MCC Hall of Fame Voting: Larry Walker

There would have to be some serious set of circumstances for a player with an OPS that is better than Willie Mays, Ty Cobb, and Hank Aaron to be a borderline case for the Hall of Fame. With Larry Walker there certainly are. Walker played for the Expos, Rockies, and Cardinals over a 17 year career. He had his best seasons, including an MVP season in 1997, with the Rockies. Which is where part of the problem lies, Coors Field. On top of that Walker only compiled 8,030 plate appearances due to injury problems throughout his career. In Walker's 17 season career he only played over 140 games 3 times. Some more stats after the jump.

Larry Walker was an excellent hitter who made solid contact, good power, and had a very good  eye at the plate. On top of that Walker was an excellent right fielder and had a pretty good set of wheels. Walker stole over 200 bases and hit over 300 homers including two 20-20 seasons ond one 30-30 season. Walker ranks highly among outfielders with at least 6,000 plate appearances. Some catetgories include:

BA- .313, 36th

OBP- .400, 19th

SLG- .565, 6th

OPS- .965, 8th

wOBA- .414, 15th

HR- 383, 32nd

RBI- 1311, 48th

fWAR- 72.2 , 28th

Walker led the league in batting average three times, batted over .320 six times. Larry Walker also led the league in OBP twice, SLG twice, and twice in OPS. Among awards Walker won one MVP, 7 gold gloves, 3 silver sluggers, while being elected to five all star games. With all these accomplishments Walker was only able to secure a little over 20% of the Hall of Fame vote.

Most of that has to do with him playing most of his games at Coors Field during his career. I'm sure that a portion of the little love he is getting is due to playing in the "steroid era", which to me is absured because Walker has never been suspected of using any drugs.

How much of Walker's achievments are his own and how much should we attribute them to playing in Coors Field? Its almost impossible to say, which is why Walker is such an interesting an unique Hall of Fame case. So Giants fans is Larry Walker worthy of the Hall?

Previous Polls:

Gary Sheffield- 42%. Not a hall of famer

Joe Torre- 49%. Not a hall of famer.

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