Impact Homegrown Outfield for Los Gigantes

That title don't compute does it? In a recent conversation on the McCronic, the absolute futility of getting a home grown OF to produce anything was brought up. Now we are spoiled as hell by the 60s Giants of Willie Mays supported by various Alous, signing Bobby Bonds in the last year before the draft started (1964), with Bonds coming up in the tail end of 1968. That year they drafted up Gary Matthews, Garry Maddux and George Foster (Maddux and Foster in the January Supplemental). We all know what happened next.

Bobby Bonds - 1974 Traded to the Yanks for Bobby Murcer -

Gary Matthews - 1976 Granted Free Agency -

Garry Maddux - 1975 Traded to the Phils for Willie Montanez -

George Foster - 1971 Traded to the Reds for Frank Duffy & Vern Geishert -

And I forgot Dave Kingman! Drafted 1970, 1975 Sold to the Mets for 150K -

Now that sell off of George Genovese's work was a pretty good slap, but it was slightly before my time so I just heard about it as some sort of legend. His next duo had my complete attention though:

Jack Clark, drafted in 1973, toiled along for some truly awful Giant teams, traded in the 1985 offseason for David Green, Dave LaPoint, Gary Rajsich and Jose Uribe. Its funny, I can still picture what the sporting green font looked like when I read those names. It turned out to be a bust, but the Uribe chants live on forever.

Chili Davis, drafted in 1977, left 10 years later as fast as he could, stopping with the Angels and then the Twins for a bit. I always was more partial to Davis than Clark, but that might have been the influence of my Grandpa. Without checking these links I'm throwing up, who do you think hit more HRs? I'll give the number, 350 and 340, from those two gents. George Genovese could spot power in a yout, eh?

And I suppose I should mention Rob Deer real quick, shuffled along in 1985 to the Bucks for some minor league guys:

Here's a LA times article from 1988 about Genovese: and one from the sfgiant site:

Now we're getting into some near-recent ancient history, but check this story here about McCourt cutting Genovese's salary:

and we have a little blurb: When the Giants were looking for places to cut during the 1994 labor strife, he was a victim, a move so wrong-headed that then-Owner Peter Magowan flew to L.A. a couple of years ago to personally apologize.

So the question: Did the Giants squandering of these riches throw down a OF curse?

Oh, and one more little OF issue, our 2nd rounder from 1982, 39th overall, decided to go to school over a $5K difference of opinion over his services worth. Here's that guy:

OF High Draft Picks/Notables of the 80s: Alan Crockwell, 9th overall pick 1984. Ted Wood, 29th overall pick 1988. Steve Hosey, 14th overall pick 1989. Now we did convert Dennis Cook and Trevor Wilson to pitching from the 1985 draft, so that's something...

OF High Draft Picks/Notables of the 90s: Adam Hydzu, 15th overall pick 1990. Calvin Murray, 7th overall pick 1992. With the 50th round pick the Giants snag Marvin Bernard, and by WAR standards he gets to 7.3, not bad among this company. Chris Singleton, 48th overall pick 1993 (8.5 WAR but not with the Gints and veeery articulate on the WWL/traded to the Yanks to return Charlie Hays to the mothership). 1994 is of course a big year, prepare to wince: Dante Powell, 22nd overall and Jacob Cruz 32nd overall. We also drafted JD Drew in the 20th, but in typical Drew fashion, he declined. 1998 we get Tony Torcato (instead of CC Sabathia who Tidrow wanted) at the 19th spot as a 3B. Arturo McDowell 29th overall as well. That closes out the 90s.

OF High Draft Picks/Notables of the 00s: Lance Neikro sort of counts right? 61st overall pick 2000. Jason Ellison marks a new prototype, the speedy 4th OF who can't stick, 22nd round 2000. Todd Linden comes charging in 2001, 41st overall pick of the draft, sandwiched between Lowry and Foppert. 2002 brings heartbreak, Matt Cain and some good ones: Freddy Lew 66th overall and Dan Ortmeir 97th overall. 2003 has Nate the Great at 63rd overall. The Michael Tucker draft of 2004 brings Eddy Martinez-Esteve 70th, John Bowker 100th and Clay Timpner 130th. 2005 our first pick is 134th, and Ben Copeland gets the dubious honor. 2007 brings Wendell Fairley at the 29th overall pick, 2008 has Roger Kieschnick at 82, holding on to his back and his neck but still striving. And 2010 brings Gary Brown and Jarrett Parker into the fold, the jury out on those gents, although its not looking good for Parker.

I bet somebody has done this at MCC before, but it was fun to go through all that futility. Since the squandering of the 70s guys, and Clark and Davis getting dealt and walking coupled with the silliness over signing bonus money with Barry, the Giants have struck out repeatedly on the OFers. Maybe things will change now that Peter the Pink apologized to George Genovese, but that mojo don't turn on a dime.

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