Official Sacramento Meet Up -- Grizzlies @ River Cats

The original thread for this keeps getting buried, so I thought I would do a new one.  gallo del cielo has very helpfully been able to secure 20 tickets to the Fresno/Sacramento game at Raley Field on August 28, 2010.  They are behind the dugout, and are $15 a piece (face value is approximately $39).  I am looking for a definite count of attendees. 

Here is the info previously provided by gallo del cielo:

 After 24 hours of intense negotiation, the parties have reached an agreement: this.

    For the cost of $15/ticket, we Creatures from the Black and Orange Lagoon, Ltd., will be given 20 seats behind the Grizzlie dugout no fewer than 6 and no greater than 15 rows from the front in one of the sections 105-109. This, on the evening of Saturday, August 28.

    These seats shall be arranged starting on an aisle so that 5 of them be blocked over 4 rows: to wit, 5/5/5/5. These ticket holders shall be considered part of The Capitol Club and shall be give full privileges to The Solon Club in the nearby promenade, where a full bar for no-host libations, a carving table for specialized servings, and large flat screens for watching the Giants beat the D’backs (game starts one hour prior to local game) will be available.

     Any unaffiliated attendees who annoy The Creatures Ltd. will be escorted away from them by burly officers, as will any attendees whom The Creatures Ltd. annoy. The wave shall not pass through the assigned section, and no offense shall be taken if, when it passes through other sections, a creature shouts, “STFD! You’re not Dodger fans!”

   Stadium-wide recognition will be given to the group at least twice during the event and all uniformed players will look at us, smile, nod, and point, making specific eye contact with each and every female creature, no matter how long it takes or how insincere it may be. The creature known as Gallo del Cielo should receive the special attention of a comely lady usher who brings him seeds and grubs worth of a true Solon.

   Tickets should be sent in bulk to Gallo del Cielo, who will then distribute them to 18 others not of his immediate brood.

   This agreement supercedes all others.

Today, by actual mail delivered by a "postman"

whose name I know, I received the 20 tickets to the Grizzzlies/Rivvercats game on Sat, Aug 28. They are in section 106, directly behind the Grizzlies dugout. They are in rows 11-14, which is to say, a little up, which, to Gallo del Cielo, is a virtue, for perspective trumps intensity once age is your usher.

Thank you for understanding. We will be recognized as the Creatures from the Black and Orange Lagoon. More details tomorrow. Late now.

This is a fantastic deal!  Thank you Mr. del cielo! 

If you would like a ticket, please post a comment.  As noted, there is a maximum of 20.  If you are only a "maybe," you may or may not be able to get a ticket when you are able to confirm. 


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