Which players should Sabes protect before the Rule 5 draft?

This Saturday, November 19th, is the deadline for teams to finalize their 40-man rosters for the purpose of the December 8th Rule 5 Draft.  The Giants currently have 4 openings on their 40-man roster due to Pat Burrell retiring and the free agency of Guillermo Mota, Carlos Beltran, Orlando Cabrera, Cody Ross and Mark DeRosa.  In addition, there are a handful of current members of the 40-man roster that are non-tender candidates: 
Waldis Joaquin, Eli Whiteside, Justin Christian, Manny Burriss, Brett Pill and Darren Ford

Here's your chance to take over Sabean's GM spot for a day.  Any current Giant minor leaguer that is eligible for the Rule 5 draft (see complete list below) that isn't placed on the 40-man roster by Saturday will be exposed to the draft.  At this point, you can protect up to 4 eligible minor leaguers, but it's more likely that you'll want to choose no more than 3 (unless you waive 1 or more player off the current roster) because you want to have at least one spot open if you sign a free agent.  Also, you'll want to keep at least one spot open because only teams that have at least one open spot on their 40-man roster can participate in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft.

Now, let's briefly review how the Rule 5 Draft works.  Any team that drafts one of our farmhands must pay us $50K and keep that player on their 25-man roster for the entire 2012 baseball season or they have to offer the drafted player back to the Giants for $25K.  So, when trying to decide which players to protect from the draft you're not trying to protect any player that you think may be able to help the Giants at the major league level sometime during their career.  Rather, you only want to protect those players that you think another team would want right now AND who they would be able to keep on their 25-man roster all next season. 

Here's the list of all the Giant minor leaguers that are eligible for the Rule 5 (I've put an asterisk after the names of the only 8 guys that I could remotely imagine being drafted by another team): 
Brian Anderson
Andrew Berger
Brock Bond
Drew Bowlin
Jorge Bucardo *
Craig Clark
Edward Concepcion
Hector Correa *
Charlie Culberson *
Rey Duran
Wendell Fairley
Justin Fitzgerald
Tyler Graham *
Julio Izturis
Roger Kieschnick *
Aaron King
Cameron Lamb
Mitch Lively
Aaron Lowenstein
Daryl Maday
Michael Main
Kelvin Marte
Josh Mazzola
Johnny Monell *
Jesus Navarro
Nick Noonan
Leo Ochoa
Dan Otero *
Juan Carlos Perez
David Quinowski *
Edwin Quirarte
Andrew Reichard
Dashenko Ricardo
Wilmin Rodriguez
Ari Ronick
James Simmons
Skyler Stromsmoe
Jose Valdez
Joel Weeks
Jackson Williams
Carlos Willoughby
Chris Wilson
Sundrendy Windster
Eliezer Zambrano

Put on your GM cap and let everybody know how you would manipulate the roster between now and Saturday to set the Giants up for the Rule 5 draft. 

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