An unfortunate situation

Hello again, McC. I've posted here a couple times before but spend most of my time over at Athletics Nation. First off, congratulations. Your team played quite well in those last few games.

Unfortunately, during the aftermath of Sunday night's game, things got wild across much of San Francisco. On Market Street, a man's shoeshine stand was set afire. The man is an ex-addict and, as the article will inform you, is homeless. He rents a single-room unit on a weekly basis.

I'm not saying anyone from McCovey Chronicles, or any real fans at all, did this. But this sad event did happen in occurrence with the Giants' victory so I was thinking this would be a good place to raise awareness.

I'm a regular on Fear The Fin (lurker for years, member since March) and in early April, a fundraiser was held over at Nucks Misconduct to help out a writer from Minnesota's blog, Hockey Wilderness. The HW writer had a death in the family and needed to finance a funeral, so NM donated $50 for every 1,000 comments on their game threads that night. Word spread all across SB Nation, and the thread also became a home for pretty much all of Broad Street Hockey as well for the night.

I'm not saying a similar fundraiser should be done, nor should McC assume responsibility for the acts of a couple of idiots. What I'm saying, and what the Nucks Misconduct fundraiser showed, is that we, the users of SB Nation, can all work together to make a difference and help someone out in their time of need. If anyone knows how to help the shoeshiner or how to contact him, please help so that we can assist him.

Remember, assisting him doesn't just mean giving money. We can't all afford to make a contribution. What we all can do is tell everyone, both on SB Nation and around the Bay Area, that this man is going through some rough times and could use some assistance. If the message is circulated enough, contributions will be made to help Mr. Moore.

EDIT: According to another ANer, a site has been made to donate to assist Mr. Moore. I'll post the link shortly if I can find it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to spread the word or contact Mr. Moore?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this and enjoy your celebrations.

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