Giants Needs and Future lineup, your take?

SF_Punk_ @Twitter

I am not a stat nerd, im just a real fan who watches every game and can care less about numbers. 


Lets face it, we all knew this game was over in the first inning. That is how pathetic this offense is, nothing is worse than these barely mobile old "ouch I got a hangnail injury" so called baseball veterans. I hope they clean house for next year, no more old swing-happy players that can’t take a 3-0 pitch ROSS, no more 4-3 HUFF (yeah I said it, 4-3 Automatic OUT player who only plays for the fat contracts), no more Mr. "I cant put the ball in play and swing for homeruns every cut I take TORRES" I look at the bright side and think that atleast we wont embarrass our selves in the playoffs, so why no let the Dbacks take the west just gift wrap them this division.

The lineup I hope for next year is all about youth, not "barely mobile, no range at all veterans who cant hit water if they fell out of a boat"

Gary Brown CF (yes I do think he will be ready, but he should be a September call up this year and anyone is better than Torres at this point)

Freddy Sanchez 2B

Panda 3B

Posey C

Belt 1B

Keppinger SS

Schierholtz RF

LF??? Ill leave this up to anyones ideas but anyone besides Rowand, Huff, Ross, Torres and who ever else cant hit, heck the pitcher spot will be 8th and these guys should forfeit their at bats if they do play.



There is no more magic inside, no more cluth hitters, no more beloved Posey, no more lightning in a bottle Burrell, no more UUUUU Ribe!!, no clutch Renteria, and mostly there is no chemistry. I hope these Giants prove me wrong by September but if not I would at least cut them slack for last years fluke. Ooops did I say that?  I just want these guys to get fired up because as a fan we can only do so much. Lets get our youth in there,  what could it hurt? Giants fans we all should take part in getting Sabean our messages.


This Youth/Speed is what the Giants need to spark this so called offense, remember Ford and how he made a huge impact with what little games he played in? Speed plays a huge role in small-ball and as of right now we have no one who can get on base to use that weapon of speed that kills TORRES!! Maybe with some speed the opposing pitcher will not be focused on our crappy hitters and might lay on over the plate, Maybe every single opposing pitcher against the Giants wont look like Cy-Young winners every night.  


 Sorry if i misspelled a word or missed a few words this was done in 5 minutes that's how much i had this bottle up inside i had to unload. Bochy has lemons and he sure cant make jack squat out of it, maybe he can squeeze those lemons in our hitters eyes because they cant see the ball either way.  


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