The Grizzly Weekend in Reno (pun intended)

On Friday July 23, the Fresno Grizzlies began a four game series in Reno, NV against the Aces. The prior night in Fresno, the Grizzlies were beaten soundly by the Salt Lake Bee's 11-3, with the Grizzlies only runs coming off of the Bee's late relievers. That loss put the Grizzlies into a tie for the Division lead with the Sacramento Rivercats.

The Aces, who are playing about as well as their parent club should have been a pushover right ? It did not turn out quite that way, with the Aces taking three of the four games played.

Friday nights game started out with a bang as each team scored three runs in the first inning. Both pitchers settled down, and the game remained scoreless until the fourth inning when Matt Yourkin gave up a single run. The Grizzlies would not answer back until the sixth inning. In the fifth inning, Yourkin had a throwing error on a bunt that allowed leadoff hitter Pedro Ciriaco to reach first. He then gave up the double that ended his night. Henry Sosa came in and immediatley burst into flames. The night did not end well.

With the exception of the win on Saturday in which my son went 2/4 with a double, the Grizzlies looked tired. Most of the bullpen was awful, but Pena and Hinshaw at least looked like professional relievers. Sosa as previously mentioned, spontaneously burst into flame as did Medders yesterday. Medders came in with the game still within reach and proceeded to give up a three run homer to Aces 1B Brandon Allen. This guy can hit, but like many young power hitters, struggles with off speed pitches. Mrs. nvsfg is sitting next me yelling "throw him a change up, throw him a curve, but for gods sake don't throw him a fastball". So naturally, Medders pipes a fastball down the middle which proceeds to leave the park like a Bugatti Veyron. The starters with the exception of Wellemeyer did not look good. Pucetas gave up eight ER in his start on Sunday. Hacker started out fine but fell apart in the fourth and the bullpen finished the job of imploding for him.

All in all, even with the Grizzlies losses, it was a good weekend. Our season tickets are right against the wall on the 1B side which allows us to chat with all of the visiting teams. We picked those seats so that we could see as many of the prospects as possible, but the Giants prospects and DL players in particular. I got to see young and slowly coming Giants youngsters that should see the MLB roster at some point. My son of course, was cool as ever. He came over each game, checked in talked about the prior nights game, and baseball in general. On to the Pics :

Bowker,Holm and Tyler Graham gettin' loose.

Serious Pill is serious.

Burriss and Brock Bond warmup. Burriss started the two games after RyRohl departed for the City.

Ben Copeland and Hitting Coach Ken Joyce talk about where the ball should go when you hit it.(thanks to kdl for the catch)

Jacks and Hacker are ready to go.

Brock, it's time for your close up ! For kdl and walkoff baltimore chop (picture taken by Ken Joyce).

Big Man, Small Glove. Picked up a kids glove from the stands and played catch with it.If you ever get the chance to talk to Ken Joyce the Grizzlies Hitting Coach, take it. Very cool guy.

Maday says "What Up !

Even my grandson cannot believe Pill swung at that pitch. C'mon Brett !

Brock Bond at the Dish.

Just a bit inside. Jesus gets pushed off the plate after the HR.

Matt Downs swinging for the fence. You can't save them from themselves son.

My son disagrees with the third strike call. If looks could kill, the guy in the blue shirt would be on his way out.

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