OT: Scary Movies

I was going to post this in Merope's Halloween thread but it would have been too long
This is the Carrot's households favourite time of the year. And each year we spend a good many hours trying to scare the shit out of each other with quality scary movies. I have seen a ton, many of them sucked, A few do not. Hopefully with this list you can avoid the suck and get honest to goodness terrified of your movies. I'm going to assume most of you are already aware of the classic like shaun of dead or the exorcist so I'm going to stay away from those and focus on some of the more obscure.


Zombie are prolly my favourite genre of scary movie. They don't rely on gore for the scare but when it comes time to show gore they hang with the best of them. They can be funny, smart, or down right creepy depending on how the director wants to do it. So without further ado my zombie movie list:

Diary of the Dead

Romero is the Zombie movie god. Let's face it he revolutionized zombie movies with Night of the Living Dead and followed it up with another classic in Dawn of the Dead. However his other entries like Day of the Dead were well bad. Because of this some people missed out on a truly great zombie film of his called Diary of the Dead. Now be warned it is shot in that cloverfield/ Blair Witch style camera but if you can stand that it is a great movie. The scares are good and some of the situations are very unique to the zombie movie universe. And its got a british professor who shoots arrows at zombies. whats not to love.


This movie scared the shit out of me to be honest. It is a foreign film so if you dont like subtitles you might want to steer away from this one ( and not into the shitty american remake quarantine staring dexter's debrah morgan).  However if you like subtitles than this movie should be near the top of your to watch list. Its about a news reporter team who is doing a puff piece on the local fire department. She goes with them on a call inside a apartment building and while they are in there the police show up and quarantine the whole building. They end up stuck in the apartment building with a few other residents and some zombies. I dont want to give anymore than that away. It also has the scariest last scene in a movie that i've seen in a while.


The Descent

This movie isnt really obscure but it is so good I had to put it on here. Its the perfect movie for watching with your girlfriend. The entire movie centers on strong female leads which your girlfriend will appreciate. And for the guy the whole movie centers on strong female leads. Whats hotter than a chick that could kick your ass? Nothing thats what. Anyway its about a group of friends who go cave exploring (splunking?) into some un explored cave and up getting lost and as they are like a mile underground that really sucks. Especially when the sound sensitive monsters attack them. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE EDITION WITH THE PROPER ENDING. If you watch this and the movie ends happily you did not get the right one and will have to youtube the good ending. I think the non unrated edition has the happy ending. try to get unrated if you can.


Feast is just an awesome movie. Its horror comedy. Its about a monster that wants to eat everyone. It takes place in the desert and it has Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame playing Jay. Its a great movie. You should watch it. The nth sequals not so much.



Paranormal Activity

Just give it a chance. I thought this movie would suck big time. Instead I slept with my legs securely tucked under the blankets for about a month after watching this (you will know why when you see it). This movie is genuinely scary. It is slow. It takes for ever to get going but once it does oh man. Also it had a sequel that didnt suck and a prequel which I have heard didn't suck either. 


If you want a horror movie that isnt too scary. Like one you can watch and not be afraid then I recommend Devil. M Night's return to not being terrible is a decent movie. Like I said its not very scary but it is still surprisingly strong. Great to watch with the girlfriend as well cuz it wont scare her so bad she ends up hating you. As was the case when I showed my finacee the Marble Hornet youtube series.

Movies that I thought sucked but everyone else liked so you might want to give them a try.

Session 9

Boring. This movie is boring. Nothing happens. The location is scary, it takes place in an actual abandoned mental ward but it's just not good. I see it on a ton of top horror movie lists and don't understand why. Plus is stars david curoso as the fuck you guy. bleh


If session 9 was boring this movie was just weird. I'll admit there were a few times during this film i felt freak out but on the whole it was just plain weird. The art style is not traditional horror and the movie shifts about halfway through from being a haunted house movie to being a hero's quest movie. A fucking lot of people say this movie terrified them. I wasn't one of them.


Hopefully that inspired you to go get scared

Please suggest more in the comments

have a happy Halloween.

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