Farmville (Giants Farm Products All-Stars)

A game I used to see on McC (and, before that, the Giants Usenet group) was to construct a roster based on only dudes that came out of  the Giants' farm system.  The lineups a few years ago used of course to be amazingly bad - Bill Mueller and Marvin Bernard as the heart of the order, etc. 

I haven't seen a post like that in a couple years (although I certainly don't check in here every day, and have my suspicions ...).  Nonetheless, Grant's recent post about our good fortune with first round draft picks got me thinking (also, playing against Yorvit again; also, the continuing success in Minnesota of The One That Got Away).

The way I set up the game is, what roster would I construct for opening day 2011.  I don't imagine the squad below would be on track beat the Yankees in October.  I think the team would instead rack up a bunch of frustrating 3-2 and 2-0 losses all season long.  But at least the Giants have finally produced some viable, even awesome-ish position players, and, with a pitching staff in the running for the best in baseball, the 2011 team would probably win a lot of 3-2 and 1-0 games also.  They might even be contenders; they certainly wouldn't lose 125 games, like a team from the Mueller/Damon Minor/Calvin Murray/Russ Ortiz years probably would have.

I am curious what suggestions or changes you would make to construct the best team possible:

2B - Two out of K Frandsen, M Downs, E Burriss, and/or T Denker
LF - F Lewis
3B - P Sandoval
C - B Posey
1B - B Belt and T Ishikawa
RF - J Bowker and N Schierholtz
SS - R Rohlinger
CF - T Graham
* Y Torrealba
* E Velez
* One from C Ransom, B Bocock, I Ochoa, B Crawford, or A Chavez
* One from T Neal or J Guzman

* T Lincecum, M Cain, F Liriano, J Sanchez, M Bumgarner

* B Wilson, D Aardsma, S Romo
* Some combination of J Nathan, T Walker, E Threets, M Palmer, D Runzler, P Misch, N Bump, J Taschner, J Accardo, K Correia, J Martinez, W Joaquin, O Matos, A Hinshaw, S Muntner

p.s. Reading some of the PGT posts by "Cap'n Banhammer" at Gaslamp Ball had me appreciate Grant's constant awesomeness even more than I already did ...

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