OT: Breaking Bad plot holes



Poisoning Brock

1. How does Walt know that Saul has enough information on Brock to make the plan work? How does he know that Jesse is close enough to Andrea that she will call him when Brock gets sick?

2. Walt has to convince Saul to poison a kid.

3. Saul has to find the kid at school and get him to eat something, or worse, Walt has to do it if he can't convince Saul.

4. How did he know Saul had someone with Huell's pickpocketing skills? He has to take one pack out and replace it with another.

5. Jesse has to come to Saul's office before Andrea contacts him.

6. Jesse has to immediately jump to the conclusion Walt did something deliberate, rather than that Jesse himself may have been mistaken about moving the ricin cig, or that Gus did it.

7. Jesse has to arrive at Walt's without a gun or other weapon.

8. Is Walt's gun loaded? If not, why not, since Gus is still supposedly gunning for him? If not, and Jesse does pick up the gun and try to shoot him, Jesse will know he did the poisoning. If the gun is loaded and Jesse picks it up and uses it, he's dead anyway.

9. If the kid lives, won't he say something about who gave him the poison or something to eat that day?

10. After the crisis passes and the real source of the poisoning is known, won't Jesse continue to question why the ricin cigarette went missing at that exact moment? 

11. Why did Walt agree when Jesse surmised afterwards that Gus had not been the poisoner? Gus knows enough about poisons to take out the cartel. (Although Jesse knows this, and Walt probably does not.)

Gus' death 

1. Tyrus is the worst at casing a joint: he never leaves his car to look around outside the building, doesn't look outside the open window when he is in Hector's room, doesn't bend down to visually inspect the wheelchair or pat down Hector, he doesn't check the shower. He doesn't do these things before Gus arrives, nor when he precedes him into the room after Gus arrives. 

2. Gus' "spidey sense" was working the day before, but even after Walt deliberately does exactly what he told him not to (interfere with him taking out Hank), it still doesn't cross his mind that Hector going to the DEA might be a setup.

3. Why is Tyrus even tailing Hank at all since he has DEA protection and isn't going anywhere? Wouldn't they worry about being made by the DEA? 

4. What's the hurry? Why would Gus assume Hector told the DEA anything at all? Why would he assume Hector called the meeting? Wouldn't he lie low and try to find out first if Hector said anything substantive?

5. If Hector did say something to the DEA, the worst thing Gus could do is kill him.

6. Going after Hank is a bad strategy, as well, for a similar reason; it only adds credence to Hank's suspicions. Why would Gus go after Hank, and why would he tell Walt about it?

7. Why did no one notice the giant bomb on the wheelchair? It was big. 

8. How did Walt know that Gus would go right over there? What if he was smart enough not to? Hector now has a bomb stuck to his chair (probably with Walt's fingerprints on it) and he can't communicate without setting it off.


Walt drives all over town for two days, to places like Saul's (at least twice), the hardware store to buy bomb parts, etc. with no one from Gus' organization tailing him. 

Another general beef

Why weren't Jesse's and Walt's homes and cars, etc. being bugged by Gus? Why were Walt & Jesse so cavalier about meeting and discussing taking Gus out? They could at least have met somewhere like a diner or something, a precaution they did take earlier in the series (the first time Jesse proposes using ricin on Gus in season 3, for example).


What do you guys think?

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