2002 Giants Versus 2010 Giants in a best of 7


The 2002 San Francisco Giants


Russ Ortiz

Livan Hernandez

Kirk Rueter

Jason Schmidt


Robb Nen

Felix Rodriguez

Jason Christiansen

Scott Eyre

Tim Worrell

Joe Nathan

Chad Zerbe


Benito Santiago

Yorvit Torreabla


1B JT Snow

2B Jeff Kent

SS Rich Aurilia

3B David Bell

3B/1B Pedro Feliz

2B/SS Ramon Martinez


LF Barry Bonds

CF Kenny Lofton

RF Reggie Sanders

CF Tsuyoshi Shinjo

CF/LF Tom Goodwin


Shawon Dunston

The 2010 San Francisco Giants


Tim Lincecum

Matt Cain

Madison Bumgarner

Jonathan Sanchez


Brian Wilson

Santiago Casilla

Javier Lopez

Guillermo Mota

Ramon Ramirez

Sergio Romo

Jeremy Affeldt


Buster Posey

Eli Whiteside


1B Aubrey Huff

2B Freddy Sanchez

SS Edgar Renteria

3B Juan Uribe

3B Pablo Sandoval

1B Travis Ishikawa

2B/3B Mike Fontenot


LF Pat Burrell

CF Andres Torres

RF Cody Ross

RF Nate Schierholtz

CF Aaron Rowand

2010 Giants vs. 2002 Giants


Let me start this off by saying that 2002 ace Russ Ortiz would have a hard time cracking the top four on the 2010 Giants so this less of a run down and more of a run over. There is no pitcher on the 2002 team who matches up with the co-aces Lincecum and Cain and even Sanchez versus Ortiz is extremely close with the edge to 2010, the only real debate is the number four guys Bumgarner and Schmidt. If this were the 2003 or 2004 versions of Schmidt it would be no contest, with the 2002 Jason it’s a push.

Edge- 2010


Maybe the closest battle between the two sides, you get the best arguments. Nen vs. Wilson, Rodriguez vs. Lopez, Christensen vs. Affeldt, Worrell vs. Romo, in the end however the hard throwers that round out the 2010 squad Mota, Ramirez, Casilla beat out the 2002 fillers of Eyre, Zerbe and a before he was a superstar Joe Nathan.

Edge- Slight edge to 2010


Finally the 2002 guys get to laugh at their 2010 counterparts. With HOFers Bonds and Kent in the middle, borderline HOFers Kenny Lofton and Reggie Sanders flanking Bonds in the outfield, and solid professional hitters in Rich Aurilia, JT Snow, David Bell and Benito Santiago rounding it out the 2002 team had one of the best lineups in San Francisco history. The 2010 teams castoffs, misfits, and champions lineup while nice only has two players who could have started on the ’02 team, Posey and Torres.

Edge- 2002


The 2010 Giants needed to mix and match on their way to a championship but this helped build a strong bench that the ‘02 team never developed. With the former starters Pablo Sandoval, Aaron Rowand, and Mike Fontenot while the black and orange boys of the past can only feebly offer up some over the hill and AAAA players.

Edge- 2002


GAME 1- Russ Ortiz VS Tim Lincecum

In the top of the 1st Lincecum fans Kenny Lofton and Rich Aurilia to open the frame when up steps Barry Bonds. Bonds lets the count run 3-1 before he takes a 92 MPH fastball into McCovey Cove for a 1-0 lead, Lincecum then gets Kent to ground out to end the inning. Ortiz pitches in and out of trouble for the first five innings but manages to get a couple of double plays and heading into the 6th its still 1-0 2002 in the lead. Top of the 6th Lofton hit’s a lead off double on the first pitch, then Aurilia grounds out to second to move Kenny to third. Bochy gives Bonds the four finger salute and up steps Kent, after a 7 pitch battle Lincecum walks Kent to load the bases. Posey and Lincecum hold a quick meeting on the mound and on a 1-1 pitch Santiago hits one sharply to Renteria who steps on second, fires to first and couples the inning ending double play. The bottom of the 6th opens with Torres walking on five pitches, Sanchez bunts the ball to third baseman David Bell who considers going to second but gets the sure out at first. Huff strikes out swinging and Posey walks on a full count, Baker walks out to the mound and after a quick meeting summons Tim Worrell from the bullpen. Worrell fires two high pitches to Pat Burrell and on the 2-0 Pat the Bat hammers one into the leftfield stands to put the 2010 team up 3-1. Fast forwarding to the top of the 8th Lincecum’s pitch count has run to 119 and after giving up a pinch hit single to Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Bochy decides to bring in Jeremy Affeldt. Affeldt get Lofton to hit one softly to Renteria whose only play is to step on second. Aurilia then hit’s a screaming line drive that is caught by second baseman Freddy Sanchez and Bochy decides to bring in Javier Lopez to face Barry Bonds with Brian Wilson warming up in the ‘Pen. With 2010 players holding their breath Bonds hit’s a 2-2 slider three rows deep into the centerfield bleachers to tie the game 3-3. Bochy summons Wilson who gives up a single to Jeff Kent but then strikes out Benito Santiago to the end the threat. In the bottom of the 8th Baker calls on Felix Rodriguez to face Cody Ross, Rodriguez throws a 97 MPH to get a 0-1 count on Ross but then trying to do the same thing Cody rips a double past a diving David Bell. He then hits Juan Uribe to put runners on first and second and bring up Edgar Renteria. Renteria lays down a perfect bunt that first baseman JT Snow fields and takes the only out he can get at first, with Robb Nen warming up and pinch hitter Aaron Rowand at the plate Baker has his first really big decision and decides to stay with Rodriguez. Then on a 1-0 count Rowand makes Dusty pay for his loyalty in Rodriguez as he blast a double into right center gap and gives the 2010 Giants a 5-3 advantage. Bakers finally summons Nen who strikes out Torres and Sanchez to end the inning, but the damage has been done. Rowand stays in the game to replace LF Pat Burrell and Wilson gets to face Snow, Sanders, and Bell to start the ninth. The 2002 boys prove to have some life left when Snow doubles on the first pitch of the ninth and is replaced by pinch runner Tom Goodwin. Sanders strikes out on a ball in the dirt but Bell walks on a full count. With one out and runners on 2nd and 1st Baker turns to pinch hitter Ramon Martinez who hits one right back to Wilson, Brian turns to Sanchez for one and then back to Huff to end the game and give 2010 a 1-0 Series lead.

WP: WILSON (2010) LP:RODRIGUEZ (2002) HRS: BONDS 2 (2002) BURRELL (2010)

GAME 2- Livan Hernandez VS Jonathan Sanchez

Down 1-0 in the series the 2002 Giants come out swinging against the 2010 starter Jonathan Sanchez, Kenny Lofton leads off the game with a bunt single then doesn’t have to wait long to score as Rich Aurilia blasts the sixth pitch of the game in the stands to give the ‘02 boys a 2-0 lead, but they aren’t done yet. Barry Bonds walks on five pitches and Jeff Kent doubles before Sanchez gets his first out of the inning on a sac fly by Santiago. Snow then rolls over on a pitch grounding one to Huff but moving Kent to third when Reggie Sanders steps to the plate. Sanders bloops one over a leaping Aubrey Huff to drive in Kent, then Ross bobbles the ball in right and Sanders slides into third on the error. Sanchez completely loses his cool and lays a fastball over the heart of the plate which David Bell slams past a diving Renteria before Sanchez is pulled by Bochy and Mota strikes out Hernandez to end the inning, 2002 Giants up 5-0 before the 2010 team has come to the plate. Hernandez however tries to even things up in his half, after getting Torres to fly out to Bonds he gives up a double to Sanchez and an RBI single to Huff. Posey then hit’s a hard line drive past Jeff Kent and the 2010 Giants have men on first and second, with Pat Burrell up. After a wild pitch by Hernandez moves Huff and Posey up a base, Burrell hit’s a long fly ball to center that Lofton just catches and scores Huff easily. Ross then hits his first homer of the series before Uribe strikes out. After a very wild first the score is 5-4, 2002 Giants in front. Things calm down for the next two innings but in the fourth after Mota walks Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent hammers his first homer and push the edge to 7-4. The beat down by the 2002 club continues in the fifth with back to back jacks by Sanders and Bell and a RBI double by Aurilia to score Kenny Lofton, by the time Buster Posey slams his first homer in the bottom of the 6th the 2002 club has already gotten the rout started leading 10-5. In the 8th JT Snow hit’s a bases loaded double to close out the scoring for the day and behind a 13-5 slugfest the 2002 Giants have evened the series 1-1.

WP: HERNANDEZ (2002) LP: SANCHEZ (2010) HRS: AURILIA (2002) KENT (2002) SANDERS (2002) BELL (2002) ROSS (2010) POSEY (2010)

GAME 3- Matt Cain VS Kirk Rueter

As much as the previous game was about the two teams offenses this one boils down to the two men starting on the hill. Rueter is his usual unbelievably lucky self for the first six innings getting four double plays and picking Torres off first in the third. However while Rueter is blessed Cain is dominating, over those same six frames Cain didn’t give up a hit and stuck out Bonds and Kent twice apiece. In the top of the seventh the 2010 Giants get the first real rally going when Freddy Sanchez hits a lead off double and Aubrey Huff singles to put men on the corners with no out and Buster Posey at the plate. Baker goes to bring in game one goat Felix Rodriguez and once again the move backfires. The third pitch by Rodriguez gets driven over Bonds for a double and the 2010 Giants grab a 2-0 lead. Felix would bounce back to strike out Burrell, Ross and Uribe to end the frame. In the bottom of the seventh the 2002 team would get a two out hit by JT Snow but that would be all as Cain then stuck out Reggie Sanders to end the inning. Dusty Baker makes interesting choice to bring in Joe Nathan to pitch the 8th and the right hander responded by striking out the side in order. Cain wouldn’t give the 2002 squad a chance until the with two outs in the ninth Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent both walked against the 2010 right hander and Bruce Bochy made the hard choice to pull Cain and bring in closer Brian Wilson to face Santiago. After a eight pitch battle the 2002 catcher drew a walk and the 2002 team had loaded the bases without a hit to bring up JT Snow. After falling behind 2-0 to the first baseman, Snow hit two screaming foul balls and Wilson threw a fastball that seemed to catch the outside corner but was called ball three. On the 3-2 pitch Wilson fires a fastball up that Snow cracked deep into the right center gap and Torres on a full gallop leaps and makes an unbelievable catch to preserve the win and put the 2010 Giants up 2-1.

WP: CAIN (2010) LP: RUETER (2002) S: WILSON (2010)

GAME 4- Madison Bumgarner VS Jason Schmidt

In game four both teams send young studs to the hill, with the 2002 team needing a win to avoid a 3-1 hole. Schmidt showed flashes of his future self by raking up seven strikeouts in the first four innings but also allowed homers to Burrell and Ross, while Bumgarner seemed to feed off Matt Cain’s strong start from the night before and took a no hitter into the fifth. However in the fifth walks got the young lefty into trouble and after issuing free passes to Kent and Santiago, Snow hit an RBI single to drive in the first run for the 2002 team and put runners on first and third with nobody out. Reggie Sanders then walked to load the bases and get Bruce Bochy to have a heart to heart with his young hurler. David Bell then hit a one hopper to third baseman Juan Uribe who would step on third for one out then throw the ball past an outstretched Aubrey Huff letting Sanders score the go ahead run and moved Bell up to second. Bumgarner would rebound with by getting Schmidt to pop out and Lofton to ground out to second. Schmidt would throw 1-2-3 innings in the fifth and sixth before with two outs in the seventh he gave up a double to pinch hitter Pablo Sandoval. Leading 3-2 and with the tying run on second Baker decided to have Andres Torres turn around and bat right handed pulling Schmidt and bringing in lefty Scott Eyre. Torres would work the count to 2-2 before he hit a soft grounder to shortstop Rich Aurilia who would make a diving stop but had no play on the speedy centerfielder, bringing another visit from Baker and pitcher Tim Worrell into the game to face Freddy Sanchez. The 2010 second baseman hit a dibbler between the pitcher and first baseman, but JT Snow would keep Sandoval at third by pouncing on the ball and firing a strike to Santiago. Up stepped Huff and once again Baker decided to grab a new bullpen arm bringing in Jason Christiansen to try and strand the bases loaded. Well playing the percentages usually works but in this case another one of Bakers bullpen moves would back fire and Huff drove a 1-1 fastball into the seats. Dispirited the 2002 team wouldn’t get a hit until Barry Bonds hit a solo homer off 2010 closer Brian Wilson with two outs in the ninth, but it was too little, too late and the 2010 team is up 3-1.

WP: BUMGARNER (2010) LP: EYRE (2002) S: WILSON 2

(2010) HRS: BONDS 3 (2002) BURRELL 2 (2010) ROSS 2 (2010) HUFF (2010)

GAME 5- Tim Lincecum VS Russ Ortiz

In the game one rematch the 2010 Giants have a chance to close out their 2002 counterparts but after striking out the side in the first Russ Ortiz seemed to up for the challenge of facing the 2 time Cy Young winner. Leading off the bottom of the second Jeff Kent would drive a booming double off the wall against Lincecum, Santiago would ground out to second baseman Freddy Sanchez, moving Kent to third and JT Snow would single up the middle on the very next pitch to give the 2002 Giants a 1-0 lead. In the bottom of the fifth Lincecum walked Aurilia with one out and then had to face super slugger Barry Bonds with a man on. Lincecum blow a fastball by Bonds to start the at bat then fall behind 2-1 before getting Bonds to swing and miss a nasty change, then on the 2-2 pitch Lincecum would fire a fastball high on Bonds hands and get the all time homerun king to strikeout. However the elation of blowing away Bonds would be short lived as Kent would blast the first pitch he saw from The Freak into the stands and push the 2002 lead to 3-0. On the other side Ortiz kept up the game of his life in the seventh only giving up two hits to catcher Buster Posey but in the seventh Ortiz would walk Burrell and Ross to start the inning and Baker would call upon the much maligned Felix Rodriguez to face Juan Uribe with the tying runs on base. The 2002 righty would send Uribe packing to the pine, then facing Renteria would get a quick 0-2 count before Edgar would foul off six fastballs, before throwing a wild pitch that moved pinch runner Nate Schierholtz to third. With two men in scoring position Renteria would smack a long fly ball into right field and score Schierholtz. Pinch hitter Pablo Sandoval stepped up to face Rodriguez and Baker brought in Christiansen from the ’Pen to face the Panda and force him to bat right handed. With Christiansen in Bochy countered and pulled the Panda for Aaron Rowand who then struck out on a slider in the dirt. With that threat over and holding a 3-1 lead the 2002 Giants added one more in the eight on a RBI double by the Benito Santiago and then turn to Robb Nen for his first save opportunity in the ninth. Facing Posey, Schierholtz, and Ross, Nen would blow away the ROY on a 92 MPH slider, K Schierholtz on a 98 MPH fastball, and got Ross to ground out to Snow to move the series to game 6.

WP: ORTIZ (2002) LP: LINCECUM (2010) S: NEN (2002) HRS: KENT 2 (2002)

GAME 6- Livan Hernandez VS Jonathan Sanchez

In his last start against the 2002 team Sanchez lasted less than inning, with a chance to close out the series the lefty was dominating in the early going striking out Lofton and Aurilia to start the game and getting Bonds to fly out. Livan on the other hand looked a little over matched giving up a double to Torres, a single to Sanchez and homer to Huff to fall behind 3-0 before he recorded an out. Even though the large pitcher would rebound to get the next three outs and go 1-2-3 in the second but in the third he gave up a two run homer to Posey and was pulled in favor of Kirk Rueter. Woody once again fooled the the 2010 hitters but the story was Sanchez ability to keep the slugging 2002 offense out of it comfort level and raking up his K’s even sending Bonds, Kent and Santiago to grab pine in the 6th. When first baseman JT Snow walked to start the seventh he was the first base runner since Lofton singled in the fourth. Reggie Sanders then stroked a single over Edgar Renteria and for the first time the 2010 team became nervous. David Bell then confirmed the uneasiness when he lined a 1-1 pitch over the right field wall and trimmed the edge 5-3. Pinch hitter Shawon Dunston would strike out but then Bochy would summon his ace left hander out of the ‘Pen to face Kenny Lofton and Javier Lopez responded by getting the 2002 Giants centerfielder to groundout harmlessly. After Rich Aurilia looped a single into leftfielder, remembering what had happened in game one Bruce Bochy summoned Jeremy Affeldt to face Barry Bonds. Getting ahead 1-2 Affeldt tried to retire Bonds on a breaking 12-6 curve that didn’t break enough and Bonds hit his fourth homer of the series to tie the game at 5-5. The two teams would remain deadlocked going into the ninth when Brian Wilson would face Rich Aurilia and lose him on a 3-2 count to bring up Barry Bonds with two outs. Wilson would throw the first fastball down and away for a 1-0 count, then Bonds would crush a 96 MPH fastball foul. On the 1-1 Wilson got a backdoor cutter past Bonds to take 1-2 count edge. Then Bonds would hammer a slider just to the right of first and would take a fastball up. On the 2-2 Bonds hit a high fastball into right field where Cody Ross would rush to the wall and make the catch on the edge of the warning track. In the bottom of the ninth Dusty Baker would turn to closer Robb Nen to preserve the tie and get the game into extra innings. After striking out Ross and Uribe to start the inning up stepped Edgar Renteria and on a 2-2 count lined a pitch to the right of third past a diving David Bell for a two out double. After calling Nate Schierholtz to run for his shortstop, Bochy then tabbed displaced centerfielder Aaron Rowand to bat for Brian Wilson. After falling behind 1-2 on a pair of nasty sliders Rowand would foul off a 97 MPH fastball and then smack a single into center. Lofton gabbed the grabbed the ball as Schierholtz rounded third and throw pulled Santiago just the right of the plate as Nate crashed into and with the white ball on the brown dirt beside home plate the 2010 Giants retained their title as Champions.

WP: WILSON (2010) LP: NEN (2002) HRS: BONDS 4 (2002) BELL 2 (2002) HUFF 2 (2010) POSEY 2 (2010)






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