Giants sign 4th rounder Bryce Bandilla

Jim Callis is reporting that the Giants have signed 4th rounder Bryce Bandilla for $185k.  Bryce is a personal friend of mine since elementary school, and I played all 4 years of high school ball with him in Sacramento.  After the jump, here's mine and Fla-Giant's scouting reports.

Here's what Fla-Giant had to say:

4.147 - Bryce Bandilla, LHP, Univ. of Ariz. (6'4", 230) 1/17/90

I feel is was a bit of a reach at this point, but Tidrow obviously was really high on this guy.  Between Bandilla and Hembree, we could have nailed down our future cheap lefty and righty closers for 2014 through 2018.  There is a slight possibilty that the Giants might try him as a starter to begin his pro career, but I think they'll keep him in the pen.  He reportedly has good velocity on his FB and a very nice changeup, but he has a big issue with his control that must first be fixed.  He also needs to work hard on his physical fitness going forward. 

He does have some non-minor issues with his mechanics.  It encourages me that he's been able to throw with above-average velocity despite the fact that he doesn't even come close to getting the most out of his delivery mechanics.  He's basicaly doing it all with his arm-strength alone.  As you can see from the video below, his body tends to get well out in front of his arm.  He gets very little power translated up from his legs and hips.  If the Giants can successfully correct his mechanics I could see him throwing in the upper 90s as a reliever.  The delivery tweaks should also help him to better his control.  Bandilla should sign quickly for no more than slot.  He needs to get into camp early and work on his mechanics behind the scenes 

Stats:  G=31, IP=46.2, ERA=3.47, FIP=3.45, WHIP=1.46, BAA=.208, K=48, BB=35, K/9=9.3, BB/9=6.8, K/BB=1.4, BABIP=.291

Vid (in-game mound warmups from April 2011): 

Here's what I said:


Fourth Round, pick 147: Bryce Bandilla, LHP, Arizona

I’ve played baseball with Bryce (can’t bring myself to call him by his last name) since we were 8 years old.  The thing I remember most about him is him giving up one earned run in 55 innings his senior year, and striking out 78 batters while walking 7.  Three years later, he started the season as Arizona’s closer but lost the job early in the season.  He’s got an electric fastball that sits mid-90s and can touch 97, and he compliments that with an above-average curveball (EDIT: Callis notes that he "flashes a good changeup" as well).  He’s got a profile that suggests he can handle more than being a LOOGY.  He has a history of starting, as well.  Control is a major question mark; he walked more than 6 per nine this season.  He’ll be a project for Tidrow.  His motion isn’t going to settle any fears either, as it’s quite violent.

Additional notes:

Bandilla should be heading to the AZL relatively soon.  I'm not sure whether the Giants plan on testing him out as a starter first or if they have him headed directly to the bullpen.  I personally would like to see him tried out as a starter, as he has some history there in high school and the first two seasons of college.  He'll have to lower the walks if he wants to succeed there.  I think most would agree that his future, barring any major surprise, is in the bullpen, and as Fla-Giant noted in his write-up above, between Bandilla and Hembree the Giants now have a true power bullpen arm from both sides.

Best of luck to Bryce, and here's hoping we see him in the AZL real soon.

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