2011 Power Rankings (2 of 3)

Part One can be found here

11. Rockies - Two offensive superstars surrounded by a bunch of meh gets you a below-average offense, and while the Rockies were actually a better pitching squad than the Giants last year by WAR, the loss of Jeff Francis hurts and the FIP-based fWAR ignores their 4.14 team ERA. The Rockies pitched better than they got, but still not that well.

12. White Sox - One of the best starting rotations in the majors, and the best overall pitching staff by fWAR, they added a huge offensive piece in Adam Dunn. This will help when Paul Konerko regresses and the front office fails to replace Bobby Jenks. A full season of Jake Peavy makes them a better team than last year.

13. Dodgers - 2010 was fun. After they were the pick to win the division by many if not most, the Dodgers finished 80-82. Unfortunately, they're better this year with a very strong starting rotation and hoping for bounceback years from Matt Kemp and Jonathan Broxton. If that happens, they'll be a strong team with a good rotation, decent bullpen, and strong offense. Were they to acquire a good left fielder and a good middle reliever, they'd be a better team than the Rockies.

14. Tigers - With a ridiculous amount of money to spend this offseason, the Tigers added a couple nice pieces in Victor Martinez and Joaquin Benoit, but really could have done more. The rotation and bullpen are nice, but the offense is due for regression. Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch are not that good, and Miguel Cabrera is that good but not consistently.

15. Cardinals - The Cardinals rely exclusively on six (very good) players: Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Colby Rasmus, Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and Jaime Garcia. Yadier Molina and David Freese provide some value, and Ryan Franklin is a decent closer, but if one of those starting six gets hurt for an extended period of time, the Cardinals are sunk. With the Brewers and Reds as strong as they are, they're probably sunk anyway.

16. Blue Jays - A good team in an impossible division, the Jays enjoyed a ridiculous season from Jose Bautista that they cannot expect again. They can expect better seasons from Adam Lind and Aaron Hill, though, and made a good investment by dumping Alex Gonzalez for Yunel Escobar. Still, trading Shaun Marcum hurts and Brandon Morrow still needs to prove himself. The Jays could be dangerous in a couple years if J.P. Arencibia does well and their already impressive rotation continues to mature, but for now they're a .500 team, though that is better than it sounds.

17. Angels - Losing Kendry Morales for a whole season really hurt this squad, and losing Carl Crawford, Jayson Werth, and Adrian Beltre hurt even more. They might be better next year, with Morales back, and the extended Brandon Wood tryout over, but they missed several opportunities to become a good team via the FA market and their already old team is just getting older.

18. Marlins - Josh Johnson busted out this year, but like the Cardinals and Rockies, the Marlins are not diverse enough. They questionably gave up one of their better outfielders in Cody Ross for nothing (though I'm not complaining), and while Logan Morrison, Mike Stanton, and Gaby Sanchez ought to prove solid lineup cogs alongside Hanley Ramirez, they are not quite there yet, and the loss of Dan Uggla and the uninspiring return push the Marlins down. Anibal Sanchez is going to be good, but Javier Vazquez and Ricky Nolasco are question marks. Johnson, Ramirez, and Chris Coghlan will be doing most of the heavy lifting, though the Marlins have a few more All-Stars on their squad. This team is a big sleeper for 2010; despite their tough division, if Stanton and Morrison break out like they can, Nolasco posts an ERA in line with his peripherals, and Vazquez enjoys an NL resurgence, the Marlins could contend into September. The upside is there, but not reliable enough for a higher spot.

19. Padres -  2010 was also weird. The Padres spent most of the season in first place, before falling on their asses when they realized they were the Padres. After selling their only offensive piece, the additions of Cameron Maybin and Orlando Hudson and a full season of Ryan Ludwick might be just enough to cover the holes made by Adrian Gonzalez's departure, but probably not. And now that half their bullpen has been sold off, and considering their defense and pitching oriented attack is unreliable, they probably won't contend next year. And now that I've said that, they'll hang around all season, annoying the hell out of everyone else and making us more nervous than we should be.

20. A's - A .500 record gets you second place in the AL West, but the A's should be better this year. Adding Josh Willingham, David DeJesus, and Hideki Matsui to an otherwise anemic offense and solid rotation nets you a pretty nice team. Unfortunately, the A's are the antithesis of the Marlins, etc.: lots of solid players, no stars. It wouldn't be surprising to see the A's lack a player over 3 WAR next year, and as Willingham, DeJesus, and Matsui are only under contract for 2011, the A's better contend now. Too bad; without a few players providing value above and beyond most major leaguers, the A's won't be able to leapfrog the superior Angels and Rangers.

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