Preview of Giants Opening Day Lineup (Updated)

The trade for Angel Pagan defiantly made a lot of people mad because of the departure of fan favorite, Andres Torres, but let's be realistic. Torres has been a journeyman his whole entire career, and just happened to have a good year when the Giants won the championship. The truth is that is was a fluke. I give all the credit in the world to Andres, but a move like this had to be made.

The other part of the trade, was Ramon Ramirez. Ramirez had a great 2011 in the Giants bullpen. This will defiantly take in an immediate impact on the depth of their Bullpen. The Giants might need to find somebody to fill out the back end of the pen, but Ramirez will be hard to replace. Even though he struggled in big situations at times, Ramirez proved to be a consistent force that Bochy could rely on.

Now the main addition for the Giants in this trade was center fielder, Angel Pagan. Pagan will bring an element to the Giants that they have desperately needed for the past couple of years. This element being SPEED. With Gary Brown on the verge of coming up to the show, Pagan could be a decent short term fill in. For those of you who don't have much information of Pagan, here is a section out of a newsletter to Giants subscribers: "Pagan, 30, hit .262 (125-for-478) with 24 doubles, four triples, seven home runs and 56 RBI while going 32-for-39 in stolen base attempts in his fourth campaign with the Mets and his sixth overall in the big leagues last season. The Puerto Rico native finished with a career best-tying 44 walks and played in 123 games, the second most of his career. He also finished with the second most runs (68), doubles, home runs, RBI, at-bats and stolen bases of his career."

Those are decent stats for a lead off hitter who did not play a full year. His numbers would be much better if he had 600 AB's, which I think is something the Giants should expect from him. He will likely take over center field for the Giants, even though many insiders say that his defense is sub-par. Making me question if he has the ability to control the spacious outfield that Atat Park presents. Below is a preview of the Giants opening day lineup.

#1: Angel Pagan

#2: Freddy Sanchez

#3: Pablo Sandoval

#4: Buster Posey

#5: Aubrey Huff

#6: Brandon Belt

#7: Melky Cabrera

#8: Alex Gonzalez- Yes I do think the Giants will eventually sign the ageing veteran shortstop.

#9: TIMMY!

What do you guys think about this lineup? Will it be enough to win the N.L. West crown in 2012?

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