Post-game thread: Please visit Cot's Contracts for information about free agents that the Giants can consider signing in the offseason.

Three more years, man. Three more years. That's enough time for me to learn a sinker. That should help keep the ball in Yankee Stadium. Three more years.

By all means, Giants, go up there hacking. That's a real solid game plan against a rookie... Swing at the first pitch, fellas -- those are the real Easter eggs of the at-bat. There's chocolate in the middle of those first pitches, and the chocolate is wrapped in gold. You've figured it out. 1

I'm sure the Giants had a really good scouting report on him, though. I mean, it's not like they'd just go up there hacking against a guy they've never seen unless the scouting report told them to be aggressive.2

I'm starting to think that the Giants can't hit.3. I’m starting to think this offense isn’t going to lead the league in batting average this year. Hopefully, this is the most humiliating loss of the year, but I'm not going to put money on that. 4.

Hey, if the Giants are going to mail in another scoreless performance, I can copy-and-paste filler from past shutouts.

The roller coaster of doom doesn't really ascend as much as you'd think. Sort of goes straight down. The lineup was posted earlier today, and it had exactly two watchable players. Maybe there were three if I give Nate Schierholtz a little credit, which I probably should. But there were two players who would play for a good team. Two players who could start for any of the other contending teams. Two players I hope start for the Giants next year.There's Tim Lincecum, and there's Pablo Sandoval. Both of those players are amazing. They're elite players. But if Lincecum allows a run, the Giants lose. If Pablo doesn't hit, the Giants lose.

The inescapable feeling of doom might have started with the lineup, but it didn't really sink in until Mark DeRosa was hitting against Jonny Venters. That's what the Giants had. The Braves laid down a full house, and the Giants showed a couple of Scrabble tiles and a dog-eared Steve Hosey card. They weren't even playing the same game. Then the Giants ate one of the tiles.

Tim Lincecum was great tonight. I'm not even sure if I can give Mike Minor credit. Do it without the training wheels, kid. (Kidding. Kind of. Maybe not.)

I think Cabrera should hit fourth instead of second. As long as he's going to be in the lineup, make him a national story.

Loved that graphic that showed where Minor was drafted in the 2008 draft. Right after Zack Wheeler. Just rubbin' it in. Rubbin' it in.

If they're not going to play Brandon Belt, maybe we should sign Jorge Cantu to hit against left-handers.

Maybe Jose Guillen kept himself in shape.

The word of the day: feckless.

That sucked.

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