2011 Adoption Draft: Now open to all!

Alright, it's finally time to get this show on the road.  Some ground rules:

  • 3 users will be on the clock at the same time, and will be able to draft whenever they can.  When they draft, the next person down the draft order is on the clock, etc.
  • Users have 12 hours to draft before being moved to a "secondary pool." Users in the secondary pool may draft whenever they log in, however, their original draft position will have been skipped.  We do this to move the draft along in a timely manner
  • List of people that are already "owned" by McC users is here.  List of the Giants 40-man roster is here.  List of the Giants' front office personnel is here.  Links to the minor league affiliates from last year can be found here.  WARNING: Since that is last year's rosters, not all minor league players may still be with the organization.  Do your research before selecting a prospect.
  • Any person affliated with the Giants is available for drafting, including FO personnel, former players, mascots, etc.  Make sure to check with the Google spreadsheet before drafting a player to check that no other McCoven has already laid claim.
  • UPDATE: Thanks to Fla-Giant, we now have a list of prospects available for adoption.  These are only players, not members of the FO, etc, but its a good resource to have while drafting.  Thank you Fla-Giant for the help.  CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF AVAILABLE PROSPECTS.

Draft order after the jump.

  1. scout6:                                   Cody Ross                                
  2. cornball:                                 Javier Lopez                                  
  3. nvsfg:                                     Dan Burkhart
  4. rightcenterfielder:                    Waldis Joaquin
  5. quincy0191:                            Seth Rosin
  6. Sammy Danger:                     Chuckie Jones
  7. Little Napolean:                      Gary Brown
  8. Desert Fox:                            Chris Lofton
  9. jcb9:                                      Dave Dravecky
  10. PiKAgiant:                             Jarrett Parker
  11. Merope:                                 Eddie Grant
  12. Gobroks:                               John Barr
  13. Johnny Disaster:                    Jon Miller
  14. say hey nation:                      Mike Kickham
  15. Graham Crakalaka:                Carter Jurica
  16. baetown415:                          Brock Bond
  17. sanfrankid:                            Heath Hembree
  18. j14:                                       Carlos Willoughby
  19. DFARowand:                         Mike Krukow
  20. Fla-Giant:                              Jake Dunning
  21. Giant Torture:                        Brett Bochy
  22. TGOH:                                  Mike Fontenot
  23. waffles:                                 Juan Marichal
  24. kezargiants:                          Miguel Tejada
  25. foothillsfan:                            Marvin Barrios
  26. TimLaser and MattyC             Jacob Dunnington
  27. Ceora:                                  Justin Christian
  28. Lies and Perfidy:                    Santiago Casilla
  29. The Enchanter:                      Michael Main
  30. operation carrot:                     Jason Stoffel
  31. imovermyhead:                      Renel Brooks-Moon
  32. capnk:                                   Ramon Ramirez
  33. druncan:                                Kendry Flores
  34. OmahaGiants:                       Caleb Houghsen
  35. waelwulf:                               Tyler Graham
  36. bombs:                                  Sharlon Schoop
  37. bruddah:                                Marc Kroon
  38. atxgiantsfan:                          Simon Mercedes
  39. Nnamdi Asomuagh:                Brandon Allen
  40. garbanzo24:                           Reiner Roibal
  41. malarky:                                Matt Graham
  42. DoubleDeuce22:                     Jeff Suppan
  43. YoMamaisaGiant:                   Edwin Escobar
  44. free f.p. #14:                          Jose Flores
  45. Deluzian:                               Sundrendy Windster
  46. EliminateMe:                         Andrew Romo
  47. scespy12:                             Drew Beiry
  48. krazybalr:                              Stephen Harrold
  49. Soulbrother16:                       Joe Staley
  50. Nivra:                                    Ryan Vogelsong
  51. speckops:                             Chris Lincecum
  52. ch3zyp00fs:                           The Machine
  53. Bochy's IT Guy                      Bobby Bonds
  54. calbearjd                               Brian Lawrence
  55. papajoelius                           Fred Breining
  56. The_Beard                            Luis Linz
  57. SixSixtyOne                         Ashkon

Last minute ground rules: Please try to keep extraneous comments to a minimum, it makes it harder to keep track of where we are in the draft. Any new additions to the draft from here on out will be added to the bottom of the list, no exceptions.  Let's get this started.

UPDATE: Now that all the original participants have drafted, anyone who would like to draft may just put their adoptee in the comments and you've got them.  I'll try to keep this as updated as possible.

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