Calling out Bruce Bochy: Baseball cube rates Posey faster than Whiteside

Well, Mr. Bochy, you put in Eli Whiteside as a pinch runner for Buster Posey, saying after the game that Whiteside was more likely to score on a gapper, and that you also considered having Whiteside attempt to steal second base. In so doing, you replaced one of your best hitters with the worst hitter on the team.

I call bullshit on you, Mr. Bochy, and I call you out.

Baseball cube has ratings on players' power, speed, patience, and other qualities and skills. I don't know how they get these numbers, but I really doubt they came from the daydreams of Joe Morgan. They give Buster Posey a speed rating of 41, not exactly blazing, I admit. But they give Whiteside a pathetic 18. (Higher is better, Mr. Bochy)

So, Mr. Bochy, why is Baseball cube wrong, SO WRONG on this issue? Can you show us some rebuttal data? or did you just make a stupid move, have a brain fart, think Bengie Molina was still your starting catcher? It matters, you know, to try to keep a good hitter in the game and keep a spare catcher. And it matters that the manager pays attention to the game and knows the capabilities of his players and can realistically anticipate the game situations that might come up. A "gapper" is pretty ambiguous, but I'd like to know whether or not you consider having Eli Whiteside try to steal second base as a serious option, going forward. Is that really what you're going to do?  are you aware that in his professional career, Eli Whiteside has been successful in stealing only 10 out of 25 times?  and that's in the MINOR leagues, basically. What traditional baseball wisdom did your "Eli steals second" come from? or what modern stat-driven idea inspires it? I'd really like to know what justified taking out one of your best hitters for your worst hitter. If you really wanted to try to steal second base with a catcher, what about Posey's 7 out of 9 successful steals? Is Baseball Reference wrong on the stolen base/ caught stealing numbers for Posey and Whiteside? What are the REAL numbers YOU were going by, Mr. Bochy?

Or did you just make up that ridiculous statement to cover your butt? Are you tryin to mess with Posey's head? are you "acting out" over the trade of Bengie Molina?

Put up or shut up, Mr. Bochy. I'm callin you out.

I'd like to know that the guy in charge of the team I pay $300 to take my family to see, actually knows what he's doing. I 'd like to know that he's not acting out of ignorance or spite or foolishness or not paying attention or not using the available data or not listening to anybody else. Specifically I'd like to know that the man that Mr. Sabean leaves in charge of the team is not just trying to fuck with Buster Posey, cause I don't think that's what Mr. Sabean would want you to do. Or am I wrong? Mr. Sabean?

You can ignore my call out.  You can see bloggers as fly specks on your windshield. All I can do is keep my next $300 for other family entertainment.  But don't be surprised when you start seeing those fans who do pay money, start putting paper bags over their heads instead of buying Panda hats.

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