Interview with Anthony Gómez

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I'm thankful for my trip to the Dominican Republic this summer, and the amazing experience I had there that I get to keep sharing with you all! :)

I skipped ahead to my interview with Anthony Gómez, even though it's near the end of the list of videos I have to get out to you, because it's his birthday tomorrow and I thought it would be cool to send it to him on his birthday.

Once again, I'm going to copy and paste from the video description on its YouTube page:

After the DSL Giants vs DSL Cubs2 game, Anthony Gómez was gracious enough to stand out in the rain to let me interview him!

All of the questions came the great Fla-Giant of - I had printed out a list of questions that I referenced while asking questions. However, the questions had been written in English and I hadn't prepared that well beforehand, so I had to read and translate them on the spot.

There were a few parts of it where I couldn't understand/remember what he was saying... so if you happen to be able to fill in any of those blanks for me, I would love it if you let me know, thanks! :)

Note: If you don't want to watch the whole video, just click the button to the right of the flag (to the left of the view count) for the transcript (available in English as well as its original Spanish), and then you can just read it.



I was SO NERVOUS getting this interview. First of all, he was only the third player I'd ever interviewed in my life. The first was Andrés Torres in 2009 or 2010, but Andrés & I were already familiar with each other so it wasn't so bad. The second was Michael Santos like 5 minutes earlier. I just realized, all interviews I've ever had with players or about baseball have been in Spanish. Interesting. ANYWAY, I could barely concentrate on what I was doing, and it didn't help that he is also gorgeous, which just made me more nervous.

His answers were so abrupt, they kind of startled me. I didn't really have time to process what he was saying. I wish I could have asked questions that would have gotten better answers, or try to follow up or something. I just kept jumping to the next question. Oh well.

Seriously, he is so adorable.

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