Bochy: mastermind or dufus? neurosurgeon or bombthrower?

UPDATE: Per Chronicle Live, MLB has released a statement saying that the umpires made a mistake in removing Broxton from the game before he completed pitching to Torres.


Well, obviously the Giants won the game. But, look this is a guy who didn't think Buster Posey was ready, a manager who puts his lineups together using a ouija board, who puts Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand in the lineup when ever he can get away with it. He's not a rocket surgeon.

His job was to put his players in the best position to succeed. Did he knowingly do that? or did he even do it?  I think Bochy really didn't know when Broxton would be axed...I think he just tossed a stick of dynamite into the game and stood back.

Bochy almost outsmarted himself.  Did he really think about what he was doing or was he just revisiting some small victory from his past a la FP Santangelo, without any thought of what it might bring? did he know that the umps would toss Broxton right then, unlike what happened in Bochy's previous rulebook win? in that case, the ruling was that the pitcher was to be removed AFTER pitching to the current hitter, in this case, that was Torres.

There was no one throwing in the bullpen. Did he know that?  Did he know Torres' platoon splits? Did he know how many lefthanded pitchers and righthanded pitchers were available?

If it had gone the way of the previous Bochy case, Torres would have been hitting lefty and facing a somewhat demoralized and tired Broxton who was pushing it toward the plate in the low 90's.  Instead (surprise, Bruce) he hits righty against a crappy lefty with little warmup time. Which is worse?

Torres splits: I don't know his numbers vs Broxton and Sherrill; did Bochy? but how would Bochy even know Sherrill would come in? Torres' numbers overall vs rhp,are markedly better than vs lhp: .307/.401/.547  vs .217/.314/.370

Torres stats and common sense indicate that from the right side he is certainly more of a game-ending GiDP possibility than he is from the left side.

I think Bochy just did something that worked out okay the last time he did it, and it worked out okay this time.

No way he knew what the umps were gonna do or how it would affect Torres chances of a productive at bat.



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