Reality Bites

What we are experiencing at this point of the season is what I think many if not most of us knew but did not want to admit:  this is not a very good baseball team.  Sure they can beat up the lousy teams.  Because their pitching alone is strong enough to do that.  But when they play stronger teams - teams that have both good pitching and the semblance of a lineup - they are in big trouble.

Bochy is, imo, a lousy manager for this team.  But truth be told. John McGraw couldn't do that much with this team.  THE TALENT ISN'T THERE. Certainly, not  1-8, and  as we are seeing on an almost daily occurence, not in the bullpen (other than Wilson.)

In a way, winning 88 games last year hurt this franchise.  It fooled the brass into thinking that they were "real contenders."  But they are not. 

A while ago I posted a potential trade based on my hope (I like a lot of us have been fooled - that optimism thing is dangerous)  that they'd be true contenders as of July 31.  I should have known better.  What concerns me the most is that they will be just close enough for Sabean to believe they are in contention and thus trade some prospects for yet another aging veteran.  Indeed, i fell into that thinking mode in suggesting they go after Berkman.

That assumed they'd be in it in mid to late July. Again, I should have known better.  They may be " in it" based on standings.  But they won't be in reality.  Simply put - this team is not as good as the Dodgers, Rockies, Mets, Braves, Marlins, Phillies, Cardinals and dare I say it Padres.  They ain't winning anything.

The worst thing that could happen is another 85ish win season.  That will again drive the illusion that the team is "close."  They are not.  Two years ago we were promised that the team would go with youth.  That promise evaporated quickly.  They are just about as old 1-8  (and amazingly enough even slower) now then they were in "08.  

As long as vets such as Rowand, Molina, Renteria are on the team, Bochy will feel compelled to play them.  Meanwhile, I still don't know if "younger (they are getting older by the day)  players like Schierholtz and poor John Bowker can play everyday at this level.  Heck that is even true for Ishi - although I can't complain about Huff.

This leads me to hope that they are in a selling mood come July.  Renteria, Molina, Rowand should  go. But they are not tradeable.  No one will give anything in return.  And Sabean won't have the balls to release them.  At this point its addition by subtraction.  Won't happen of course, but I can dream.

Huff is the tougher call.  He's in a one year deal.  No reason to believe he'll be back next year.  He's been terrific.  Thus, you may actually be able to get something for him. 

More than anything else, I yearn for someone other than Bochy and Sabean having the keys to the organization.  But that is not going to happen either.

So, as I said, reality bites.  Our reaity is another year of this crap.

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