As Trial Nears End, Bonds May Comeback

He's been out of baseball since 2007. He's 46 years old. The obvious reasons suggesting Barry Bonds will never suit up again are blatantly apparent to even people with no common sense. 

But I can't help but recognize the slivers of hope that remain for an unfathomable return for Bonds. Consider:

Despite his agent conceding that Bonds' days are over, Barry himself hasn't commented on his "retirement." If you think that argument doesn't carry any weight, read this Mercury News article where Bonds is quoted about his retirement. Notice Barry's fourth answer in the Q&A: "I just haven't retired."

Labeled an enigmatic egomaniac, it's no surprise that Barry's reluctance to admit his playing days are over doesn't pique the interest of many. But at the same time, shouldn't the notion that he's an "enigmatic egomaniac" lend some credence to the possibility of a comeback?

Perhaps the only reason no team has signed him is because of this trial. Think about it—his mandatory courtroom dates make it literally impossible for him to be playing Major League Baseball right now. But now this trial is nearing and end—and it appears Bonds is going to be acquitted. 

Assume he gets acquitted: Do you think Bonds would be interested in playing again if just one team was willing to sign him? I do. And I think Barry has been considering this scenario for quite some time. Have you noticed that he looks to be in good shape during his courtroom appearances?

Of course, it's likely that no team will want to sign him even if he's acquitted. But from a logical standpoint, it doesn't make sense that not one team will want to sign him. From strictly a baseball standpoint, his services would literally benefit any American League team, in my opinion.

Here's why: At the age of 42, Bonds had 477 plate appearances and his on-base-percentage was .480


You think pitcher's won't pitch around him anymore? Then ask yourself how many home runs he'd hit. We're talking Barry Bonds here. 

Hey, crazier things have happened. Michael Jordan quit the NBA at the height of his career to play baseball. And, remember when he came back to play for the Wizards? Both of those stunts could be deemed as more ludicrous than Bonds returning as a designated hitter. 

There are mild rumors that Bonds has created a twitter account (BBondsSuperEgo). According to that tweeter, Bonds is eyeing the Blue Jays as a possible suitor. That may not be the Barry Lamar we all know, but regardless, those tweets seem to have some merit now that this trial is shaping up to result in exoneration. 

He hasn't officially retired. This trial is nearing an end. His OBP was .480 the last time he played. He's in good shape right now. 

Still think it's impossible?

Don't put anything past Barry.

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