Fun with Wikipedia 3: The Time of the Great Giving

Back in 2009 I killed some time at work putting together Fun with Wikipedia; Last summer it continued with The Sequel. Now that we're done with the trading deadline (and need to take our mind off of that Reds series), I present the 2011 installment. All of the information comes from each player's Wikipedia page, and special thanks to jcb9 and all of the other McCoven who have contributed to these Wiki entries.


Oh, and again I try not to repeat myself so some of the best tidbits might have been used in the previous posts.


  • Orlando Cabrera- Since the Expos traded Cabrera to the Red Sox in 2004, he appeared in six of the seven MLB postseasons, and at least once with every team he spent the end of the season with (2004 with Boston, 2005 and 2007 with Los Angeles, 2008 with Chicago, 2009 with Minnesota, and 2010 with Cincinnati)
  • Jeff Keppinger- Keppinger has one of the lowest strikeout rates in Major League Baseball. He led the league in the "at-bats-to-strikeouts" ratio in 2008 (19.1) and 2010 (14.3)
  • Brandon Belt- Singled off of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw in his first major league at bat
  • Nate Schierholtz- In 2004, Schierholtz switched from third base to right field
  • Cody Ross- In his early life, he wanted to be a rodeo clown, with his father being a professional bull rider
  • Mike Fontenot- He was part of the 25-man World Series roster and has the unusual distinction of being credited with appearing in the World Series with neither a plate appearance nor play in the field. In the eighth inning of Game 2, the left-handed-hitting Fontenot was announced as a pinch-hitter with the Giants leading the Rangers, 6-0. The Rangers replaced their right-handed pitcher with a left-hander, prompting the Giants to replace Fontenot with the right-handed Aaron Rowand. Rowand tripled. Fontenot did not appear in another game in the World Series which the Giants won in five games
  • Carlos Beltran- While still a Royal, Beltrán had been selected to the American League starting outfield for the 2004 All-Star Game. After the trade to the National League, he was initially denied a place in the game. However, after NL starter Ken Griffey, Jr. went on the disabled list, Beltrán was named his substitute. Beltrán became the first player ever to be selected for one All-Star team but play for the other
  • Aubrey Huff- On June 2, 2011, Huff had a three-homer night totaling six RBIs for the Giants. In his post-game interview Huff said it was his wife's birthday and he'd "Hit a homerun for her present" but seeing as he hit three he said he got "brownie points"
  • Matt Cain- In 2007, Cain changed his uniform number from 43 to 18, following the departure of Moisés Alou, who wore 18 in 2006
  • Eli Whiteside- Whiteside is easily recognized by his completely gray hair, which he said began to gray when he was in high school
  • Ryan Vogelsong- Vogelsong was acquired by the Hanshin Tigers of Japan in 2007 and made his Nippon Professional Baseball debut as their starting pitcher on April 5, 2007, facing another former Major League Baseball pitcher, Kazuhisa Ishii
  • Aaron Rowand, who is still on our team for some reason- Giants teammate Juan Uribe was also Rowand's teammate on the White Sox during the 2005 World Series
  • Chris Stewart- He was called up following the injury to Yankee catcher Jorge Posada on April 28, 2008. He was sent down after only appearing in one game on April 30, after Chad Moeller cleared waivers and re-joined the team
  • Brian Wilson (this one was hard to choose, of course)- In an interview with Jim Rome on September 3, he claimed to be a "certified ninja" which he learned in a dream
  • MadBum- However, he was the victim of poor run support and bad luck, a treatment the San Francisco media called his "Caining," a reference to fellow teammate Matt Cain's often dominant performances that featured little to no run support as well
  • Jeremy Affeldt- In 2009, Affeldt donated five thousand dollars to the Not For Sale campaign for opening a medical clinic in Thailand for former child slaves. He also became a prominent member of Not For Sale's Free2Play campaign, pledging a $100 donation for every strikeout and recruiting other professional athletes, including his teammate Matt Cain and the St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Holliday
  • Santiago Casilla- On January 20, 2010, Casilla signed a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants, and made his Giants debut on May 21, 2010 against his former team in Oakland
  • Panda- (Carney Lansford on Sandoval) "As much as I try to get him to be disciplined, it's like caging a lion. He leaves the dugout ready to swing the bat. I literally tell him before every at-bat, 'Swing at a strike."
  • Javier Lopez- Growing up, his dream was to be an FBI agent like his father
  • Ramon Ramirez- Ramírez attended the Hiroshima Toyo Carp's academy in the Dominican Republic in 2000, debuting with the Carp in 2002
  • Sergio Romo- He gained notoriety for being one of the team's "Beards", along with closer Brian Wilson
  • Timmy Lincecum- Lincecum is part Filipino. His mother, Rebecca Asis, is a daughter of Filipino immigrants
  • Andres Torres- Nicknamed "Yungo"
  • Guillermo Mota- on March 12, Mota hit Piazza with a pitch. Piazza charged the mound, starting a brawl, and both players were ejected from the game. After the game, Piazza entered the Dodgers' clubhouse looking for Mota. Informed that Mota had left, Piazza searched the clubhouse before leaving
  • Barry Zito- In 2003, Zito portrayed a United States Navy petty officer in an episode of JAG on CBS



  • Third Base Coach Tim Flannery- Though never a star, Flannery was a fan favorite in San Diego for much of his career. Team organist Danny Topaz would greet Flannery's plate appearances with the imposing strains of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. His retirement announcement in 1989 resulted in an outpouring of gifts and attention. In his final game, the sellout crowd greeted his first plate appearance with a standing ovation so prolonged that the umpire had to stop play, and following the game, there was discussion on at least one call-in show of whether Flannery's number should be retired

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