Future Portwalk Plaque Installments & Past Snubs

I'm sure most of you have walked the port walk in right field.  Most of you have probably admired the arches, the bay, and the occasional kayak or water vessel.  You have probably also seen and walked over a few of the plaques on the ground.  Since 2000, the organization has eagerly installed these plaques on the port walk to celebrate accomplishments in the ballpark history.  That Barry Bonds guy really did get a lot of plaques.  About half (7 of 15)  belong to Lamar and its seems that the amount of plaques since 2007 have significantly diminished.  The only plaque installed since the Bonds era ended was the Jonathon Sanchez no-hitter.  Here is a list of the current plaques on the port walk:

The inauguration of Pacific Bell Park (2000)

2000 NL West Division

Barry Bonds Career 500th Home Run

Barry Bonds Single Season 73 Home Runs

Barry Bonds Career 600th Home Run

2002 National League Champions

2003 NL West Division

Barry Bonds, Willie Mays Career 660 Home Runs

Barry Bonds Career 700th Home Runs

Rob Nen Career 300th Save

Barry Bonds Career 715th Home Run

Jason Schmidt Ties Christy Matthewson with 16 K's in Single Game

2007 All Star Game

Barry Bonds Career 756th Home Run

Jonathon Sanchez No-Hitter

What 2010 Provided - Our Future Plaques?

There are no guidelines or requirements for the Portwalk.  However, if the Giants continue their trend, we are in for quite a few new plaques celebrating 2010.

2010 Western Division Title

The team celebrated the 2000 and 2003 Division titles, this one must follow suit.

Tim Lincecum Record 14K's in Postseason

Jason Schmidt gets a plaque for the regular season, Timmy should get a plaque for the post season... right?

2010 World Series Champions

2002 National League Champions? phh, try this on for size.

2010 Rookie of the Year

Buster Posey, enough said.

Port Walk Snubs

Barry Bonds only member of the 500/500 club

Who else is gonna do something like this?  I think one of the multiple Barry Bonds plaques could have been replaced with this one. 

Gaylord Perry - Retiring #36

Retiring a players jersey number is a big deal.  You are letting everyone know that this player is so irreplaceable and such an icon to the organization that his number can no longer be worn.  One constant of the Portwalk plaques is that all events happened during the tenure of AT&T Park.  Gaylord Perry's number was retied in 2005.

Tim Lincecum Cy Young 2008

The guys was the best pitcher in the National League and maybe even MLB.  "I don't care what they say Tim, you should have won the A.L. Cy Young award too.  Cliff Lee had (and still has) nothing on you".  Why was the Cy not added to the Portwalk?

Tim Lincecum Cy Young 2009

Back to Back Cy Youngs?  I kinda wanted to cut the Giants a bit of slack here about the 2008 Cy Young snub because maybe they were gonna wait until Tim stopped winning Cy Youngs so the could have a Back to Back Cy Young Plaque.  Nothing yet.

Monte Irvin - Retiring #20

Same as Gaylord Perry.

Location, Location, Location

in 2058 when the Giants are celebrating 100 years in San Francisco, the ballpark might look a little different, but the portwalk should look a lot different.

As I wrote in my fan post about player statues, AT&T Park is running out of room.  The plaques that are already on the portwalk stretch from the foul pole to the end of the arcade section.  The Giants were very eager to build on the portwalk in the 2000's, but were ambitious in their beliefs that the team would stop breaking milestones after the Bonds Era. 

Currently, each plaque is separated by about 20 ft.  I'm pretty sure if organization wants to continue this tradition, things need to change.  The portwalk is going to need to be torn up and re-cemented.  I suggest that there is a row strictly for championships (Division, National League Pennants, and World Series Championships), a row for individual accomplishments (Bonds HR's, Nen Saves, LeRoy Cy Youngs)  and a row for special events, etc.(All Star Games, number retirement ceremonies).



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