Making of the Beard (caution: many photos ahead)

Last month, I polled my fellow McCoven to see which player they'd like to see immortalized in Mighty Mugg form. Brian Wilson beat out Matt Cain and Buster Posey to reign supreme. With that, I got to work.

Note: The title is meant to be an opening for Howie to make his weekly O-Town reference.

I began with a sketch of what I wanted, so I could plan out what I was going to do.

I then transferred that to the actual toy with a pen. I hadn't decided whether I wanted to make the cap or paint it on yet, so I left the top of the head blank for the time being.

So now it's time to paint. I use acrylic paints for this. Nothing really too special. I start with the skin since that's the bottommost layer. 

Here comes the beard.

And now defining the face.

Now the rest of the body

Time for the all-important Giants logo. I was doing it all by hand, and I don't have the steadiest of hands, so it's kinda scraggly. 

I decided to make the cap separately. I used Super Sculpey, which is a clay-like modeling compound that bakes in the oven to harden. It's good stuff!

And now moment you've been waiting for, B-Weez in all his glory:
190185_797826382438_6701337_42668465_3141074_n_medium180896_797827056088_6701337_42668475_7411201_n_medium 183889_797826836528_6701337_42668472_5370098_n_medium

Closeup of the wrist tattoo and the World Series patch. I kinda had to fudge the tattoo a bit since most of the photos I found weren't very clear. Also this figure's wrist isn't quite proportional to the real Wilson's wrist.

Here's the cap by itself. There is supposed to be a more pronounced curve in the bill, but it sort of flattened out while it was in the oven.

So there you go. I hope you've enjoyed this journey from making something into, uh, something else. I had fun working on it. I haven't decided on what I'll actually do with it yet, but for now, it'll stand on my desk and watch my every move. Always watching...

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