On Miguel Tejada, Replacing Him, and Small Sample Sizes

Sometimes, on a dreary game like yesterday's you might go onto Baseball Reference and poke around on the Giants' page, just to fool around (Nerd!).  It's fun to look back at Posey's ROY season, or Matt Cain's ERA during the postseason.  And should you be drunk and high at the same time, you might, end up clicking on this page.

So, yeah, Miguel Tejada might be an awful shortstop.  He's racked up -0.6 WAR in only 36 games, is hitting below .200, and has an OPS of .490.  He might be striking out a little less, but otherwise he looks like a very, very faint shadow of his former self.  It's sad, but it's also painful and frustrating that the Giants trot him out day after day, as if he's going to stop swinging like his bat weighs a thousand pounds.  Or that ground balls won't look like angry ghosts to him.  I mean, from a statistical standpoint, he shouldn't even be playing!


Ah, yes, the small sample size.  He's only had 133 AB, and it's possible that he could turn it around.  He could sneak into the Cardinals' dugout, steal Pujols' bag of mojo, and start hitting baseballs out of the park again.  He could start leaping and diving for balls at the edge of his range, making the highlight reel every day.  And it's not like we have another shortstop who can provide some actual production, unless Fontenot finally remembers that the thing he hold in his hands is a bat.  So we could ride Tejada for a while longer, and hope that he returns to his career averages.

But then you look at stuff like this...Location


...and you find yourself calling Buster Posey's sister, asking if she could start at short.

So Tejada may be the victim of a small sample size.  But it's also hard to visually find anything he's doing well.  And the Giants got into the postseason by having exactly one more win than the Padres.  That's probably not going to happen with the Rockies, since any day now the FBI will find their hidden stash of juiced balls buried under home plate.  But just in case they don't, Tejada should be sent down to AAA, or AA, or traded for a player to be named later.  It's time to stop waiting for a no-hit, no-field shortstop to become a no-field, some-hit shortstop while his WAR approaches negative whole numbers.  The Giants do not have to miss out on the postseason by one game because of Miguel's -1 WAR.  I'm not saying that this scenario will happen - it's just better if this scenario has no chance to happen at all.  Plus, it's never fun to see a player lose wins for a team.

Of course, after that, the Giants should put Miguel back into the lineup for the World Series.  Last year, an aging shortstop won the World Series for us.  Not to sound too overoptimistic, but it's called bad contract karma.  It's been proven!(*1)  The Giants should sign these guys every year until it stops working. 55 year old right fielder?  Sign him to a $50 million, five-year contract!




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