i guess he was mad i called him fat...

i swear i will never call the panda fat again...

It's ok JVs pissed

The Ynakees did not take advantage of those mistakes. The Giants do. Leyland warned of this last week. #tigersplayoffs.

Sandoval.....sounds like a spaghetti western name

@freeptigers yea. And how about that food in San Francisco? What a bunch of weirdos!

Say, these West Coast boys can play some baseball!

Leyland will walk Panda Bear the rest of the Series

What's up with all the giants mullets? Did SF get a hockey team?

81 MPH.....diving grab by Blanco ends the inning.

Verlander sets...delivers.....high at 96..hits the bag! (Pagan AB, that turned into a double)

This guy is impossible to K. (Scutaro 2nd AB)

Curve and a base hit to center...AJax can't field it. Scutaro...that guy...

Crowd goes crazy as Jeff Jones visits Verlander with 2-0 count on Sandoval. As in Oakland 2 wks ago, this feels like Metrodome in '87 ALCS.

Second shot for the Panda. 4-0 Giants...Unreal.

"Wow" Verlander appears to say as Sandoval's ball goes out. And this is park that yielded least HRs this season in majors.

Posey rips it into left...2 outs...another man on.

Announcers all giddy now...west coast bias

RT @Jeff_Daniels: Down 4-0 in the 3rd. JV rocked by a bear. I went to kick the dog and he bit me. (yes THAT Jeff Daniels)

Belt walks...on a full coutn just a bit outside.

I just muted the game--tired of SF crowd cheering butterflies, and unicorns, and home runs, and...everything.

if Zito gets a hit here and drives in a run..then i will say it's over.

Base hit into you may lose it. Zito drives one in off Verlander to make it 5-0.

Giants are playing small and big ball.

Wow. Zito blows away worth with a blazing 85mph belt high fastball. That's highschool speed.

Out goes the bat! The Panda is human.

One and One on Sandoval....2 homers today....blasts one...make it three!

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