Breaking news: At Bay Area GM dinner Billy Beane trades steak for 4 Subway sandwiches. Brian Sabean calls media says the Giants had no interest in the baked potato.

First let me start off by saying I'm not an A's fan at all and really do hope they lose 100 games so the only thing about the Chokeland A's is going to be in the title and shots taken at them. Really its been very frustrating to be a Giants fan this winter with all Sabean seeming to do is tell us he's not going after Player A (Beltran) Player B (Reyes) or Player C (Jeff Keppinger). As much as we can dream that this is just a smoke screen, its not. Sabean is playing way to safe ignoring upgrades that could help or blow up (Jed Lowrie/ Hiroyuki Nakajima) and guys who might command to big of a pay day (Yoenis Cespedes). I'm sure once spring training starts and we all see Buster behind the plate, most of us will forget these long cold winter days and predict an NL West title and perhaps even another World Series parade but until then we are left feeling ignored and duped. Sabean wont even let us dream of adding to our ugly offense and most of us cant see why a team with a 130 million dollar payroll refuses to add another 5 million that could push us to preseason favorites. We are terrorized by ideas that when Huff and Rowand come off the books next offseason the Giants wont use the funds and let Matt Cain walk away to Boston or New York, while our beloved Black and Orange cry poor. Its all to real for us to look across the Bay at the A's and have our stomachs tighten when instead of raising the team to the levels of Philadelphia, the board of owners will think if Oakland can run a team for 50 million all we have to do is run ours at 70. We all see the Angels try their best to bury the Dodgers in So. Cal, while we seem to be waiting for our hated rivals to pick themselves off the mat. The Giants will probably be top 7 team in the NL next year but with no other improvements that might be their ceiling, competing and just missing out on the postseason. I could throw out crazy trade ideas (Belt/ Crawford/ Hector Sanchez to the Cubs for Starlin Castro) but we all know Sabean doesn't work that way, I could say why not see what Brian Wilson is worth but I don't want to. The Giants will probably add Boof Bonser and see if Omar Vizquel will accept a minor league deal then open the season with a lineup of;

CF- Angel Pagan

RF- Melky Cabrera

3B- Pablo Sandoval

C- Buster Posey

LF- Aubrey Huff

1b- Brandon Belt (or Brett Pill if its a lefty)

2b- Freddy Sanchez

SS- Brandon Crawford

P- Tim Lincecum

As Giants fans we've seen worse but that shouldn't be the standard; barely beating your worst lineup. Perhaps Sabean can pull a rabbit out of his hat like he did during the 2010 season and pickup some undervalued players that help us win or perhaps Cain, Lincecum, Bumgarner, or Wilson gets hurt and we fall to 4th place. This offense gives us no hope while there is no baseball and if you could add Nakajima at short or Cespedes in left we would all be running to the mall this Christmas and gladly grab as much Giants gear as we could get our hands on. If the front office showed us a little respect and let us laugh at the A's instead of being scared they are going to take San Jose from us, we would respond. We've proven to be loyal and mindless consumers of everything Giants we could get our hands on during good times but now we look and feel so much closer to 2009 than 2010. Perhaps all we can hope for is hope that this is a smoke screen, that Sabean will be laughing and smiling when on January 3rd we are all going nuts for Prince Fielder putting on a black hat with an interlocking SF in orange but no one believes that. We are to smart and all of us know the only thing we are going to be able to debate is if Manny Burriss (who failed the last time he was given an extended look) or Omar Vizquel make the most sense as our 25th man. As a life long bleeder of black and orange blood I have put together the lineup of the Angels and how they are going to fit three first baseman on their roster, I've looked at the Royals and wondered how they are going to fit their super prospects in, I've debated the merits of the Adam Jones for Jair Jurrjens almost trade and Ive thought is Manny Burriss or Omar Vizquel the better fit as the Giants 25th man. The winter of our discontent continues.....

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