"The Franchise" wraps up

This week was the last episode of Showtime's series on the San Francisco Giants.  "The Franchise" covered a lot of ground, gave us a great set of up-close profiles and behind-the-scenes moments.  And even though they did a good job at not making it hinge on how the Giants finish this year, it's probably lucky that the last week covered ends with the Giants still having a realistic shot, which seems to have vanished since then.

For those who saw it, what did you like?  My thoughts without having re-watched any of it after the jump...

Finishing each episode with something funny was a nice touch.  Making the last one of the team flipping the filmmakers all kinds of shit was funny.  The Brian Wilson stuff clipped on to that seems to spoil the aftertaste.  They'd done a pretty good job of not going with the easy color all season.

Loved the up-close view of the Vogelsong story.  Nice to hear about his journey from him and his smoking hot wife.

The Posey injury was the worst thing to happen this year, but it made great documentary TV.  What a fantastic shot having Belt coming back up and re-entering the clubhouse and watching Buster get hauled out going the other way.

Just loved the joking around between the guys.  The pranks, the dominoes, Vogelsong at the All-Star Game trying to get someone to dive across the press table.

Bochy in the dugout during the ASG commenting after Prince’s blast… “I like three-run homers. Too bad I don’t get any.”

Following Manny Burriss through the White House visit was great.  Heck, the alternate (and better) angles to the White House visit were great.

Up-close scenes of Flannery singing with Bob and Phil (Grateful Dead night).

The editing was really well done... quick cuts to pack in a ton of material in half an hour, but not of the MTV-way-too-fast variety.  Nice overdubs of the broadcasters and KNBR guys to make points without heavy-handed narration.  Great camera work staying fixed on Zito as he gives up a HR in Philly, and the shot ends after the batter crosses the screen in front of him.

I'm a sucker for any feature on Timmeh, and they ran at least two of 'em.

If this comes out on DVD, it'll be well-worth buying.

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