Philadelphia Really Hates Cody Ross

No, as in REALLY hates him... in fact if you check out The Good Phight any time they play the Giants, it doesn't take long before you are up to your knees in spittle.

They don't have the number of fans, trolls, or jokes that McCovey Chronicles has but man, do they have some vitriol. 

In the end, this leads to an inescapably obvious strategy when playing the Phillies - more on that a the tail of the article. First, let's examine the bizarre hatred that this team harbors for SF and especially lucky number 13.

Over here on the Giants side of things, we pay attention to our rivals. Yeah there was that brush up with the Rangers and the Phillies last year; Atlanta is pretty good too. Unless we just became fans of baseball last year during the madness that swept San Francisco though, we realize our rivalries are really with the Dodgers and whoever occupies first or second place in the division.

In fact, it would be monumentally stupid to have a rivalry with an East coast team, wouldn't it?

I mean, would you care about Brian Wilson?

Ok granted, that was the second episode of The Franchise, which you wouldn't actually watch as a Philadelphia fan. No no... you definitely wouldn't have posted anything on the first episode either.

You'd probably just hate Cody Ross. You know, good old likable Cody Ross who got lucky and whacked a few home runs at an opportune time last year. The same Cody who hit a career hot streak in the NLDS but otherwise is Marvin Bernard on a team with no offense.

Giants fans, I'm telling you, they really despise Cody Ross in Philadelphia. He's the white whale of Philadelphia fans. It's ridiculous. Allow me to share some of the choicer posts from last night's game thread.

From the main article:

Cody RossCody and his strange looking head struck out four (4) times tonight. If you don't know why this is worth mentioning...who am I kidding? Everyone has to know why this is worth mentioning. If it hadn't been for Pence whacking balls left and right, Cody's 4Ks would have been my favorite thing about this game.


And that's all it took. The comments flowed from the source.


I hope they make a golden sombrero big enough for cody ross’ giant mis-shaped head.

"Philly fans are the greatest in the nation" --- Anyone with common sense

by andyb


Weird head and a douche-face… I’ve always hated him and would hate him even if he was on the Phillies.

Last night I just started talking about how there’s just something about his face that makes me want to punch it. Then my girlfriend asked me if it was like the scene from Stepbrothers with Rob Riggle and Will Ferrell and I said, "Exactly like that."

by Asher12


I know exactly what you mean. He always makes that face too where he squints and shows his teeth like he’s squeezing out a turd.

"Philly fans are the greatest in the nation" --- Anyone with common sense

by andyb


maybe he is

by taco pal 


Whoa! Really? Have you all looked at goofball Cody's line lately? It's as though Beltran, Kepp, Panda, and the rest of the Giants don't exist. No, Philadelphia is actually playing Cody Ross.

When I thought it was finally over, I saw this:


Cody Ross, look into my eyes.....



The inescapable conclusion is simple. We need to re-name every player on the Giants Cody Ross for the duration of all 2011 and 2012 games vs the Phills.

You want to get into their heads? That's the way to do it.

Here's hoping Cody smacks someone around again today. I'll be watching the Phillies site if he does, just to enjoy hearing them scream.

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